• Hi all & Pavithra,

    Even i would like to join the trip. Can you tell me
    where u r all planning to meet on pongal. If in
    chennai, even i am interested. Are you covering even
    kodikarai. I long to see that place and kuzhagar koil.
    Some one told me that there are lots of restrictions
    in that place for security reasons.

  • Hi,

    I would be joining the meeting today at marina beach.
    Even some of my frends (kalki fans) who are not part
    of this yahoo grup are interested to join the trip. I
    will tell their names and phone no.s when i meet u
    people. I can come only by 6.15 since I can start only
    by 6 from my office. Can you all please wait for me
    there. Identification - I am wearing a blue colour
    salwar and will be wearing a specs. I would be
    carrying my mobile - no. 98410 09327.
  • This could also be the rebuilding of the Chudamani Vihara. If you remember in the fourth part Chudamani Vihara gets submerged in the sea during the storm and Arul Mozhi promises the Bhikshu that he will construct it once again.
  • Hi

    Been busy with meetings and travelling..am now in Madras if any of you want to speak to me call 98401 84700 preferably after monday as I have a conference till the.

    Soodamani Viharam.....In on of the series Kalki finishes in mudivurai saying this is what happened to the rest..also added that this could be the basis of future historic novels..

    One of the sub endings is Soodamani Viharam was restored to its glory with input from the Sri Vijaya King.

    as for Ghazni and other moslem invaders....Rajarajas reign was not the pinnacle of Chola period it was his son Rajendras...

    even in Ponniyin Selvan there is mention of a Moorga arabu kootam koilkalai kollai adippathu...etc

    South INDIAN history

    traditionally history books have been written by North Indians So you can imagine the importance given to us South Indians

  • hi sridhar,
    i think "Ponniyin Selvan e-Group" is a good one..
  • I do not see why such questions not be discussed.

    It is an obvious question arising out of historical novels.

    If the moderator (is it that Vijay?) feels so, then he may put it up
    like that.

    otherwise, here, there is too much of restriction.

    atleast i feel that way.

    and Mr. Vijay answered one of my questions in this mail.

    If the Kings considered themselves next to God, then how come we take
    all the songs/praises of theirs to be true? they might have been
    exaggerated. that means any historical novel (including PS) might
    have been fraught with 'basing the idea on wrong premises.'

    I hope atleast some members realize this point.
  • Dear Subbu

    If you think there are too many restrictions sir no one's forcing you
    to stay you can go to greener pastures which are free for all...
    We are striving to maintain a decorum and semblance of reasoning in
    this group!!!

    As far as the basis of PS and how much of it is true history you might
    want to refer to a phrase called 'Meikeerthis'
  • Welcome Indhirani. There are a number of people here who have extensive
    knowledge of tamil history. In my short time here I have learnt quite a lot
    from them and am sure you will. Also, please give your opinions on Ponniyin
    Selvan, the characters etc..

    All the best.
  • Nice to see your mail.

    As per all yours opinion, it is a great novel and
    nobody can do this except Kalki. The great success of
    this book is that it makes the readers to love all the
    characters - Arulmozhi, Kundavai and Vandhiyadevan,
    Vaanathi, Manimekalai even more. every reader will
    feel that why we were not borne at that time.

    Kalki also makes the readers to enjoy the songs like
    'alai kadalum ooindrukka'. some times it creates tears
    in our eyes and 'Munnam Avar naamam Kettal' in
    Sivakamiyin Sabatham'.

    I am happy that your group is doing a very noble
    thing. It should also reach young children. Many of
    them are not having the habit of reading, in
    particular Tamil Books.
  • I am very very sorry for that.
  • Dear Mam

    Excellent, thats what i was keep telling, our targeted people should be the scholl children, they have to know our real history , we have to take up that, we have to get the CD b4 that and give a presentation with that

    Great thanks a lot, sure our team will take up that.

  • Dear Umashanker
    That was a very interesting itenary and it makes one proud to see Thanjavur gaining its due worth
  • Good article.. in the last few lines .. yenna sollarathu poonga.. thamizai
    mathikkaathavannaa avan inthiyaavaiyee mathikkaathavan.
  • Very Nice GSK
  • My vote is for only Manimekalai.

    I can vote mandakini, B'coz she also died for sundara cholar.
    But by having Nandhini's birth confusion in mind..I cannot vote for mandakini.

