• Hai everybody,

    a fantastic trip.
    though rain and small delay made us change our programme,and cut out
    a few places.

    most of us thalai kulichchu thaan rajarajan koilikku sendrom

    the rivers on the route were full and a few feet below the full mark

    discussions on the bus greatly rivalled those that we have on the
    group and even more because many members who never open their mouths
    on the net were ferocious debaters here.
    especially the return trip when each female charecter of ps was
    analysed by the men and the male charecters by the women.

    we came back with greatly enhanced knowledge and of course sore

    but overall i think i talk for the first time visitors on what struck
    us most.
    The experts in the group and those at thanjai differed vastly on most
    issues. they could not even see eye to eye on even a small issue and
    perhaps the only thing they agreed on was that rajarajan commisioned
    the temple. many of us who wer " convinced of the sureness of
    fiction " were shaken by the ambiguity in fact.

    but overall thanks to satish for the arrangements and sps for his
    immense support
    an excellent trip. an unforgettable one.
  • places seen

    most places with any historical value were pointed out from the bus.
    stone age - british period
    all padal petra sthalams and places with inscriptions too were

    on the way to tanjore we stopped at ennaayiram corner
    we also stopped in the western bank of the fast filling veeranam( the
    higher end)

    in tanjore we saw the big temple, the mani mandapam,
    on the way back pullamangai (pasupathy koil), valanjuli, and
    panchavan madevi's palli padai.

    and of course we had tea in an old palatial house at sundara
    vinnagaram( still functioning in feudal style with an antha puram
  • aahaa....ellaarum oru gurupaa thaanya alaiyaraaingya....

    ippave kannai kattuthey....
  • Hi all,

    I enjoyed the trip very much and it was nice meeting some of the
    members of our group in person who were known to me only by their email
    addesses till now. I have seen the rajarajeeshwaram temple and
    paintings before, but eththanai murai paarththaalum alukkumaa enna?

    Unfortunately I could not join on sunday. However, I got a detailed
    understand that the return trip was even more exciting than the onward
    journey to thanjavur. Oh I missed it:-(. Anyways I am sure there will
    be lot of such wonderful trips in future and we all will enjoy those
    trips together.

    Poonguzhali (Lavanya)
  • One clarification here!

    For the first-timers, it might look like the varalaaru team, (esp myself) and our periyaNNan SB sir cant even see eye to eye on many issues. But we actually enjoy doing this and we tend to pls devil's advocate of each other. Not for anything else but in the process what our periyaNNan calls as 'kachcha' could get purified. (Note: itz not just kachcha on one side and purity on the other. Itz both from both ends.) We debate openly as we know itz just a clash of thoughts and nothing personal.

    In case, any of u were wondering what was going on...just wanted to clarify.
  • The same with Kudavoil also. Though it may look for the new people
    that we have lot of differences of opinions, all our questions and
    comments are for knowing the true history. We accept his views
    wherever he shows proper supporting evidences. He also knows that.
    Also we have high regards and respect for Dr.Balu being a hard working
    scholar. He deserves a great appreciation for his doctarate thesis
    'Goburakkalai marabu' on temple architecture. Read this book if you
    have a chance.
  • Different schools of thought prevail and people are free to choose
    which ever they prefer/like/feel true. Its individual preference.
    Argueing/conter argueing is always healthy as long as its not taken
    personally. Healthy arguements surely will help to clear doubts on
    both the side.

    Sandayum sacharavum pularvargalin paramparai sothu..athai yaaralum
    azhikka mudiyathu...

    But there is a LOC for this...not hurting others sentiment..not to
    disrespect others...as long as this is followed, nothing is wrong, and
    our group is mature enough on this(except in Suganya's
    case...yesterday total damage...Kovilpatti veeralakshmikku oru O
    podunga...I can hear diwakar singing Suganya's family song..)
  • satish ...

    nethikku late night veetukku poi kooda
    thongaliyaa??? "thiruvilaiyaadal" VCD paatheengalaaa.. why

    puriyudhu puriyudhu..... enge veetila thoongittaa office la vandhu
    thoonga mudiyaadho ngra bayathila neenga vidiya vidya muzyhichindu
    padam paathirukkeenga.... nadakkattum nadakkattum..
  • Satish,

    Take it lightly, its all in part of fun, we all r matured enough to handle the situation, (including suganya) , in a long journey somebody will be caught like that its common, this time suganya caught , next time may be u and me, who knows, even in office we used pull some one legs particularly to change the hard times( i used keep pulling one of my service person always), nothing wrong , take it lightly, we know the limit, and we have keep the travel live thats also.

    i am sure nobody will take this hard and even everybody will enjoy (including suganya)

  • Hey Shankaran,

    Who said I took it seriously..I know its part of fun...I never took
    it seriously..anaa andha ponnu pavamya...hotel mattum varama erundha
    koncham gap vittu kalasanum. oreadiya kalasittu azhuthutangana
    appuram time waste..otta aalu kidaikathu...

    en kidaikathu...kidaikume..nethu suganya mattala...before tea break
    and after tea break focus shift....(I can visualise SPS bursting
    into laughter again like yesterday)
  • Dear All,
    It was nice to meet you all personally and It was fantastic trip for the
    first timers to thanjai with our group. Got a rare chance to view so many
    things for he first time in my life, Including peruvudaiyar. I visited
    thanjai temple few time. never get a chance. B'caz of SPS got a good & close
    As kamal mentioned Dr. Balu Lecture was gr8. Scholars have diff. versions
    for everything. being a member in PS group, we all able to get more views.
    To know more about Dr. Balu's work on Thanjai Temple, please have a look on
    this 400+page mega book.
    Satish, thanks for the 2nd day visit update. oops few of us missed it..
    lets wait for the next trip
  • Hi all

    30 members attended the trip
    some joined late
    some left early but it was a grand success

    once again lots of new faces.

    shoba ramakrishnan and spouse from coimbatore, selvam from thiruvannamalai participated from outstation

    sites seen

    marakkanam- rajaraja's meiykeerthi in several places identified.
    al hambra- the spectacular sea side fort
    parameshwari mangalam- the palar island temple
    vaayalur- fantastic temple from pallava times on palar bank
    sadras- dutch fort

    pidari ratham and pallava quarry
    sangam age temple.

    both lunch and breakfast were at A2B restuarant mahabalipuram

    very enjoyable trip and i hope photos of the trip would surface soon





  • hi venkatesh

    Lovely, please do share photos : Did you manage to see this inscription in

    read about it in The Pallavas by G. Jouveau-Dubreuil.

    The vayalur inscription of pallavas issued on the eve of coronation of
    Rajasimha(695.C.E-728.C.E),gives a lineage of 54 rulers through the epochs
    of kritam, dwaparam and kali up to emperor Rajasimha, this includes 47 kings
    after aswattaman, the great warrior ancestor of pallavas.

    Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man
  • Hi Friends,
    Studies in Pallava History by Heras.H, is available for download through the following link. This is a followup to the voyalur temple trip made on Sunday.
  • dear nanda

    Both the works are good start points, but lot of water has flown under the
    bridge since them, but would be interested to hear comments fm members

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