Temples and Thiruppani
  • Dear all...

    Kamal, this is great news. The work these people do is amazing. All great
    things are truly simple. Maybe we should discuss about offering our

    Sathya is right about Srimushnam. Two temples there- the Boovaraagaswamy
    temple and the shiva temple. Both have been cleaned recently, the sculptures
    are sparkling, sharp and really catch the eye. The Nandavanam area of the
    Shiva temple especially has been pruned and beaten into shape. Maintained by
    the ASI, of course.

    The marble floors are really irritating, though:-) The Thiruvaheendrapuram
    temple is an example. But the small shrine on top of a hill- that place is
    strewn about with papers, rubbish, and what not. (Incidentally- this place
    figures as the starting point in 'Pandiyan magal'- Mr. Vishwaksenan's
  • Dear All,

    I fully agree with pavitra and satya. Unless the
    temples are just cleaned and the flooring and other
    structural things are left as it was the divinity of
    the place is lost

    there is a beautiful temple near chengelpet called
    malaivayaur. it is on a small hill say around 50 steps
    to be climbed. the ruling deity is lakshmi narshiman.
    a very old temple which was renevoted recently. The
    lord looks gigantic, but during renevotation they had
    changed the flooring and other thing to granite. It
    looks very iritating. a little further to this place
    is a very ancient temple just on the banks of palaru,
    built during the pallava period. very peaceful and
    calm & it has been left as it was. if only it was
    renevoted and taken care . Infact there are some
    culvet in this temple, but since i visited this place
    quite late in the evening, i could not actualy see the

    there are numerous such temples in tamil nadu which
    would attract devotees, if only they are maintained

    hope we as a group will be able to do something about

  • Hi all,

    I had been very busy for the past couple of weeks. Could not even check my mails. I checked all the interesting mails today first thing in the morning. I see i have missed lots of interesting arguments.

    Mr Kannan

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