Mother of Sita
  • What is the name of Sita's mother ? Janakar's wife
  • Mrs.Janakar...

    Bro: She was found while ploughing land as a baby.
    King of Mithila's adopted girl.
    She comes from the Soil and Goes into the Soil.

    Infact this is the whole controversy behind iraavana kaaviyam :-)

    Apparently...Ravana's www (wine women work) apparently did sink very well :)

    - R
  • Now that this topic is open. Could anybody name Sita's father?Janaka is a
    family name ilke Chera,Chola,Pandya,etc.. Whats his name?
  • Seeradhwaja Janaka. He was not a king actually, but more of a Raja Rishi of Videha a southern town near Nepal.

    Somewhere between the meeting point of Saraswati river this whole drama happened.

    Videha is on the north western border to the Karusha forest area which was dominated by Tataka. So Sri Ram from Ayodhya goes to Banks of Sarayu with Vishwamitra, kills Tataka and passes into to Videha and marries Sita.
  • Videha or Mithila?? Or are they same?
  • I believe the reference is Anantha ramayanam attributed to valmiki rather than iravana kaviyam by pulavar kuzhanthai.
  • The name of janaka's wife and the mother of sita is Sunanya.
    There is more reference to janaka on works of ashtavakra
  • Hi arvind

    Can you give more support to your point pl
  • By terms of Adoption, Janaka is the Father, so there by his wife is assumed as mother.

    Actual mother of Sita, if I am right, is Ganesh's question.

    That, am not sure if History can answer.

    - R
  • Videha is a part of Mithila - the larger land.
    Videha was the kingdom that was bordering current Bihar/Jharkand & Nepal.

    There is a totally different philosophical meaning to the Janaka - Sita - Videha etc.

    Dont want to delve into them here.

    - R
  • Yep. I was looking for biological mother of Sita.

    However, it was good to know sunanya was Mrs Janakar and actual name of Janaka was Seeradhwaja Janaka.

    Could it be possible that Mr and Mrs Janakar adopted sita and in order to hide the origin of princess they weaved the story of "bhumi putri" ?
  • Deivame...

    Eppadi thalaiva ippadi ellam yosikiringa :)

    ennavo...Naradharin kalagam nanmayil thaan mudiyum....

    Yaar kuzhandhai padam mathiri irukku....

    But it does rake an important point, we have seen atleast one biological father or mother in various personalities.
    Be it Karna or Mary, this one is a unique prototype... worth investigating.

    Let me call some folks :)

    - R
  • Other people who do not have any evident biological parents.
    Valli (I dont believe on that Mr.Rishi & Mrs.Deer story)

    Unique combo of these three are 'all of them are related to bhumi'

    - R
  • They did not have "thottil kuzhandhai" scheme then !!
  • Sita was born of Mother Earth, bhooma devi..hence in the end of the Ramayana she goes back to her mother's abode. According to other versions of the Ramayana Sita is Ravana's daughter by Mandodharai who is abandoned as she is predicted to bring misfortune to her family.
  • Kooptuteenka Ravi :))

    Sita was born of Mother Earth and hence goes back to Mother Earth's abode in the end. Sita is symbolic of patience/forebearance and hence the relation to Mother Earth and hence the story too that patience also has an end to it.

    I humbly implore not to reduce the story to how-it-could-have-happened per our knowledge of practicalities in this century, will stop here, thanks.
  • Intha bit vereya ?

    Not to implore = must implore with our makkals :-)

    1/2 symbolic + 1/2 myth wont be a good combo here...

    There must be missing links.

    BTW: What is the actual name of Dasaratha... :)

    - R
  • Ravi - there is no such thing as 1/2 symbolic + 1/2 myth, myth itself means symbolism and archetypal meanings.

    Yes as you say prototypes, different personalities that resemble..they are meant to signifiy the same thing.

    Converting myth to history or actual happeneings is illogical and somewhat of a dumb experiment.

    will stop here,

  • Xerxes owned an army in millions - Symbolic
    Xerxes was God - Myth

    Xerxes took down 300 'paruthi veerargal' using a million strong army with the 'undead core' was 1/2 symbolic + 1/2 myth...

    Dont want to incl our indian references, irukira kuzhappam podhum :) ...

