Catalogue of historical novels
  • Superb idea!!!
  • we can do one another thing....

    putting all the data google spreadsheet will be another option... but i am not sure what happens if many of us try to edit the same file at once... is thr any lock mechanism provided so that only one can at a time
  • ayyayo, vijay. Adhu ennoda tool illai. One of our old members, Sathya, initiated the move and created that database. She has become very old nowadays, adhaan aalaye kaanum.

  • Thaangal kurippitta fieldsgalai Novels database-il serthu vittane.

  • Hi ramsundar,
    Google does support collaboration and simultaneous editing.

  • Just finished editing the list.Added a few new ones and for some
    existing items added the links from Anyindian. Almost 70-80% of the
    books are available in Anyindian and I was adding the shopping cart
    while searching;-)
    But as somebody pointed out, the list is not a big one. Have a few
    questions though.
    How does 'Pulinagakkondrai' qualifies as a historical novel? I have
    read this one and it is a family history spanning a 100 years. By the
    same token 'Thalaimuraigal' by Neela.Padmanabhan, 'Moga mull' by
    Thi.Ja, 'J.J. Sila kurippugal' and 'Oru Puliyamarathin Kathai' by
    Sundara Ramasamy will all qualify as historical novels as they narrate
    stories spanning the last 100 years.
    So can we define some boundaries here?
    And I was actually thinking of adding 'Gopalla grammam' and 'Gopalla
    gramathu makkal' by Ki.Ra in the list. These are stories spanning a
    few thousand years going back and forth from the migration of the
    naickars of Telugu country during the Muslim invasion till recent
    times. Although not in a strict historical novel construct, can we add

    Muthu Prakash R
  • Hi
    visited vanathi pathipagam today.
    Mr. Thiru.Ramanathanan told me about the novels that have gone " not
    in print"
    his opinion was that very few historical books go into the 5th or 6th
    edition and searching authorwise in connemara computerised catalougue
    would be the easist way to track those books.
  • Hi,

    I think we can safely say a history novel is a novel where the story
    happens when there was a king who ruled India.

    Off the topic, have you read Arasoor Vamsam? Romba ilakkiya vaasanai,
    than history vaasanai.

  • Can you list such novels... anything other than Kalki or Chandilyan's?

  • Hi

    this seems a comprehensive list of works of authors of 20th century
  • Ayiram thiivu angkayarkaNNi and seraman kathali are historical novels
    of Kannadasan.
    but in his list of books are these two novels/ books with history
    sounding names

    Umaiyan kOtai, paarimalaik kodi,

    are they historical novels? anybody has read them?

  • One more to the list.

    Indira Dhanusu by Viswakesan. Ohh, atlast i got the name of the novel.
  • hi venkat

    this site is maintained by my uncle ( Dr Kalyanasundaram of project
    madurai)- he has just gone back to switzerland from a holiday in
    india. I will write to him tdy and see if he has any fresh
    lists /sources.
  • An author by name viswakesan? Or did you mean vishwak senan?

  • sorry. it is vishwak senan only.

  • Hi venkat,

    got below from Dr Kalyan:

    On the historical novels, I do have an online database of over 8000
    Tamil novels published. It is accessible from my Tamil electronic
    library webpage

    You can search for whatever author, title etc. Hope it helps.

    with Cheers & best regards to you

  • -Phenomenal

    8000 novels written in tamil in the last 100 years or so.
    almost one novel published every four days.

