new web site registered for REACH FOUNDATION
  • Dear members,

    As Dr.Sridhar Ratinam suggested, we are happy to announce that we got
    the domain name CONSERVEHERITAGE.ORG locked and registered for
    ourselves. Slowly, we'll design and upload all our data base, members
    list, temples project taken, travellogues, and all heritage
    conservation articles and issues in to this web site. Member Madan will
    take care of the content and designing of the web site. All members who
    are in IT field, web designing industry can collaborate with Madan and
    join us in this web building task. So we have now THEBIGTEMPLE.COM and for us to take things to wider reach.

  • Dear Chandra

    Thank you for your effort makes CONSERVEHERITAGE.ORG
    more reachable to all.

    We have dedicated server which already hosting If you wish I am happy to provide
  • Hi Chandra

    I can contribute from my side..Madan can let me know if anything is needed from my end..
  • Dear Chandra
    like I said before we have the server and space we can use that for the conserve heritage as well
    personally I think we should have REACH.ORG or REACH.NET for obvious reasons
    Dear Vijay nice to hear from you after a long time#
  • plz do count me if possible..

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