Catalogue of historical novels
  • Hi,

    With so many avid readers and authors in the group - can we compile a
    catalogue of tamil historical novels - comprising basic information
    like name, author, brief outline of the period/kings portrayed - am
    sure we can get the above information from reading the forwards of
    these works itself - could be helpful guide for new readers looking
    for a particular fav king/clan etc
  • Hi Vijay,

    I think this is a great idea. Also, it'll be good if we can document where
    one can buy these books online for readers outside of India :)
  • Compilation of another database of old names (e.g. pazhaiyaru) and
    current names of the places and kingdoms, areas (vengi, vijayam etc.)
    will be a boon to the readers.

  • We could create a database in the yahoogroups. But why restrict to tamil
    historical novels? I hear that there are other great historical novel
    writers in other languages... especially in english.... why not include them
  • good idea too. on a lighter side we can then ask the TN govt to
    rename all of them with their old names....wouldbe fun and nightmare
    for conductors on the mofussilbuses...yeempa korkaikku rendu ticket
  • cool, we just need to include language written as well in the
    description. who knows some of us might take up the task of
    translating them to tamil or vice versa...
  • Hi sps sir,

    can we upload a draft excel file - which all of us can edit.
    containing basic format - title of the book, author, pen name,
    Clan /kingdom, circa...years covered, Kings mentioned, hero name,
    heroine name, year published, Publishing house, number of parts.....

    we can also put a place for positive comments ( sugget we avoid
    negative comments as they are subjective)

    and then will be sort of voluntary disclosure of all members - what
    books they have / have read/remember..
  • Hi sps sir, hv sent the excel version to your individual mail..

    Author Work Dynasty Parts

    Kalki Ponniyin Selvan Chola 5
    Kalki Sivagamiyin Sabadham pallava 3
    Kalki Parthiban Kanavu pallava 1
    Sandilyan Kadal Pura, Pandya
    Sandilyan Yavana Rani,
    Sandilyan Raja Muthirai,
    Sandilyan Jeeva Boomi,
    Sandilyan Cheran Selvi,
    Sandilyan Kanni Madam,
    Sandilyan Raja Thilagam,
    Sandilyan Pallava Thilakam,
    Sandilyan Moukini Vanam.
    Sandilyan KaniMaadam,
    Sandilyan Vilai Rani
    Sandilyan Mannan Magal
    Akhilan Udhayachandiran Pallava
    Akhilan Kanchisundari Pallava
    Akhilan Kadalmallai Kaadhali Pallava
    Akhilan Kovoor Koonan Pallava
    Akhilan Parivadini Pallava
    Akhilan Manikkaveenai Pallava
    Akhilan Pandyan Mahudam Pandya
    Akhilan Pagaivanin Kaadhali Pandya
    Akhilan Kanni Kottai Elavarasi Pandya
    Akhilan Nandipurattu Naayagi Chola
    Akhilan Kulottungan Sabadam Chola
    Akhilan Chittiravalli Chola
    Akhilan Maravarman Kaadhali Chola
    Akhilan Rajadittan Sabadam Chola
    Akhilan Thyagavallabhan Chola
    Akhilan Yaazhnangai Chola
    Akhilan Chola Elavarasan Kanavu Chola
    Akhilan Therkku Vaasal Mohini Chola
    Akhilan Kondrai Malar Kumari Chola
    Akhilan Chola Mahudam Chola
    Akhilan Mangala Devan Magal Chola
    Akhilan Oruvaal Orumahudam Iruvizhikkal Chola
    Akhilan Vanjeenagar Vanjee Chola
    Akhilan Vandiya Devan Vaal Chola
    Akhilan Rajarajan Sabadam Chola
    Akhilan Gangapuri Kaavalan Chola
    Akhilan Paraandagan Magal Chola
    Akhilan Vengaiyin Mainthan Chola
    V. Balakumaran Udayar Chola 5
    Anusha Venkatesh Kaviri Minthan Chola 3
    Divkar Tirumalai tirudan
    Divkar Vicithira cithan pallava 1
    Divkar Vamsa Daara
    Na. Parthasarathy. Manipallavam pallava
    Na. Parthasarathy. Kurinji Malar
  • Akhilan Vandiya Devan Vaal Chola
    Akhilan Rajarajan Sabadam Chola
    Akhilan Gangapuri Kaavalan Chola

