பொன்னியின் செல்வன் – ஒலிப்புத்தகம்

The Package MRP 600/- specially sold at Rs. 500 contauins 3 Mp3 DVD –

Part I : Pudhu Vellam : 13 hrs 47 mins
Part 2 : Suzharkatru : 14 hrs
Part 3 : Kolai Vaal : 12 hrs 48 mins
Part 4 : Mani Magudam : 11 hrs 36 mins
Part 5 : Thyaga Sigaram : 25 hrs 53 mins

Total duration : about 78 hours

39 Main Characters and about another 30 sub characters rendered Voices. Several songs in the PS are recorded with nice background music.

Produced and marketed by : C K Venkataraman
17 D, Sumanth Aptt, Devanathan Street, Mandaveli, Chennai 28
email : [email protected]
Ph: +91 44 24939595
Mobile : +9198441 138304 /
+ 91 9841153973 (bombay Kannan)

Ma Se’s portrait adorn front & back pages of the pack

Popular personality who rendered voice : Fathima Baabu for Nandhini.

வெளியீட்டு விழாவில் திரு ராமகிருஷணன் அவர்களின் “கலைகள் களவு போவதை தமிழர்கள் கண்டுகொள்ளவில்லை’ – தினமலர்

Mr. CK Venkatraman, a Businessman from Banglore visited Erode and picked Sivagamiyin Sabatham ebook and was impressed with it. He is an NRI and cannot read Tamil well. He called Bombay Mr. Kannan to Banglore and requested him to produce e-book of PS as it is the need of the hour. Several thousand children of TN origin in and outside Tamilnadu are finding difficult to read Tamil.

Atleast they will listen to this magnum opus and relish and develop reading habit. This happened in December 2012 when he presented a cheque to Mr. Kannan. Kannan kept the cheque without presenting thinking these are emotional impulses. But CKV issed a second instalment cheque in Mid January to Kannan without asking for progress. That is when Bombay Mr. Kannan took the matter serious and thought really the project is going to go through !! In earlier occasions once or twice he commenced the project, but could not complete.!

He assembled the Team and identified voices for 39 main Characters and about 30 voices for other characters – including the Horse Kanaippu !!

Bombay Kannan attended the Aditha Karikalan murder drama held in Chennai recently under the auspicious of Brahma Gana Sabha (posted these details too in our group). Mr. Kannan met Nalli Dr. Kuppusamy Chetty. He was so much impressed and offered to conduct the e-book release function.

Dr. Seetha Ravi of Kalki (daughter of Kalki’s son Rajendran – who was also present – inspite of his elderly age) presided over.

She was so emotional. Spoke : ” Vandhiayathevanum vaanadhiym Kundavaiyum Pazhuvur nandhiniyum pazhuvettarayarum dhinamum engalai paadoy paduthukrindranare ! ” ( Vandhiathevan, Vanathi, Kundavai, Nandhi, Pazhuvetarayar come daily in our dreams and distrubing our sleep / thoughts ) said Kalki when he presided over a function in a Villupuram School while he was writing PS during 1950 – 54.” It was difficult to write Munkadhai churukkam (Brief) to PS prior to Diwali / Pongal issues. My father Rajendran – under whom I worked – appreciated only once when I submitted a perfect Munkadai churkkam to PS !! Even that is included in this e-book !! We are so much obliged to Venkatraman – Bombay Kannan & his Team for making this wonderful effort ”

Suhasini spoke after S. Ramakrishnan. SRK was highlighting on the need of preserving culture and the necessity to teach Tamil language and reading habits to children wherever they are and appreciated that PS e-book will be more helpful to inculcate such things. (Dinamalar 15.06 reported in detail)

Suhasini was brilliant in sharing her experience. She spoke : visited Egypt recently. The Egyptians Archaeologists found a circular stone known as ROSA STONE. In that in 3 languages there were inscriptions which were decyphered and the History of Egypt was brought out. Like it will not be out of place if it is mentioned that Kalki’s PS is another ROSA STONE serving to the Cause of Chola History / Ancient Tamil History. As I was born in Pandyanaadu, I used to take pride that I hail from a place where Sangathamizh was promoted. Recently I visited Kumbakonam for Ramanujan shooting and found the Tamil in Cauvery Delta is so well spoken and I was over-whelmed to know more of the Cholas !! My mother, who is an ardent reader – is not in a position to read books because ofeye operation !! This PS ebook will be a wonderful gift to my Mother !! And myself with my husband Manirathanam contemplated to take PS movie. It never struck to me to go for Audio Production – though we have all the in-house facilities !! this is a commendable effort by one and all ”

Nalli Kuppuswamy shared his personal experience in reading PS. When the last Chapter was published in 1954, he and his friends could not take the fact that there wont be any more of PS fresh reading. while he was discussing this in class room with his friends, his Teacher also joined and felt sad that the PS story ended. His popular friends like CEO of Mc Grenette, Sr Advocate Mr Gandhi and other popular personalities fromvarious walks of life filled the Naradha GanaSabha!!

Every one shared that it is PONNIYINSELVAN which is the best seller Every year in the Book Fair (In Chennai) and even the drama is enacted overseas (Chigago)!!

I found that atleast 2 History Scholars Dr Prema & Mr. Madhu From Trichy (s/o famous orator Tamil Scholar S.Radhakrishnan) participated in the PATTIMANDRAM that followed which was Presided by Prof Va Ve Su – who is class mate of Swiz Dr. Kalyanasundaram (Unicode fame).

These History Scholars detailed that the easiest way to create the urge to read History and go into more details to get authenticity is through History Fictions and Kalki did the best during his time and Ponniyin Selvan is undoubtedly a reason for them to persue History as a career !! In the end it was adjudged that Success for PS is for its Karuthu (Content ) though no doubt Karpanai (Inspirations) rendered wonderful support !!


We congratulate Bombay Kannan and CK Venkatrman for this Monumental