    So,In my opinion Manimekalai is the right and first person. Next one is Vanathi.

  • Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for your reply. But this is available only in English i guess. here is a link (in French) that i have posted in a French website. One person has replied that she knows a film by this name.


  • You mean, yahoo login or you are trying to login at ponniyinselvan.in
    and couldn't login?
  • Dear Shiva,
         Thanks for the reply. There are olai chuvadigal said to reveal the previous births. How far it is true, I dont know. If you wish to see them, make a visit here, and  I will arrange to see them. One condition is they will ask your name, parents name and read some chuvadis. If any of them match the names, they will read further about your job, family and other details to confirm that it belongs to you. Then the chuvadis revealing the previous births will be traced out. But each portion will cost. ok?
        Secondly, if you wish to settle down in kumbakonam and around, I can arrange for that too.
       Make your decision firmly, or just pay a visit here. You are Welcome.
  • Settling down in village has become a passion these days. I think we
    all are so frustrated with the city life and missing our glory so much
    that everyone wishes to have a peaceful life in a village, near
    temples. I too cherish such a dream. Everytime I see SPS, I ask him
    whether there are any good property in Kudanthai or mayavaram belt.
    Whether I am going to buy or not immediately, I ask this to him almost
    everytime :) oru alpa asai than. Infact last year I almost was ok with
    one site shown by him in Tiruchy, but I wanted an individual house and
    he was building a flat there and hence I missed it. Hope someday my
    dream will materialize.

    Though I belong to the north arcot district (a dry area), I like the
    kaveri belt for the greenary and the temples around.

    And the varalaaru team members have a dream house project. They wanted
    to build houses in a different style/architecture like one with chola
    style, one pallava style etc :)

    Whenever I think of this, I remember bharathi's 'kaani nilam vendum'.
    what a dream the great mahakavi had, which never materialized.
  • Dear Sathish,
           Think about your dream atleast once a day. Visit the place atleast whenever you got time.
    At a stage you will start to plan, and in due course it will materialise.  Thats what I did.
            Come to Kudandhai, I will show you places where you can settle peacefully. I am here to help you.
  • Settling down along the Cauvery has been my dream also. Like Satish..I too hail from Vellore, where the river Palar presents only sand. Viswaksenan Sir might be enjoying life at Kumbakonam.

    Anaikarai and Kumbakonam was introduced to me by Thi Janakiramans Mogamull. The first lines in the first chapter still etched in my memory.

    Sometimes I feel leaving this tension filled job in Delhi and settle down at Kumbakonam..have a bath in the Cauvery around 5 in the morning. But cant do it now.

    Arunachalam Vaidyanathan
  • Dear Friend
        I am surprised to see how many members are having the passion about settling at Cauvery and Kumbakonam.  And I am happy too.  You are welcome !  I am here to help.

  • Thanks Sir. Last week I was at Trichy. Due to paucity of time I could not travel beyond Trichy. But next time I will come to your place.

  • HI people,

    Yes I agree with you. (but im only 26) so i cant say this in public :(

  • hi My grandmom's brother - retd sub registrar went back to our village
    and have been living happily for 20 years (post retirement
    there)....even today mama enjoys his freshly brewed coffee in decotion
    filter....from milk that has just been milked from the cow in the
    backyard....takes a lovely bath in the pond in our village.....eats
    rice grown with organic manure...has a gobar gas plant that gives them
    some sort of respite interms of cooking.

    on the flip side, about 5 years ago, i was still in chennai - we set
    out to develop a mango farm near periapalayam - about 65 kms from
    chennai - was basially shurbs/forest land...we levelled it , got about
    700 trees planted, dug a well etc etc...but then the offical red tape
    was crazy.... imagine there was no electricity in the village ( just
    under 70kms from chennai) and when we used our `good' offices in the
    various depts to get the electricity....we went literally from pillar
    to post, we had to pay for all the posts, wiremen, this men, that
    men...and finally when the power did arrive - again another round of
    `payments' to get 3 phase, then one more round to get electrcity
    meter....anyway the good thing that came out of this was, the whole
    village got power due to us...