    That's cool. Was the above mentioned books were by Akilan???
    I vaguely remember these authored by someone else???
  • Hi

    add vikramans novels

    Pallava Period

    Kadalmallai Kaadhali
    Kovoor Koonan

    Pandya Period

    Pandyan Mahudam
    Pagaivanin Kaadhali
    Kanni Kottai Elavarasi

    Chola Period

    Nandipurattu Naayagi
    Kulottungan Sabadam
    Maravarman Kaadhali
    Rajadittan Sabadam
    Chola Elavarasan Kanavu
    Therkku Vaasal Mohini
    Kondrai Malar Kumari
    Chola Mahudam
    Mangala Devan Magal
    Oruvaal Orumahudam Iruvizhikkal
    Vanjeenagar Vanjee
    Vandiya Devan Vaal
    Rajarajan Sabadam
    Gangapuri Kaavalan
    Paraandagan Magal
  • mr.vijay,

    in your list, the novel manipallavam by Na Parthasarathy is nothing to do
    with pallava(as you have mentioned).

    the story takes place in old kavirpoom pattinam. but for some references to
    the dynasity which was ruling at that

    age no informations had been provided. it deals with the subjects of that
    age(kudimakkal kaviyam as Na Pa mentions

    in the forward).

    More over kurinji malar is not a historical novel.

    Mee paa somu had authored a splindid novel "kadal kannda kanavu"

  • thanks for all the energetic inputs...i think we will wait for the
    exel file to be posted into the files section - enabling us all to
  • Also add Viswakesan's novel to the list. I have read some two books
    but, do not remember the name. Some one could put up that???
  • I faced this problem; the bus conductors in south were alwyas referring
    to the shortened names- kovai, gobi, sathy - I was stumped. We all will
    eventually get used to it. I wonder what will happen to those names
    which are difficult to pronounce.

  • Hi

    we have forgotten a very important man.

    mu.ka- has authored 100 books of which some do come under historical

    Romapuri Pandian, Thenpandi Singam, Ponnar Sankar,

    come to my mind though I have not read it.

  • My uncle landed in chennai and took an auto...he was trying to give
    directions to the auto guy in tamiz....neera poi edathu pakkam
    tirumbu ....the guy gave him a good stare and `corrected him' - enna
    sir, paatha padichava mathiri irukke...straighta poi left thirumba
    sonna thirumbaren....not withstanding the fact that my uncle left
    chennai 22 years ago...
  • Hi,

    Manipallavam of Na Pa qualifies but not Kurinji Malar which is a contemporary novel. What abt Na Pa's splendid novel on Kalabras 'Nithilavalli" and his "Paandimaadevi"? These can be added as also Kalaimani (Kothamangalam Subbu's) Ponnivanathu Poonguyil, a superbly written novel about the Maratha period in Tanjavur. His grasp of Tamil language and his descriptive prowess are superb.

  • prabanjan's "vaanam vasappadum"
    sujatha's "ratham ore niram"
  • Hi,

    The list of Akhilan's historical novels doesn't include his famous Kayalvizhi, based on Sundara Pandya's exploits in ending the Chozha supremacy, and Vetri Thirunagar. Both were serialised in Kalki mag in the 1960s. The list also does not show Na Pa's
    Paandimaadevi and his Kalabras' classic "Nithilavalli", besides kothamangal subbu's marathaage epic "ponnivanathu Poonguyil
    which too was serialised in kalki in the 1970s. Nithilavalli was serialised in Ananda Vikatan, a rarity, with Gopulu's drawings.

