Ancient and Unique Nature of Tamil

The scope of this topic is very wide. I have tried to summarize the views of various scholars when they try to Introduce Tamil to readers in their respective books. I feel this essay would be the right place to start my mini series on Tamil Literature studies.

Tamil Etymology:
What does the word Tamil mean? Let’s have a look at the Tamil Lexicon entry for the word Tamil.

தமிழ் tamiḻ
, n. perh. தமி¹. cf. dramiḍa. 1. Sweetness, melodiousness; இனிமை. (பிங்.) 2. Refined quality; நீர்மை. (பிங்.) 3. Tamil language, being divided into iyaṟ-ṟamiḻ, icai-t-tamiḻ, nāṭaka-t-tamiḻ; இயற்றமிழ், இசைத்தமிழ், நாடகத் தமிழ் என மூவகையாக வழங்கும் மொழி. 4. Tamil literature, Tamil work; தமிழ் நூல். 5. The Tamils; தமிழர். அருந்தமி ழாற்ற லறிந்திலர் (சிலப். 26, 161). 6. The Tamil country; தமிழ்நாடு. தண் டமிழ் வினைஞர் (மணி. 19, 109).

August Meet

How it started ?

6th June 2009

by R Venkatesh

We had a small gathering in chennai on 5th reputed author vishwaksenan was here. Sps, sivaram, muruganantham turned up. Satheesh from kuwait, Vijay from singapore and author Venkatram Diwaker from Vizag called up

We sort of decided that a get together needs to be planned for PS members. August 15 , 16 should be ideal days both being holidays. Request outstation members to plan a visit to chennai during that time. A stay could be arranged.

Launching Beta Site


The existing site ( is forum based which doesn’t fit well with all type of contents since it is basically for members to post messages, doesn’t play well with articles, pages, etc.,

I have been working on a new site which is in beta which is Drupal ( based


  • Bilingual – Both Tamil and English interface, the articles are not yet translated (Vijay would be helping me on this, volunteers are welcome)

Kaviri Mainthan – Falicitation

INDIAN SCIENCE MONITOR ( ISM) (TKV Rajan) has organised the function as Archeologist / Editor to falicitate::

Dr. EM Sudarasana Natchiappan MP, Chairman, Paliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law & Justice, New Delhi.

Dr. Kudavayil Balasubramanian

Mr. R. Venkatesh ( Author : Kaviri Mynthan – History Writer) and

Mr. Vaagai parthiban – Pazhagu Tamizhpayeelarangam

on the 26th day ofSept 2008 at 11:30 am

at Gallery Sri Parvathi (opp to CP Arts Centre)

Rajaraja Cholan Meikeerthi

Narration by Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh, Thanks Venkatesh

ஸ்வஸ்தி ஸ்ரீ
திருமகள் போலப் பெருநிலச் செல்வியும்
தனக்கே (தநக்கே) உரிமை பூண்டமை மனக்கொளக்
காந்தளூர்ச் சாலை கலமறுத் தருளி
வேங்கை (வெங்கை) நாடும் கங்க பாடியும்
நுளம்ப பாடியும் தடிகை பாடியும்
குடமலை நாடும் கொல்லமும் கலிங்கமும்
முரட்டொழில் சிங்களை ஈழமண்டலமும்
இரட்ட பாடி ஏழரை இலக்கமும்
முந்நீர் பழந்தீவு பன்னீரா யிரமும்
திண்திறல் வென்றித் தண்டாற் கொண்ட தன்