The Medieval Chola Empire and its relations with Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand
  • Dear Sir,

    Is there any chola period temples present in Malaysia?

    any excavations happening now?
  • Date: 25-2-2012

    Anbumikka Gokul,

    "Gangaikonda Cholan" was refered as 'Siriya Thaathai' by Rajendra Chola - 2. That is he was the younger brother of Rajendra Chola - 1

    But we are aware Rajaraja Chola - 1 had only one son by him, that is Rajendra Chola - 1. Hence the Siriya Thaathai referred above is definitely a step-son of Rajaraja - 1 younger to Rajendra Chola - 1

    Then the question rises who is the brother of Rajaraja Chola - 1 ??

    Obviously not Aditya Karikalan as he has met his death in the hands of conspirators, and if he had a son in all possibility he would have been elder to Rajendra Chola - 1.

    But the Thiruvaalankaadu Copper Plates states the Chola Prince who was with Rajendra Cholan - 1 in his Gangetic expedition was his younger brother.

    We also know Mathuraanthahan Kandaraathiththan the son of Utthama Cholan, was the step-brother of Rajaraja - 1 and would have been younger to him.

    Hence my inference is - if - Mathuranthahan Kandaraathiththan had a son he would have been younger to Rajendra Chola - 1 and as mentioned in the Thiruvaalankaadu plates this step-brother could have been the one who was with Rajendra Chola - 1 in the Gangetic expedition.

    But the question is have we got any evidence to say that Mathuranthahan Kandaraatiththan had a son?? (who lead the Gangetic expedition and received the title Gangaikonda Cholan). No - We have to still do more research to find same.

    Further Karikala Kannan identified by Prof Nilakanda Sastri as Aditya's son in all possibility would have been elder to Rajaraja and hence Rajendra - 2 should have called him as 'Periya Thaathai'.
  • sir,
    this thread is really interesting..

    kalinga balu told me that Rajendra-I went along with the army/warroirs upto
    pichavaram to see them off and wish them great success in the expedition
    that led to gangaikonda cholam..then he returned to GKCPM, his
    headquarters.. they went by by a waterway that existed between (or through)
    GKCPM and pichavaram which may have become the major port after nagapatnam
    was presumably destroyed by a heavy Tsunami...

    the relavance of this information now is unless the chieftain was close to
    him or related to him Rajendra-I need not have to go all the way to
    Pichavaram to see him off..also that he gave the title to him, the
    step-brother, lends credence to his existence..

    may i request the seniors to share their thoughts on this issue...

  • Date: 18-3-2012

    Anbumikka Malarvili,

    I have included many evidences upto now in my Thread titled,
    "The Medieval Chola Empire and its relations with Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand" in the Mayyam Hub Website. Much more evidences and texts are to be added very soon. Informations you were seeking re Airlangga, his marriage, and re Sri Vijaya Asrama are also discussed.
    My Thread has now grown into the third Part.

    Mikka Anbudan


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