    I am sure of them at least 500 -1000 must be historical( king queen
    rajakumar etc as main charecters.)
    but now it makes our job tougher with a majority of them out of
    print we need to seek connemara library or institute of tamil studies
    or roja muthiah collection.
  • yes venkat - i was taken aback by the number...8000.and you are
    right about being out of print, even in big bookshops the tamil lang
    sections occupy a very small area...and even in that half is samayal
    kurippugal etc.

    imagine the amount of effort these authors have put in to give form
    to their words and get them published...atleast we have their names
    listed...maybe if we can work on it and get some basic information
    into the catalogue - if it kindles some readers interests and if a
    very small % of the books are read - would be just reward for our
    efforts and a suitable reward for the long hours put in by these

  • There is one more book written by Arinjar Anna, not a novel, but a
    collectiion of short historical stories in which he describes the
    consequence of historical events. for example, he analysed in the
    book why Paranjothi, the general of Narasimha pallava, turned into
    sivanadiyaar after the war. He analysed many events like this in
    story form. Unfortunately I forgot the title of the book. Can
    someone remember the title.
    One more book can be added, Mudintha koil by S.P.Mani. It was
    published by Vaasagar Vattam many years back.
  • Hi
    if the details are available and if the book is out of the copyright
    purview we could try to locate it in some private colection scan it
    and put it on the net.
    but then our priority should be historical boos still available.
  • dear venkat

    that is one of the objectives of projectmadurai. it is a voluntary
    initiative to publish free versions of ancient Tamil literature on
    the Internet. Texts are published in both TSCII and Unicode formats.

    They do this by Distributed Proof-reading

    "Distributed Proof-reading" is a web-based method (adopted from
    Project Gutenberg) for preparation of etexts of Tamil Literary works
    for Project Madurai. By breaking the work into individual pages
    several volunteers (based in different parts of the world) can be
    working on the same book at the same time. This significantly speeds
    up the keying in and proof-reading parts of the etext creation

    Scanned image files of individual pages of printed version of Tamil
    works are stored in the web-server. Promads simply pick up one of
    these image files in a split screen window, where equivalent Tamil
    Text can be keyed in directly. The frame for display of the image
    and Tamil text can be in horizontal or vertical mode.

    For Project Madurai, equivalent etext is keyed in Tamil script as
    per TSCII encoding. Several freeware Text Editors (e.g. Murasu
    Anjal, ekalappai) are available for use in Windows, Macintosh and
    Unix platforms that allow direct keying in of the Tamil text in the
    browser display window.

    all texts are free to download and also available as pdf files with
    embedded tamil fonts
  • Vijay,

    This came to my mind when you said distributed proof-reading... how
    about bringing something like reCAPTCHA ( ) in

  • Maintaining the excel sheet would be an issue initially, you may have to
    repeatedly download/upload files and may lose somebody's change. Till we
    finalize the version 1, we can use Google Documents.

    Tha advantages I think of

    1 easy to collaborate, where multiple authors can edit at the same time,
    2. maintain version history, revert it back if there is any issue
    3. Can provide view only access to everybody through url
    4. Allows to set the collaborators so that we can restrict only few people
    to modify

    Once we created a basic version, we can create an excel sheet and host it in
    yahoo groups.

    My 2 cents.
  • Will it be possible to provide the write access to the excel sheet other
    than goole users?

    Actually I tried I could not give the access to another yahoo user.
    The document I tried,

    I was able to give read rights to others, for write permission, I have
    invite each user individually, which will be a pain.
  • In my humble opinion, it will be more pain when you start
    uploading/downloading excel sheet and lose somebody's change if
    simultaneously update it.

    Yes, the disadvantage is, you have to be a google user. Apart from that the
    bulk invite would be one time activity.
  • How about creating a common gmail id and giving it to the group. Anyone
    can login and change the content???
  • Yes, we can do that as long as you don't want to track who changed what,
    which will not give much info if you use single id.
  • Hi

    the best would be to appoint co ordinators and mail to them
    or if anybody has a novel to add send a mail to the group with one
    specific title. (like HISTORIC NOVEL FOR LISTING)
    the co ordinator can pick it up.

    but I think the info will be a flood to start with but then trickle
    down due to paucity of info available. but seeing the list of 8000
    books in one file was mind boggling. a real service it is.

  • Bharathi as a novelist

    chandrikaiyin kathai- an unfinished novel by subramanya bharathi

    even wrote a english book the fox with the golden tail( was it long
    enough to qualify as a novel) somebody has to tell


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