Power of Tamil keeps Tamil;Vs and Ms
  • Dear All,
    First of all I need to clarify something what
    I mentioned as "Kumbalodu Kovindaaa",because its off
    the track atleast by few members as I see in their
    I read from the members,some concrete achievements
    like Farmer's poverty reduction,Mudhal
    Yathirai,Magazine,TV entry,Kovil thiruppani just to
    name a few.
    I felt really guilty for not doing anything concrete
    except the mails.Since my mails were not producing
    anything in that line as "concrete",I felt of calling
    my mails as "Kumbaloda Govindaa" among more than 230s
    here and 1000 messages here...

    I am not sure why few members misunderstood or perhaps
    if many of you thought that way,I sincerely apologise
    for my "srcibblings" which was not well written for
    those who understood that way,which was definitely not
    my way of putting it.And moreover I will not be
    sending those mails if I thought that way.

    But Thanks for the message anyway on Ms and Vs of the
    group.B4 looking that,

    Apart from parents, the tamil teachers u get is also
    important. I would say my interest in tamil developed
    all because of excellent teachers i had in schools.
    I think the govt also played a parting spoiling the
    link.Aa a whole everthing right from govt to society
    must change to stop this rot.

    Well said,In my opinion,The state has the major role
    in it more than anyone.

    Personally speaking, it was due to my own interest
    that I started reading good Tamil books apart from my
    school books(of course, I was looked down upon for
    that. My friends thought that I was an old fashioned

    This is 200% true.
    This is what I called as "Power of Tamil keeps Tamil".
    Iron pieces being attracted by magnet something like

    As for the Vs and Ms,even if I am not good contributor
    to any concrete works,I have few concerns,please note
    this is not any criticism,its only concerns.

    * To enjoy, debade and analyze the characters and
    events of Ponniyin
    and other historic novels of Amarar Kalki.

    I would much appreciate to relate it to the present
    time,rather than only to think in terms of the Cholas
    times or in the words of A.Kalki.Why not bring those
    to the present day characters,events?And see what has
    changed or evolved or whatever one may wants to call
    it in time-space movements.Most importanly what can we
    "LEARN" out of it.And how to bring Tamil to be a more
    respectable language among "Tanglish".

    But here I am not defintely referring to "meesais" and
    "the number of wives".I mean on Tamil developments.

    * To know and share vital information on Tamil and
    Indian history -
    particularly those around cholas.

    "Vital Informations" - very catchy word.I wonder on
    these vital informations particularly on Cholas???????
    This raises further question(courtesy:Einstein )
    What is vital information?What is its use to the Tamil
    point of view is it vital?In what way it'll help Tamil
    or its growth or development from what we call as
    "Tanglish" to Tamil.

    * To promote and share this interest in public; to
    raise the general
    awareness about our culture, Temples and heritage.

    Excellent.Infact some members showed here the great
    enthusiasm,which later for some reason or other didn't
    come up,Or did I miss it....

    My sincere concerns were/are/will be for the Tamil
    developments.Hope my concerns are put in the group
    which is good to receive suggestions and comments.

    Have a wonderful time.

    Best Wishes for Ms and Vs,

    Nothing will benefit human health or increase the chances for survival of life on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet-A.Einstein.

  • Dear mathav,

    I would like to clarify a few things.

    Before asking "What way this would help?", "will it be of
    kaal-kaasu prayOjanam?", I would like to clarify we are not a
    company or a business organisation. We are a group of people who
    share similar interests. In a Sachin Tendulkar fan Vlub, people
    will still talk abt. his century at Perth. What way that is going
    to help Indian Cricket? What way is it going to help the members
    of the group?

    We have clearly stated in the group's title that we are all awed
    by this Magnum-Opus and the characters of chozha history have
    become part and parcel of our life. Each and every single minute
    detail abt. the chozha history gives us immense pleasure.

    You are coming to a Chinese restaurent and asking "why do yous
    erve only chinese food here? why not be a 'worl restaurant' and
    serve pastas and pizzas and idlisi and chappathis". This group has
    not turned a blind ewye on other histories. but our primary
    concern is on chozhas. We believe in going in step by step. there
    is still so much discuss only on chozha heritage. if there is
    nothing left to talk abt. them, we will move on and discuss other
    histories and periods.

    We sincerely appreciate your concerns on Thamizh heritage. But, I
    honestly feel that this group members know abt. what you are
    talking only too well. By making an appeal ever other day to save
    the thamizh you aren't saying anything new. while you objective
    analysis on 'what is holding thamizh from glory' is thought
    provoking, rest of your emotional appeals aren't too well with
    group. In your words, 'they aren't of much use in preserving
    thamizh', as we know all that only too well.

