Launching Beta Site


The existing site ( is forum based which doesn’t fit well with all type of contents since it is basically for members to post messages, doesn’t play well with articles, pages, etc.,

I have been working on a new site which is in beta which is Drupal ( based


  • Bilingual – Both Tamil and English interface, the articles are not yet translated (Vijay would be helping me on this, volunteers are welcome)
  • Tagging – allows searching/viewing related articles
  • Ponniyin Selvan Novel as book (both tamil and english version from Project Madurai) –
  • Allow to post comments like blogs
  • Allow me to post announcements as blog posts
  • Allows caching and should be faster

Things todo

  • Integrating yahoo group messages (Tag the messages to make search easier, tag all tamil sangam related messages with “Tamil Sangam” for easier searach)
  • Translate english articles to Tamil
  • Add more articles/content from existing yahoo group messages/threads

Members please go through site and provide your feedback to improve the site by posting a comment to this blog post.