PSVP - suggestions
  • vanakkam,

    The following are the suggestions put forward by various members.

    Venkateswaran Kasirajan - After seeing the Big Temple, I thought we
    should bring about an exclusive, collectors edition book on Raja
    Raja Cholan. That could be our first project. A CDROM with a virtual
    tour along with a narration by a scholar such as Dr. Kudavayil will
    be an attraction. The CDROM should be bundled with the book.

    R.Venketesh - An informative website should be the firsat plan.
    Photos, inscription details, walk tro plan. Anything you need to
    know about the temple should be there. The materiel can go on to
    become a book later.

    Uma Shankar - Discovery Channel has released a CD on Egypt. The
    narrator sailing in a boat on Nile and the story of Egypt and the
    pyramids and the kings told in a very interesting way; the viewer is
    virtually taken on a tour of the pyramid. Very professional. With
    crossword games, puzzles and quiz, it makes the information very
    interesting. We should do something like that.

    Ram, Kamal - Transition of Temple architecture during RRC's reign.

    I also would go with a website about Periya Koil. Uma's idea is a
    brilliant one. But, as a starting point a website should be easier
    for us to develop. Using it as a base we can bring out a book, CD
    and what not. An exclusive coffee table book should be possible once
    we have generated interest.

  • Vanakkam!

    I want to put these questions to everyone in the
    group, who love everything connected to Kalki, PS and

    1. How many Indians know that there is a city called

    2. How many INDIANS know about existence of Periya

    3. How many Indians know that Periya Kovil is even
    greater than Taj Mahal in terms of its architectural

    4. How many Indians know that Chola dynasty existed
    and ruled almost 1/2 of India for quite some time?

    Please think of only educated Indians while you do
    these approximations.

    Again in that, take into account not just literates
    (who can read and write their name) but those who have
    studied upto 12th standard.
  • In our last vist, Dr.KB was telling that some clud has a CD of Thanjai Temple and he was explaning the details on temple itself with a big screen, we can try and get that CD ,which may be helpful for us to prepare.

  • Hi Uma,

    Good questions, but like to slightly change them. Replace all
    INDIANS with TAMILIANS. I feel more than 50% of Tamilians dont know
    all these.

    Ram & Kamal,

    While typing my mail yesterday, I was thinking that I should look at
    the transitions when I visit temples next time. You too have spelt
    it out. Lets give it a try. Good suggestion indeed.
  • I Suggest once we prepare the CD, we ( a team of members) will go to selected schools , may be we can start in chennai and Bangalore and explain to the students , about Temple, about cholas, their achivements, let us forgot the older peoples, we can target the students and even we can give that CD as free to the students after explaning all , if we distribute 100 cds , (not going to cost much) atleast 5-10 students will go further in to our real history.

    Pls comment

  • Ms. Swetha, please add the following suggestion too:

    Visiting Orissa, Benga, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia,
    China etc., to photograph and record inscriptions of
    RRC, RJC and in general all Tamil inscriptions of that
    era. { It can be quite expensive! But with
    participation of Indians living in that area, it could
    be posible }
  • Aha, VK ippadi ellam aasai kaatathinga!
  • All we have on these is what western scholars recorded
    in the early last century where photography was not so
    I hope a reexamination of these sites by our group
    will reveal many facts..
    Let us plan for a grand gala expedition to the north
    in the lines of RJC this summer!
  • we should add in the web site/ cd
    thirumurai ( thiruvisaipa)songs about raja rajeshwaram by karuvur thevar
    sung by a seasoned othuvar.

    the song goes
    pannengkaalam pani seythu palaiyOr
    thaam palar embalithhtu irukka......

    innadam payilum inji suul thanjchi

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