    Hope you take this mail in right spirit and continue contributing
    to this group.
  • Dear All,
    I begin with Mahatma's
    "Persistent questioning and healthy inquisitiveness
    are the first requisite for acquiring learning of any
    kind. Inquisitiveness should be tempered by humility
    and respectful regard for the teacher. It must not
    degenerate into impudence. The latter is the enemy of
    the receptivity of mind. There can be no knowledge
    without humility and the will to learn."

    A long mail follows....couldn't help it...but
    only for another couple of days....as I would be off
    from computerssss for sometime....I see a sigh of
    relief in some. ;)
    1.There is basically "nothing new" to be told,unless
    one knows what is "vital information" means in
    time-space for the seekerssssss...but even then it
    depends because "attitude to seek vital
    information".Atleast thats what the great souls
    sayssss...in from history...ofcourse one is allowed to
    have his/her own his-story as "HISTORY".Sorry in those
    times,"English" women were subjected to different
    treatments Unlike in Chola times or old Tamil times,so
    thats why we had Avaiyar....but they didn't have
    "HESTORY"...or perhaps it was actually "HESTORY",well
    I don't know,let me not go in there...

    I see that sometimes, what one wants to tell is taken
    in a different sense.This may be for many reasons....
    Looking at history,lets ask whats all that about
    Galielio Galilie

    Instead of talking of cricket(I wish when would
    "English") games other than cricket would come to
    mainstream streets....And I wonder how many millions
    would then they receive if the Billion popultion takes
    to the games of football or basket ball or other
    games?So its a better strategy to keep playing a game
    not a competitive country.
    Like the idea of "English".
    Great way to please an "employee" that happened with
    cheap labours at those Fordisstt times with those
    immigrants which continues today "proudly" in the name
    of body shopping....
    > Before asking "What way this would help?", "will it
    > be of
    > kaal-kaasu prayOjanam?",
    Kaal-kaasu Aaaa illa Kainiraiya Thangamaa...enakku
    mukkiyam illa....
    I look at the intellectual values one gets in
    discussions....What does one "learn" is more important
    from history.
    And still people are interested in "vital

    Each and every
    > single minute
    > detail abt. the chozha history gives us immense
    > pleasure.

    Great,does it mean we all the time talk of it and
    relate it only to discuss....
    Whose "love" is greatest????Perhaps I would be in tune
    with such discussions couple of years before as an
    unexplored guy of world,but even if now I am not
    really explored I do know some and I would be
    interested to know more "meaningful" discussions...
    Than talking of whose direction would be suitable,will
    it be of XXX director with YYY cameraman with ZZZ
    actor....Thats not the way I like to bring and discuss
    PS,Chola character...or to discuss "there is no
    mustache" or to discuss "here on left thigh" and
    "number of wives"...(Apologies to some of you for
    being very rashhhh here....)This is not what I call as
    "immense pleasures".Perhaps as I earlier noted,if I
    continue in Chennai,I might enjoyed it and perhaps
    would come out with more silky names and fast music
    directors , but not anymore having got a glimse of the
    world history of science and technology and in what
    ways history has been used and mis-used even today by
    different people for different purpose.

    Galileo's issue was only recently in 199x "formally"
    accepted by those who made him suffer....It took more
    than 300 years....For me with the introduction to
    history of science and tech. History is important and
    one needs to "learn" out of it,NOT
    ENJOY.Romance,perhaps but not history.Because most of
    the time history has been very very very
    painful.Ofcourse there are people who like to say
    "bombay" or "iruvar" being an enjoyable films.But
    certainly I am not that kind.

    > You are coming to a Chinese restaurent and asking
    > "why do yous
    > erve only chinese food here?

    Yes,but if people coming to the Chinese restaurant
    wants to share "vital informations" of Chinese
    Myinggggggg Dynasty, I need to ask, do you know the
    "vital informations" of the "Englishhhh" rule which is
    less than 1000 years...Have we "learnt enough" from
    the recent history?

    So it depends on "what happens" and what one sees
    inside the Chinese Restaurant to ask for Chappathis
    and Idleesss....

    And moreover,I see people working inside the Chinese
    restaurant non-chinese,and an atmosphere of
    non-chineese,in your language for eg. some one who can
    cook Idlees and Chappatheesss are more in number even
    if the restaurant has Chinese Restaurant as its
    namesake.So it really shoudn't "surprise" if a visitor
    asks for thatn chappathis and pizza as there are lots
    of non chinese there...

    By making an appeal ever
    > other day to save
    > the thamizh you aren't saying anything new.