    - R
  • I guess good quiz questions of any era were to name the wives of lakshmana, shatruguna and baratha

    urmila mandovi and ????

    mrs. janakar we are encountering for the first time

    one of the questions in PS function quiz was " there were 2 couples in the 63 nayanmars. kalki used one of them in SS. who

  • BhuDevi ?
    Nirad C. Chaudhuri talks of human sacrifice, cutting
    a fertile woman[virgin?] into pieces
    & burying them in the fields for good crop yield.
    Anyone have that reference?
  • If I remember right the third person is Srutakeerthi--Regards,PN.
  • Ganesh Anna, Vanakkamanna. Sita was not thottil kuzhndhai anna. Previously she was Vedavathi . daughter of Kulathuvasar and Malavathi. She was chanting Veda while born and so named as Vedavathi. Her Daddy Kulathuvasar was killed by a Asura and Vedavathi was standing in fire and doing thavam. Ravana while in the evening walk saw her jollu uttu. kadalai pottu .nool uttu try pannar anna. Ava kandukkala. So Ravana tried to kidnap and she diedin the fire with a promise to kill Ravana in the next birth. She only came to Srilanka as a child on a lotus and Ravanan saw her. Prof. Sukrachariyar told Ravana that this child will bring doom to him and asked to throw her inthe sea. She was put in a box and thrown in the sea. and the box came to Mithila and Janakar found her in the lands while ploughing.
    Ithan anna Koorma Puranam sonna kadhai. Sita double act kudutha kadhai vera irukku anna.
    2. Valli story= you dont believe anna. She came from the right eye of Vishnu. Her mummy Kanchanai born as a deer. 3. Andal vandha story theriyadhunna.
    (Just for taking only 8 iddlies my Project Manager cursed me and dumped in a project in one of the concrete pyramids of Wilshire Road LA for 8 months. How to throw him in the sea Anna? )
  • Koorma Purana pandithasigamani Madhu avargale, Ravanan nool vidu kaaviyam was an enlightenment. Logic udhaichalum, it was well spun.

    Btw, in today's state of economy u should have been booked under economic offences act for eating 8 iddlies and be dumped in the sea. That is what garuda puranam would have as a punishment. I am sure u would have finished 4 bowls of sambar and 12 cups of chutney along with it. Namma alaunga oru roopakku iddli vangittu 3 rupaikku side dish sapiduvanaga. Pavam ponal pogaradhunnu, your manager mama has Just banished you to LA. Pesama Hot dog sapittutu sandhoshama irungo.

  • -Hi Madhu

    your writing reminds me of yesteryear member diwaker baskaran. check out his fantastic mails in 2005

  • aaha madhu...

    intha kathai sinna pilla thanama irukke...
    vedavathi... athu appoo...
    vaidehi... ithu ippo...
    topic = vaidehi mummy not vedavathi family tree...

    Valli from vishnu eye ellam ok thaan... but entha vishnu thaan question ;)

    'Manager kadal la podanum' na - try the dasavatharam style...
    or did u say 'manager kadala... ???' :)

    - R
  • Idhu thirithhu koorudhal. Avar englishla thaan " sea"nnu writirukkar. Neenga andha kadalai kadalaiya maathreenga. Siva pazham sir neenga :)
  • Dear Ganesh,

    Iduvey thangalin sandehangalai theer-k-ka vanda arumaiyana padil.. aazhnda karuthu-k-kal, sor-ch-chuvai, porud-chuvai koodiya inda padillu-k-ku parisaaga 1000 idlikalai vazhangi vidungal... ( ippo theriydua Boss edukku inda aalai LA nagar-k-ku parcel pannittarnu ? ).

  • > 'Manager kadal la podanum' na - try the dasavatharam style...
    > or did u say 'manager kadala... ???' :)

    punning it he most creative of man's creations
    managera kadala podanum
    manager kadala podanum

    tamil was known for its puns. now even thanglish


    > - R
  • yennoda siva pazha sittrarivukku yettiyathu... thanglish has got hella lot of nayyandi comedy...

    esp if u convert from english to thamil chennai style :)

    300 to 300 paruthi veerargal...

    - R
  • Ganesh Anna and Sivapazham Anna
    Yennanganna. Oru 25 vayasu chinna ponnu 8 iddli sapta economic offence appadingaringa. Odi adi sambadhikkara vayasunna. Inga Hot Dog ellam sapidaradhillanna.Room mates edho appappo semiya, bread toast, thakkali sadhamnu panni thara. Vai sethu kedakudhu.India vandhu one week leave pottutu Amma kaila saptu than thethanum.
    Sivapazham Anna, Neenga Sutta Pazhama Sudadha Pazhama? Project Managerku 45 vayasu. Krishnan sonnapadi Madhanga Munvarukku water kondu vandha Hot Dog thinnum Pulayan madhiriye iruppar.
    Kadalai potta varuthuduvar.
    Sita parentage uttutame. Fighting ellam over anapparam Akni Pravesam nadakkumbodhu exchange-offerla vedhvadhiya kuduthittu original Sitavai Ramar vangittarame? Appo Sita double acta? sollunganna
  • Language romba sokka irrukkunga. Aana oru appeal Serious subjects indha madhiri naiyandi language la discuss pannina nalla illai. Edhavadhu light subjects dharalama pesunga. Indha madhiri oruthar Sivagaimiyin Sabatham kooda romba elaborata naiyandi pannaru. Onnume avar kitte discuss panna mudiyalai he was so deep into kindal. It is not possible to communicate serious answers in this mode.

