Are there some other...
  • Vanakkam

    Are there some other stories (novel) like PS, Sivakamiyin Sabatham and Paarthiban Kanavu (ok i read Solaimalai ilavarasi and first few chapters of Alai osai and they are not that interesting as the earlier 3)...

    I am not that gud in tamil grammar so it is not possible for me to read tholkaapiam or periyapuraanam or so...

    I am kindly requesting the Sangam members to give me some inputs regarding some gud historical (easily readable) written works....
  • you could try

    Kadal Pura
    Yavana Rani
    Raja Mudhirai

    By Sandilyan

    Vengaiyin Maindhan
    By Akilan

    By Balakumaran

    Kaviri Mainthan,
    By anusha Venketesh,

    Nandhipurathu Nayagi
    By vikraman
  • nanri...

    could anyone of you pls send/direct me to a source where we can download some of the literatures recommended by Mr.Vijay

    if you can send me as a attachment then it is the best thing....

  • None of the books mentioned are available online. Please check
    for Gokul writings(Rajakesari, Paisasam)
  • hi,

    all the novels mentioned are still under copy right ( kalki's was
    too for a long time ... which is why the some of the attempted
    sequels couldnt use the original names of the characters) and hence
    cannot be put on the net.

    However, these books are available in print from various publishing
    houses - and are not too expensive. some online sites also sell

    check out above site to buy these online
  • thanks for the link Vijay

  • thanks a lot Mr. Sivaram


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