    So what kind of "vital informations" are you expecting
    from each and every mails?Please let me know and if I
    know that/those "vital information" I would think of
    Yes,may be I am "repeating" Tamil to be
    developed,grown,and not make it as Tanglish.Afterall
    when people talks of "whose love is greatest",I feel
    happy to repeat save Tamil...
    Afterall if Mahatma or Mahakavi or President's opinon
    cann't bring down the fever,What should make my appeal
    "anything" to you?Because I am only reminding what
    they and many other great souls have "already" said
    long long long time ago....
    "I find daily proof of the increasing & continuing
    wrong being done to the millions by our false
    de-Indianizing education."
    Members here wonder where is the link broken....
    Link is above...And what have we done for it?Only a
    couple of concerns....But ofcourse I am happy atleast
    they came up.
    We want to praise and call someone who ruled on
    Indians as "LORD Curzonnnnn" among the many other
    "LORDS"....Not to mention the if there is any pride in
    calling someone with "GENERAL" for the Jalian
    How can the society produce children who would love
    the local tradition,culture,language,etc....when they
    read such people with such "Tittles"
    Whats surprising to see them naturally attracted to
    these "Lords" and "Generals"????

    > you objective
    > analysis on 'what is holding thamizh from glory' is
    > thought
    > provoking,

    Thanks for that,but,this doesn't make one happy....Had
    it been so called "Thought provoking",U would have
    sent numerous mails on "thought provoking" analysis
    and make everyone here as well and perhaps comes out
    with a different perspective as some members did

    rest of your emotional appeals aren't too
    > well with
    > group. In your words, 'they aren't of much use in
    > preserving
    > thamizh', as we know all that only too well.

    But it did "rise up" now when the thought provoking
    analysis didn't do to send a mail????Is it???
    Strange,but true "thought provo
  • Dear All,
    > Sorry to ask this question but have you read
    > ponniyin selvan or Sivakamiyin Sabadham....If you
    > read them madhav you ll really understand how trivia
    > matter to people in the group.

    Yes, had I read it I would be understand the pulse
    more and explain in their own frequency with
    chracters,incidents,etc... perhaps, I might love the
    characters and the rich flavour of Tamil by Kalki and
    might be well immersed like the rest of the members to
    say whose love is greatest.Please note,I am not
    against it...its just that I look at history
    differently,ONLY to learn.I don't want everyone to be
    in my shoes,but airing my thoughts to be aware of
    history as novel and as romance...or lessons..To all
    members I am not preaching even if my words are hard.I
    just air my opinions..Had I don't study "Introduction
    to world history of science and technology", I might
    have different look at history.
    > Secondly what are your veiws in improving and
    > propagating our heritage....that would be
    > interesting for the group....
    Thanks for that.Even if there are many answers,one
    the maximum number.Bring in College students...Rearch
    out to TN colledge students...We don't need to
    struggle,we just need to give them the "spark".Then
    it'll take care.If we really want to talk of our
    heritage,its those children who are to be given the
    dose,Didn't we hear on "parents" influence from our
    own members.I think thats a much faster way,anyway its
    only my opinion in words,if members and the concrete
    contributors thinks its fine.Think about it.
  • Hi Mathav,

    Thought I could help you by giving the links for some wonderful
    groups who hold productive and meaning full discussions.




    A Forum for those with a special interest in Classical Tamil
    This is another forum mainitained by a French Professor.

    For additional information, please contact the list owner:
    Jean-Luc Chevillard (CNRS, university Paris 7)
  • Dear Mathav,All,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate all the members of
    this group. The group is doing a great job. Sticking to the main
    objectives of the group is a great thing initself, in this
    distractive world,let alone other great efforts like bringing in
    experts, organising excursions into Chola Kingdom w.r.t. PS, helping
    organisations that are helping tamil and history in whatever humble
    way we could,news of how people help history/culture like temples and
    ofcourse the experts whose views are as great and real as ever.

    While we understand the importance and urgency of "Keeping
    Tamil Alive", it might not be fair to force stop people from taking
    pleasure. We sure can talk about "Improving tamil" anywhere, but not
    about the history/fiction of PS.

    It gives an immense pleasure to talk about the people and places
    of PS. I am sure you would have got the same pleasure and the
    feeling like time travelling 1000 years back into the chola kingdom
    and the "Kathai Nadantha Kaalam", when you had read PS. Now
    discussing the time,place and people of PS here gives us a similar
    feeling. There is nothing trivial in this. Everything is part of the
    time-travelling. It is a feeling which nothing else can give. It is a
    world in itself. We might be a bit selfish here.

    I only appeal to you that you can't deny us this pleasure. Nor can
    you question this. It,just, might not be fair.

    Having said that, you may send the off-topic "Long live Tamil"
    mails. They are definitely helpful for people who don't have that
    much awareness on why Tamil is great and why it is important to keep
    it alive. May be one day we shall all take a break and discuss how to
    effectively contribute towards the same.
    But I reckon you are going a bit too fast. The risk is you might
    breakdown. Try to slow down a bit and enjoy the journey , while
    keeping the same fervour alive for a long time.

    The above two paragraphs might sound like advice, but sorry, I
    don't like talking in passive voice. I have tried the same(above
    paragraphs) and it is a great feeling. I enjoy it. I thought you
    could enjoy too.


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