  • -yES SIR
    kayalvizhi was made as a movie "Madurai meetta sundara pandian" by
    thalaivar whose lisp in the voice made kayalvizhi( actress latha
    sound like kelavi)

    lovely songs but flopped at the box office

    we should also mention in the list if the story was further developed
    on in other media. for example lot of akilans books were made into
    radio plays

  • Hi Sps

    mgrs last movie was a flop. just like our criketers who dont retire
    with a flourish
    but then some trivia about mgr

    he did a movie called "Rajarajan" in 1958.

    sivaji did one called "raja raja cholan" later.

    there are many parallels in their movie names too.

    En Thangai- En Akka

    En Annan-En Thambi
    Engal Thangam -Engal Thangaraja

    Andaman Kaithi- Andaman Kadali
    Arasa Kattalai -Andavan Kattalai
    Deivathai -Deivamagan

    can any body tell us about the movie "rajarajan" other than the
    Starring : MGR, Padmini, Lalitha, PS Veerappa, MN Nambiyar
    Music : KV Mahadevan
    Direction : TV Sundram
    Production : Neela Productions
    Year : 1958

  • This is a good workable idea.

  • Please add R.Venkatesh-Kaveri mainthan

  • Being here in norway all alone, nothing to do much, the most important
    pass time is watching movies online...
    (sivaji enna, latest kreedam,veerapu all available online for free :) )
    Last saturday, i was browsing the catelogue and came
    across 'rajarajan'.
    Sounding interesting, started watching it and was surprised to see the
    title with mgr.
    nothing interesting. introducing the period as cholas and internal war
    for power, the story is normal period time masala film.
    nothing related to rrc :(
    i could watch only the first part of 3 parts. i am yet to watch the
    remaining. but not sure whether i will ae the patience to do so.
  • Hi

    could we have a final consensus on what information we need to capture
    in the database - we dont need to overstretch ourselves but need to
    provide some basic overview. welcome suggestions - looking at it from
    the point of end user - the catalogue is being created as a useful
    guide for a prospective reader of historical fiction. what is it that
    you ask yourself or try to find reading the foreword /preface /back of
    a book before borrowing / buying it. we just need to capture this

    Further, the initial effort of compiling a list is only the start
    point. members who have these books with them or access to them, would
    need to come up and provide assistance in keying in the required

    on the technical front - would it be possible for us to upload an
    excel file on this forum - with options to add info/fields, but
    modifying/deletion with the moderator for obvious reasons. else we
    need to work on personal mail ids wherein once we finalise the format -
    one person can be assigned the task of compiling all inputs from
  • There are about 10-15 authors on this list - and most of them are
    married to the publishing houses. Thinking on these lines - would it
    be a better and easier to write to these publishing houses to
    provide us this info. they might also put in their addresses, price
    and availabiltiy via the net - this is afterall an advertisement for
    them as well
  • Dear SPS and Vijay

    Our own great Gokul's name I could not find in the list. Though it is in the soft copy, he can anytime bring out as hardcopy - and so many readers enjoyed his skill on story telling and he has a large fan club among us including me.

    Aru Ramanathan, a great writer of historical sorts. His Raja Raja Cholan as Drama script was taken for movie by APN. Aru Ramanathan also written one beautiful historical novel - I really forget the exact name - but the hero was mentioned as so clever and the herione name is something like Oorvasi or Urmila - this was based on Madurai Pandya which I scantly remember.

    I think, Vanathi Thirunavukkarasu can be contacted thro9ugh our Venkatesh for full details.

    With warm regards,
  • -Hi
    many writers and poets have tried their hand at atleast one
    historical novel. we should tabulate all of them.

    mu metha- sozha nila about vijayalayan is one that come to my mind.

    any computerised catalougue in a library can give us the full list. I
    will try cosmopolitan club library and eashwari lending library
    computerised catalougues.
  • Hi

    the more you think of topics the more you get convinced that we MAY
    NOT HAVE more than 100 titles totally.
    many of them must be out of print also. we must list libraries they
    are available in. or create a common library from our collections to
    circulate amongst members.
    we could get one page in wikipedia to list the 100.
  • > we could get one page in wikipedia to list the 100.

    This, in my opinion is the best option to have a list.
  • Hi,

    We tried it some time back, and our group supports an excel-like
    spreadsheet database. Visit:

    This is not extensive, but something to start with...

