Trip to Srilanka
  • > The box is worshipped with lotus flowers. Once in 12
    > years ( something like Mahamaham concept) they take it
    > on procession, open and do some pooja.

    dear Uma
    kalki must have seen it. he describes the peheraath function in ps
    actually there is a variation in the name of the festival.

    most sources point to the kalinga princess. the pandyans had little
    to do with it except for stealing it.I ll get the details soon

    know what.
    total peace prevailed for the first time in lanka in the year the
    tooth was in madurai.the lankans behaved themselves.
    have you been to sigiriya. why dont you tell us about the large
    frescoes there.
  • Hi Uma

    had a feeling I visited the sigiriya palace
    chola history cannot be studied alone. we have to study their
    contemprories too to learn what their world was like.
    perhaps the sinhalese were the closest independent kingdom to cholas(
    they had half their territory till rajendra).
    so a srilankan visit is a must to see what the foes of cholas were
    and like that there is an arab fort after mahabalipuram. most
    propably what the arabs used to bring in their horses for the
    muvendar.I intend visiting that next week.

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