Education in Chola times - Missions and Vissions and more
  • As I love history(as we see now how certain countries
    whose history is something like 500 years and so not
    having learnt from their very short history),I love to
    know on the educational methods,styles in those Chola
    times,if they were mentioned in Ponniyin Selvan.

    Was it something of the kind of Gurukul as mentioned
    in Mahabharatham or Ramayanam or was it different?If
    different how?

    Some say,we live in learning economy,knowledge

    I wonder on the architectural skills of those Cholas
    or any historical monuments,which were built not by
    any university engineers or researchers,so how did
    they all develop such skills?

    I would also like to know the visions and missions of
    this yahoo group,for popularising the work or
    characters or authors or language or whatever?

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  • Hi,

    I don't think there is any mention about educational
    system in PS but there is a mention about the then
    educational system in Sivagamiyin Sabhatham. How
    paranjothi's parents appointed teachers to teach him
    but how every teacher ran out of the place telling his
    mother that paranjothi is ekachandagrahi(grasps if
    listens once) but its very difficult to make him
    listen even once. Also Ayana sirpi had many students
    (seedargal). They learnt to make sculpting from him.

    Also there is mention about thirunavukarasar's
    paadasaalai. Actually paranjothi goes to kancheepuram
    with an olai to thirunavukarasar if i am correct.

    The education system then would have been very
    practical i am sure. They would have learnt what is
    important for life combined with aanmigam.

    I am looking forward to more mails on this subject. I
    am sure many of you would be knowing much more on this


    P.S. I am wondering where poonguzhali learnt to oar a
  • Dear Madhav

    That was a very curious and interesting thought...I am led to beleive that trade was passed in the families during that time frame....kulathozhil.

    There are notations of schools and madams in kanchi during pallava period and madhurai in pandiya period...

    Yes one has to accept that ancient tamils were good architects witha good and sound knowledge of physics,geometry and precision a telling example is Periya Koil and an even better example is KALLANAI which was built in 2 AD by Karikal Cholan..

    The ancient tamils were also good sea farers which is evident from their trade to as far east as china and as far west as egypt and greece....

    there is historic truth in that the tamil culture and therefore the hindu religion has spread as far as thailand,combodia,java and sumatra...

    The tamil sangams are another good example of the tamil races heritage...

    In my humble opinion the tamils are a race in themselves who excelled in their pinnacle and now are living on their lost glory...

    There is a nuclear physicist in brazil who strongly beleives that

    ATLANTIS the lost continent which was supposedly the mother of all civilisations actually could have been in southen India...and Lemuria....and our own legends and scriptures say that the mudal tamil sangam went under the sea in thenmadurai and the second went under the sea in kabadapuram and the madhurai one was the last

    Graham hancock a researcher again beleives that india was may be the cradle of all civilisations

    he believes the mamallapuram excavations and poompuhar excavations are older than what people think same about dwaraka in kutch

    so dear friends...I beleive we are part of a great race and heritage....that our culture has no compare but we dont really know the true depth of the wisdomof our forefathers....

    quite a lot of our ancient olaisuvadis and seppedus are in overseas museums and departments...I am told by a friend that the University of London has more olaisuvadis than all the Indian collections put together and the british goverment refused to return them but accepted to allow a fellow every year to come and research them....and the lady who was the professor and chair sadly added as it was a funded fellowship the guys who came werent interested in tamil o r olaisuvadis but a year of holiday in london as most were political appointees...this may be wrong but that is what I heard.

    How many of you have been to vaitheeswaran koil....there are olaisuvadis which tell your past and future if they find match to your right thumb print.....they are supposed to be written by agathiyar himself....I know four people whos life has been exactly documented in those suvadis....surprisingly true how did they predict it what was the science????

    My aim would be to get as much as intellectual discussion as possible,get the group more publicity and readership as it is as much important as participating...may be to really make the tamil mandrams and sangams in schools and colleges to really undestand the great works in many of you know that almost every govt high school has PS , SS and kadalpura and the likes in their library........Yes most of them have it......

    Next would be media interest rather than discuss about movies and actors they should stimulatte the thoughts of the next generation in reading them as much as a a sheldon or crichton or a grisham.......

    The history books have to be rewritten atleast state board to emphasise on Tamil Hertgae rathere than the standard one chapter on South Indian Kingdoms and writing a chapter each on Ghori and Khilji and even Robert clive and bentick....I dont say that we have to rewrite history but we have to learn our history in the right that the youth realise that they are a rare breed....

    Tamil is one of the two spoken classical languages to have stood the time along with greek....Egyptcian....persian and raman have all dissapperaed to give way to new languages...

    Let us not forget Tamil is the mother of the tamil language tree ( Sanskrit is the other language tree which infact if the mother of all european languages....hence the germans proclaimed that they were aryans.....

    Wells its twelve o clock i have a long day tomorrow

    Good Night.


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