Ponniyin selvan Audio book launch : 14.06.2013 Friday at Naradha Gana Sabha
  • Dear Friend

    Very nice to note the functions details

    I would like to have one package of D V D

    How can I get it?

    Pl let me know

    With Regards

    Vimala Ramni
  • Dear SPS Sir,

    Thanks for the details of this function, missed.

    It is really great how this one novel is holding us all together.

    I hope one of these NRIs will be willing to fund a video recording of PS.
  • Dear friends,

    I was delighted to attend the PS launch function at the fully packed Narada Gaana Sabha yesterday. It was an wonderful evening to listen to the stalwarts. We could feel the presence of Kalki on the dais and in the auditorium. Shri Nalli Kuppuswamy, the president of the function, Mrs Seetha Ravi grand daughter of Kalki, Suhasini the cine artiste , writer S Ramakrishnan and above all the producer Venkataraman and the director Bombay Kannan spoke eloquently and upto the point to portray the excellence of Ponniyin Selvan and the greatness of Kalki.

    The pattimandram followed the audio launch was also effective and entertaining. But the speakers found it difficult to bring the essence of Ponniyin selvan in 10 minutes. The naduvar did an excellent job.

    We have PS in print version , drama version, and now audio version. The day may not be far off to have a digital version, a video version, cartoon version, 3D version, celluloid version or a mega serial version. Each one has got its own merits and demerits. The devotees of printed version who have lived with all characters of the novel cannot tolerate another face for their cherished characters.

    But our duty is not to be a puritan but to allow all new technical versions to surface so that the greatness of Kalki, Ponnyin Selvan and the heritage of our culture are passed on to the next generations to ponder and wonder. It is our bounden duty to tell the story of PS to our children and grand children.That will ultimately make us feel proud to be a part of this rich heritage.
  • Great to hear this.

    Added to ponniyinselvan.in home page @

    Dear Bombay Kannan, please send us the front and back cover of the DVD
    pack, we can publish and also let us know if there is a online option
    available for overseas members.
  • Thanks for the excellent summary of the proceedings.
    ( Still I would like to listen to the entire debate in full!:-)) 

    Here's the link to the Dinamalar coverage you referred to.


    Pas S.Pasupathy

  • Hearty congratulations to Thiru. Bombay Kannan and teamfor this huge effort in bringing out Amarar Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan master epics of all times.
    Kudos to the entire team who have lend their voices and blessed to read Kalki's lines.
    Best wishes to create more digitization works of rare novels and get it to the next generation and take it to the masses.
    Thanks to SPS sir for the nice write up and I would definitely love to hear the patti mandram.

    Tamil Audio Books

    Appreciate SPS sir for leaving a note recognisingmy efforts on Tamil Audio Books.

    I was fortunate to release Ponniyin SelvanAudio Book all5 volumes world wide in 2011via itunes/ Amazon ( I started in 2009 and released it in 2011) ;
    Also launced Sivagamiyin Sabatham (2012) and Parthiban Kanavu (2011)
    Currently working on Tamizh Thaatha Dr U ve Sa's "En Sarithiram"

    Would love to meet you all in July , When i visit my parents in Chennai, and to share the experience

    Endrum Anbudan

    Sri Srinivasa, California
  • Dear Venkateswaran,

    nice to hear from you.

    rgds / sps

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