    sadly since i moved out of chennai, we gave it up - but not before
    enjoying a season of lovely mangoes, kayathu kattil under the neem
    tree...with the breeze blowing against your face carrying the smell of
    the soil.....instead of paying for the tractor, we found it was
    cheaper to use two bullocks....we even experimented with paddy, a
    dozen diff types of fruits, flowers name it. the agri dept were most
    usefull.....we had a compost pit dug up...was a vision of my dad....we
    used to pay the village labor to dump a headload of refuse (
    leaves/litter) for re 2 and pretty soon we had enough manure for the
    whole farm. the mangoes were delicious ( i counted one day when i had
    22 of juicy ripened in the tree banganapalli) ....forget the tummy
    ache the next day.. it really brought the sunshine back to our hectic
    work scedule ( we worked weekends at the farm)......guess all good
    things come to an end....work pressure and the need to learn more in
    my line of work robbed me of this.....atleast for now
  • Hi,

    Yes. this is true. I have already seen my olaicchuvadi.

    First i didnt believe this. Then people said that it was written in old tamil (ouah) and by munivargal. so i wanted to try this. my special attraction was to know where i was in my previous "life".

    i got my chuvadi and came to knew that i was born in Pandya naadu (no chola naadu!! :(.

    I used to construct temples and i had a great fame at that time it seems. this must be the reason why i go mad about the ancient temples!!

    P.S: i always love the ancient things!

  • HI Shiva,

    i had the same feeling. and i checked my olaicchuvadi and got some satisfaction.

  • I would like to visit your place to enjoy nature

  • dear vj,
    sounds pretty idyllic.
  • Dear Nandakumar,
    Please explain 'Elam issue' to me. I am not desi.
  • If you go to Madurai, even today people in 50s and 60s will fondly remember the services of TVS buses, how the drivers and conductors politely handled the passengers and gave changes etc., According to them the buses were run with text book accuracy and will exactly halt at the stops and wait until all passengers are boarded or dropped... Buses were very clean and well maintained. Everymorning they used to run a truck across all major roads which attracted and removed pieces of iron/nails with a huge magnet....
    During times of water shortage, they used to supply water to their employees houses... the water delivery vehicle guys didnt mind giving few pots to the neighbours..
    TVS is a culture, a heritage.. everyone in Madurai cherishes even today....
  • My father who has lived in Madurai of those days talks very high of the perfect timings followed by the TVS buses . According to him one can correct the time in his watch if he knows the timing of TVS buses. Even today he calls people who are very punctual as TVS bus. :))
  • Hi;

    My grandfather has told me numerous stories abuot these TVS buses. My family
    has been in Madurai for more than 4 generations now. Infact you can see the
    way they maintain their present buses and imagine how it would have been.
    Their Fargo staff buses outlast the latest Ashok Leylands and TATAs by a
    fair margin. My grandfather told me that the truck picking up metal nails
    from the road before the buses started thier trips was very much necessary
    as it was a delibirate ploy by the bullock cart or horse cart owners to
    delay the buses. this way they could increase thier business. But TVS found
    a way around it.
    Im a huge fan of TVS and its company funtioning. Thier discipline, systems,
    etc. are some aspects which im hoping to incorporate into my company as

    My favorite TVS relic is Sundaram Iyengar's Classis Chevy car opposite the
    Railway station. Its preserved like a jewel!!. Being a certified car nut you
    cant imagine how i love this!!.Also there is a small collection of old TVS
    cars inside TVS Sewing Needles consisting of a Buick, Fiat Topolino, etc.
    Dr.Kailasam you can probably start your research for your articles from
    these cars as there would defintely be a treasure trove of info you can get
    from people who maintain these cars. Old mechanics are a sure shot for doing
    this. There are lots of old mechs in Madurai who maintained these cars for

    Good Luck.

    Rahul Dhinakaran
    Creative Director
    Kalki Technologies
    "If you dont follow through on your dreams, you might as well be born a
    vegetable". Burt Munro
  • I remember reading an article about Kanchi maha periyava...

    Once when he was on his tour, he stayed in a place and asked one of
    his younger group member to wake him up at 3AM for his daily poojas.
    The young chap who doesnt want to make a mistake, didnt sleep the
    entire night, so that he doest miss the 3AM and woke up
    mahaperiyava. During day he was busy with his daily chores that he
    could not sleep. It countinued for 3 days and on the fourth day, due
    to his exhaustion, he lost control and slept during night, without
    his knowledge. But suddenly he heard maha periyava's door opening
    and starled saw the time and it was 3AM exactly. He apologiezed for
    his mistake of not waking him up and asked him how he correctly knew
    it was 3AM. Periyava said, past 3 days he noticed a TVS bus passing
    through the street when this guy woke him up and that day when the
    bus crossed he knew its 3AM and so could come out.