  • Hi

    there must be atleast a 100-150 novels which were serialised in
    magazines.they propably were not published at all. we should try to
    list them too. a well planned visit to some of these magazines should

    i feel vanathi is the biggest publisher of historical novels. we
    could interview him and get details about half the list

  • one thing whic struck me is, online bookstores should have a cataloge
    and i thought it will easier for us to browse through historic novels
    in those sites. first tried, who i think has one
    of the best collections of tamil books in chennai (in T.nager north
    usman road, opp ARR building).
    shockingly/surprisingly they have only 12 titles and most of them are
    unheard. and one good thing is 'Kaviri mainthan' is listed :)
  • hi has a good colection too

    youngsters working hard run it

  • Hi,

    Krupa's tool /database works great. We need to have a fix on the
    tables/details /fields
  • Hi

    author, title, publisher, last edition book size ,4 lines description
    from those who have read it would suffice initially. links to other
    sites if any would suffice.
    we could host the entire text onto wikipedia.

    for example

    author kalki
    title ponniyin selvan
    publisher/s vanathi, kumaran, sarada, vardaman,
    last edition 2007
    book size - 5 volumes
    description - magnum opus of Kalki krishnamurthy on a period prior
    to the peak of the cholas. Raja raja heads the list of real
    charecters and quite a few from the author's imagination adorn the
    book. emotions in the book include humour, romance, mystery,
    emothion and pathos

    we could subsequently add up matter
  • Hi Vijay

    I have commenced a wikipedia article on tamil historical novels

    we could simultaneously upgrade in wikipedia as we do it in our group.
  • That sounds great
    Sozha Nila by mu metha is not set during Vijayalaya times its actually Rajathi Raja times and is the timeframe which Sandilyan usedfor his Kannimadam ....The times when srilankan dhandanayagars were creating havoc in tamilnadu in the name of supporting Pandyas....

    This looks at it from the Chola angle and Kannimadam from Pandya angle

    Kanchikadiravan I think by Kovi Manisegaran serialised in AnandaVikatan is another good one
    Explores the early days of Mahendraverma.....including a switch by the Chalukyas of the crown prince.....

    Yavana rani is about Chola not pandyas as mentioned before....its set during Karilkalan 's ascension following the murder of his parents and conspiracy by the Velirs

    Nilaamutrram by again Gowthama neelambaran Serilaised in Idayam Perugirathu is abou Manavarman of Lankas sruggle to get his throne with the help of Narasimha Pallava

    IndiraVizha was another serilaised in Idayam....Chola backdrop
  • Dear Venkat ... a few corrections

    The Tamils of South India have a hoary history. Tamil literary heritage spans twenty centuries, however it was a language which was expressed in the form of poetry. The Pross as a mode of Tamil literature is relatively a new phenomenon with the novel appearing on the scene less than two centuries back.
    Prathapa Mudaliar Charithram ("The Life of Prathapa Mudaliar"), written in 1857 and published in 1879, was the first novel in the Tamil language. Penned by Mayuram Vedanayakam Pillai, it was a landmark in Tamil literature, which had hitherto seen writings only in poetry. The book gave birth to a new literary genre and Tamil prose began to be recognized as an increasingly important part of the language.
    In the twentieth century rose a new phenomenon of writing prose about tamil kings who had lived more than 700 or more years back( tamilnadu was predominantly ruled by non tamils after 1320 turkish invasion)
    Authors like Kalki wrote historical novels during the Indian independence movement to raise the patriotism and pride of the people. Most historical novels were serialised in tamil magazines before being published as a book. Historical novels are still extremely popular but of recent are few to come by.
    The advent of netzines has seen a new web based historical writers entering the arena.

    Popular authors in historical fiction include
    Kalki Krishnamurthy
    M. Karunanidhi
    Gothama Neelambaran
    Aru Ramanathan

    Popular historical novels include
    Ponniyin Selvan
    Sivagamiyin Sabadham
    Parthiban Kanavu
    Yavana Rani
    Kadal Pura


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