    Dhayavu senju vera subjectku switch panni ishtam pola pesunga. Chinna vayasu, interest irukkaradu very appreicated. Aana idhellam purinjukka konjum kindal keli sarcasm ellam odhukki vechuranum. Thanks!!
  • I don't think sunayana is mentioned in kamba ramayanam, there is also no
    mention of urmila's mother from what I have read.
    I believe the name is mentioned in valmiki ramayana. I recollect it from the
    ramayana teleserial and reading its transcripts in tamil then.
  • Hi Arvind, am not sure it is there in Valmiki's either, i may be wrong but don't recall and have read it a few times. Urmila/rest of sita's cousins are daugthers of Janaka's brother and his wife, their names are mentioned, just do not recall what they are.

    One appeal dont go by that tele serial for anything, it is a horrible adaptation and mixed up various versions very liberally,
  • Idhu Dharmama ? Aaahhh dharmam pathiyum pesakoodadhunnu solliteenga malathi :((

    Leave it to the flow. It just will be fine.
  • Hi Arvind

    Kamba ramayanam was not on the same lines of the original valmiki ramayana. I have read Cho Ramaswamy's ramayanam and it claimed is a direct version of valmiki's ramayana. It even had cho's comment within parenthesis and was clear in pointing that it is cho's comment and not of valmiki. Has anyone read that and what is ur opinion ?

    Btw, how come heroine's mothers name was not documented clearly ? You know how I came up with this question about sita's mother? We have a large canvas painting in the dinning area and it is about Sita Rama Marriage scene. Yesterday some one questioned the characters in the painting then we got stuck at who was Mrs Janakar standing behind sita.
  • Malathi

    I would say, nayaandi is not for Sita story, it is for the Kadal vs kadala.

    Some modern lingo is ok, it helps with younger generation digesting the information better than ancient scripture decoding.

    Chennai thamil la pesi ramayanam explain panrathu is not bad as long as the intent is honest. Some pun is always going to be there be it kalki or nambo ganesh or me or any one else :-)

    I am not opposed to remixes of older songs.

    - R
  • Cho's Ramayanam... naan kelvi pattathu illai :)

    Going by Cho's scheme of writings, i am curious...
    War kadaisila yaar win panna ?

    Ithu nayyandi thaan, but not on ramayana ;-)
  • Annakkale
    Oru thappu pannitten. Mannichidungo please. Appa kitta sema dose vangi mooku sindhi sindhi bulb ayidichi. Kudutha powera misuse pannitane. Sorry Sorry .Mannichidungo.
  • RAvi, i am not at all opposed to light lingo..young or is always fun..ennanna it is hard to get any serious point across in this language..chumma orutharai oruthar kindal adichittu jaaliya irukkalam, no problem at all, ennanna it is not serious exchange of ideas..

    Madhu, unga appa yaaru, neenga avar perla ezhudhareengala? :)

    Cho..cho is a good factual/rational guy..I very much enjoyed his Enge Brahmanan..after all he is a lawyer and by nature an intelligent humorous person. I am not at all sure i would liek to read Ramayanam or Mahabarat written by him though..male chauvinist to the core..adhu naale, vera onnum illai :))

  • Who is your father ? Enna thappu pannuneengo ?? Curious to know the first one as it was the reason for the second mistake :))
  • Hi Ganesh,
    I have not yet read Cho Ramaswamy's Valmiki Ramayanam.
    Vai. Mu Kobalakrishnamarchariar on his explanation on 1344
    Kamabaramayanam - states Urmilai is born to Janaka, after the adoption
    of Sita.
    While explaining the next song 1345, he says the song gives scope to
    consider Urmilai, Mandavi and Sruthakerthi as the daughters of Janka's
    brother Kusatuvasa.
    Interesting thing here the poem does not directly give the names of
    any of these names. The mention is just restricted to Janaka's brother
    as "Ellalil Kotravan".
    Again there is a story attached here how Janaka defeats the earlier
    ruler of that place and instates his brother as the king.

    The bottom line is even Urmilai is not named here. It is also
    interesting that why no mention of Mrs. Janaka by Kambar, who goes at
    a great length in stating the preparation for the marriage, how they
    guests where received etc.
    The best option therefore to ascertain the name is from other
    Ramayanas for reference here.

    By the way, what was the comment that Cho has put in here.
  • If I remember that, the question would not have come :))
  • Hi,

    As per my knowledge in Ramayana, Valmiki Ramayana is the original version. Kambar wrote the original with his own creativity and scenes in the 6th Century. If at all there is a doubt in Ramayana, it is better to refer to the original which is Valmiki.

    Thanks & Rgds.,

  • Hi Further to my mail.

    Mother of Sita according to Valmiki Ramayana is Sunayana

    Thanks & Rgds.,

  • hi shiv

    Kambar is 12th C in chola court.

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