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  • Dear Kadambar Vijay,
    I'm looking at the photo now. in SRM Nataraja in Art, Thought and

    Caption: Fig. 174 Nataraja dancing on bull with vina. Pala. 10th
    century A. D.
    Ranihati, Dacca Distt. Dacca Museum.

    My comments: No sword overhead, holds Nag instead, vina w very small
    resonator gourds. [Ganga proper rt. has Nagini canopy, odd]
    & Uma [proper lft] on either side at feet. Oddly, Nandi has buffalo-
    type horn - head looking up as in yours. 12 arms also but rear arms
    lifted w fingers of 2 hands
    touching at top of crown. Fuller arms & legs. Dancers and musicians
    below front are carved as part of the base. Also very lovely but
    fuller face.

    text: p. 292 "The other one which was found at the Deul of Ranihati in
    Dacca district has been acquired by Mr Haque, Dir. of the Dacca
    Museum. The figure here has twelve arms. Seshanaga is held up as a
    semi-circular canopy above; the bust of the nagaraja w his hands
    clasped in adoration is seen to the right in continuation of the
    reptile body. Another pair of arms carry the rosary, drum, trisla and
    kundika, while the last pair suggests abhaya and varada. Ganga to the
    right carries a water vessel in one hand and lotuses in the other.
    Uma, standing on the lion has the mirror in her rt hand and flowers in
    her left. The bull, with his head raised up, and the legs also in
    consonance with the dance of his master, is in great ecstasy, as may
    be seen from the curled up tail and the enthusiastic look of the
    animal. Bhrngi and Vatuka Bhairava dance on either side of the
    pedestal. There are other musical figures also. on top there are
    flying vidyadharas carrying garlands, and five deities: Ganesa Brahma
    Siva [?] Vishnu & Kartikeya."
  • thank you mam,
    can i see the photo of that pala idol. pl send me and to know all of our
  • Sirs,

    Why does the following hyperlink say "invalid entry"?
  • then go to* books* then go to* N* in that
    Nataraja in art and thought and literature
  • Dear Vijay,
    I don't have a way of sending you the image from the book. No Scanner.
    someone else in our group owns the book? It's such an important one
    for Saivas,
    hope you can find someone else who has access to it.
    C. Sivaramamurti Nataraja in Art, Thought and Literature .

  • I have it vijay can pick it up from me
  • Thanks, Arvind.
  • Good evening mam
    Happy christhmas wishes, thank you for sending details of pala art idol, mam
    if you dont have a camera , just click that picture by your camera and send
    it. i will try to get it in chennai book fair.
  • Dear Vijay,
    Did you see the message that Arvind has the book and will get it to you?
  • Available at the publications dept besant nagar rajaji bavan. For rs 800
  • just today i've seen that message of Arvind
    , thank you mam
  • vijay sir thank you for information try to get the book soon

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