Mr. Swaminathan's Interview
  • Dear all...

    Here are the excerpts from Mr. Swaminathan's interview in jaya TV at 7.30 AM
    (27th March, Thursday):

    [For those aren't aware of it:
    Professor S. Swaminathan, formerly an IIT professor, now runs an
    institute called 'Sudharsanam' in Pudukottai, which is concerned with
    preserving Indian culture and Heritage. He's an expert on the historical
    treasures of Pudukottai- and he also happens to be extremely knowledgible
    about music. He's also a member of our group.]

    Mr. Swaminathan lived in Delhi for 35 years, during which time he
    decided that he wanted to do something to preserve the cultural treasures of
    Pudukottai (which is his native place and is commonly known as an
    'Archeaological Paradise'). Accordingly, he started the website
    [] 4 or 5 years ago, during which time he began
    collecting/recording/documenting historical and cultural details about
    Sithanna vaasal, Naarththaamalai, ThirukattaLai, Kodumbaaloor, Kaariyapatti

    [Some tidbits- Perungalur, near Pudukottai, is the birthplace of the
    famed writer 'Akilan']

    Mr. Swaminathan has done painstaking research on Pudukottai and its
    history- and not surprisingly, he's also an expert on the Ajantha paintings.
    He's absorbed every nook and corner of those caves and their treasures- and
    has released

    1. 'Layman's Guide to Ajantha' - his first book

    2. A folio on the Ajantha paintings

    3. An interactive CD, released by the authorities, for which his
    material has been used.

    He also talked extensively (and humourously:-) on Indian music amd
    Western music, and compared and contrasted both forms. He talked about
    Western Music and its tradition, giving tidbits about Pythagoras from 6th
    century BC, and discussions on how many swaras could be accomodated in an
    octave. He talked about Bertrand Russell, JK, Karl Marx, the scientific
    basis for understanding classical fact, he touched on varied

    He's also compiled picture albums on various topics. (He's compiled one
    Gandhi, which was really exhaustive and interesting)- and he's going to
    cover the path of the River Ganges too.

    People- if ever we need some one to provide us with info for any trip
    on 'Sivagamiyin Sabhadam'- Mr. Swaminathan is the one.:-) He's got so much
    info at his finger tips.
  • Dear All,
    Its so great to have such eminent
    personalities in this group.Thank you so much for
    providing some inputs.
    I have a great concern as I read this piece of news.

    I wonder, if "old" should give way to "new" in an
    unceremonious method.Or should we learn to have new
    with existing old ones.

    If all those places visited by PS group and many
    others were ever given away to the "new", we wouldn't
    be having a group as this one.Or atleast I think so.

    Hope and Wish,the old survives.....
  • Pavitra: Thanks a lot for posting these excerpts! I's missing this
    interview badly - your account comes as a solace.
    Prof.Swaminathan is a storehouse of information on varied fronts -
    his presence and participation of other scholars is a great blessing
    to our group. And yes, It also raises our responsibilities.
    We should pursuade him to write something for our group - some
    latest findings, interesting info on chola temples of pudukottai,
    ajantha frescoes etc. True, he is very busy - but with our interest,
    we should still pursuade him.
    I'm not sure how many of you checked up -
    it is really wonderful. Each place has been covered in great detail
    with good photos. In particular, Sittannavasal and Kudumiyan malai
    deserve special mention. Do not miss this treat!

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