    Thats the punctuality of TVS buses.

    Is there any biography or books on TVS Iyengar? I used to wonder,
    when we run behind Iococo or Akio morita or other foreign business
    people, how many of us know about TVS? Do anyone outside TN really
    know TVS stands for TV Sundaram Iyengar? Really a pathetic situation.

    And not sure how far its true, but read somewhere that, any motor
    vehicle running on earth, has atleast a bolt or nut manufactured by
  • Hi sps and other moderators,

    I joined this forum to discuss history. Despite best efforts, the
    forum is becoming a joke. If this is the way this forum is headed for,
    i don't see any meaningful discussion happening, then i don't want to
    be part of this.

    Certain basic decorum has to be maintained - a personal slanging
    allowed for present /past people, no community /caste related
    discussions ( we know where we are headed in the first thread itself).
    once in a while minor digressions are ok, but every thread we cannot
    go through all this mud slinging. yes rrc our hero had 13 -15 wives,
    yes his mother committed sati, yes rajendra is said to have made
    ladies out of caste - as per hottur inscriptions - doesnt mean we
    immediately take the cause of humanity etc and derail the discussions.
    We are here to learn and share information to enrich ourselves. what
    we take from these discussions is up to each individual. we all have
    our own bloated egos and no amount of arguing in such a forum is going
    to change our outlook - so please spare the rest.

    There are upteen other forums to air these views, personal opinions
    are not banned here but you got to have the maturity to know what to
    say and what not to say. - this forum is dedicated to ponniyin
    selvan, kalki,chola history, south indian history, indian history,
    history of south east asia. A few contemporary posts are ok - but i am
    getting sick and tired of these useless threads. I pity the other
    silent members, who will be left with no interest to sort through all
    this junk for the one mail that talks of history.

    If you cannot enforce such, then with deep regret, i am leaving this
    forum. i had a great time with you all and wish you all luck
  • Hi Vijay, why are you leaving? I have argued more on these 'useless' discussions as you say and I am still here! I tried to leave couple of times genuinely and came back. Perhaps now it is time to atleast become silent member, so will do so.
    It is entirely moderators and other concerned people's call to keep the forum discussi s to what they want it to be. Social issues will always be hot topic but a lot of good and awareness comes out of them. While I understand the need keep the discussions down to history I do not have much regard for those who deem social/humanitairan discussions useless and I am very much pained to hear that from you.
    Please do not leave, I will take leave instead. I will keep reading now and then if moderators do not have issues with that.
    Thank you all,
  • Hi
    It's only two part.  There  is no third part.  Mean while I have attached herewith the list of historical novels which will help the group.
  • thank you for the list of books.
  • Hi,
    I saw ur mail.I collect that publications & books list. Thanku.I know very well "Sembiyan Thilagam"had 3 r 4 parts.Because the story not completed in 2 part tats y am telling
  • haha, venkat, you never forget these. Well, i stick to my words. Nandhi is
    possibly the most complex, intriguing, bewitching beauty that i seen.

    How would you portray her beauty

    - a deathly resolve - like the twinkle in the eyes of a cobra.

    - a shade of sadness - like a lost fawn

    - a touch of pride - like a majestic pose of a lioness

    overwhemling power that comes the confidence that she can make any man dance
    for her!!!
    hmm, eagerly awaiting for Gokul's article about her in the souvenier.

  • well
    lets see who were enamoured of nandini

    paluvettaraiyar, parthibendran and for a few days vanthiyathevan

    who was enamoured of punguzhali?
    pinakapani, vanthiyathevan, Arulmozhi( yes) listen to his feverish rantings in nagapattinam, sendan amudhan,
    2 in the second list become chola emperors .
    so my vote indeed goes to punguzhali

  • Is a woman judged by how many men are enamoured by her alone?! Kundavai
  • hello

    nandhini yoda True lovers a vittuteengale...

    veerapandian and Ak
  • And.... Sundaracholan who fell in love with the original Nandini who also incidentally looked like Nands
  • I meant oomai rani
  • you mean mandakini...( kalki's not the one from the waterfall in ram theri

    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man

    On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 6:45 PM, Ganesh Kumar (ganeskum)

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