• The problem with our ASI, is that they dont seem to
    work with international groups. They have not even
    made a press release of the skull with the third eye (
    it could be a hole in the skull made in combat with an
    arrow )

    Most of their findings at Adichanallur / Mamallapuram
    will go into oblivion, unless they publish it

    Against this, let us look at the mummy of Tutenkhamen.
    They have even recreated his face.
  • Few years ago, I was talking to a sub editor at Indian
    Express Madurai. He said that the last Pandian King (
    dont remember the name of this king now ) left his
    sword and crown in a temple in Alakarkovil ( 15 km
    from Madurai ) during an invasion, when he escaped to
    save his life. After this, the sword and crown were
    never found again. He said that it might be still
    there somewhere...

    Likewise, there may be some hidden Chola treasures (
    where has all the treasures like the Indiran Aaram,
    PanMani Kathavam etc gone ! ) somewhere and throw
    more light on Chola history.
  • Dear sri and sps

    i seem to have heard a local rumour that rrc died before the
    mandalabishekam of big temple was over
    but the dates dont match
    and the death place people used to say is porto novo- parangipettai
    near chidambaram.

    any credence to these ?
  • Dear SPS and Sri

    When we r in last Thanjai Trip, its happend to me to talk this to Kudavayil Balasubramniam, he told me that he has some evidence that RR Pallipadai is, in a village near kumbakonam and its behind in house and the present owner is not permitting to find more details and i asked the details he refused to disclose more on that further he told me that he is working on that and will going to release the details after few months.

    On our coming visit (3rd Sep) will try to get some information or possible some evidence from him.
  • dear all

    did any queen perform sati ( udan kattai)with raja raja?

    sundara sola's wife performed sati i hear?
  • venkatesh sir...

    mudhalla Rajaraja nkku ethanai rani nga irundhaangannu sollunga???

    and how many of them were granted queen status...if not main queen
    atleast side queen....

    sir .. idhai naan romba seriousaa kekkaren.....
  • vanakkam,

    1. Olaga Madevi - pattatharasi
    2. Vanavan Madevi - Vanathi - mother of Rajendra
    3. Ilada Madevi
    4. Chozha Madevi
    5. Thrailokya Madevi
    6. Prithvi Madevi
    7. Panjavan Madevi - anukki - fav queen
    8. Meenavan Madevi - Princess from Pandya Dynasty
    9. Abimanavalli
    10. Veera Narayani
    11. Villavan Madevi- Princess from Chera Dynasty

    (Source : Rajarajan Manimandapam - Thanjai)

  • ennadhu vanathi is not pattatharasi???

    ithanaikkum avanga dhaan kundhavai oda close friend.... but en olaga
    maadevi ya pattatharasi aakkinaanga????

    edhaavadhu strategic reason irukkumo????

    aana namakku therinja indha 11 perai vaichu (theriyaama innum
    ethanaiyo per irukkalaam) andha raasa eppadi dhaan samaalichchaano..
    porumai jaasthi raasaavukku..
  • rajarajanoda porumaiya paarthu aachariyapadarathaa ?
    vanathikku kidaicha sirumaiya paarthu varuthapadarathaa ?
    diwakaroda poraamiaya paarthu aarudhal solrathaa ?
    shwethavoda thiramiyaa paarthu vaazhtharathaa ?
  • Dear Swetha
    normally the queen who produces a heir is given a lot of importance
    why not vanathi
    did she die early?
    and the olagamhadevi the main quees of whic country was she a
    princess of ?

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