about vandiadeven
  • hi i would like to say some interesting facts about vandiadevan and rajarajan.vandiadeven after marrying kundavai ,he married two more womens.kundavai did not have any children.but the second wife of vandiadevenhad one girl .kundavai did not know about vandiadevan's affair with two more womens.vandiadeven tried to give his daughter to rajendran but atlast rajendran married chinna palluvatier's daughter. another interesting information is that rajarajan had 12 wifes. as rajarajan suffered from disease he prayed to build big temple .kundavai didnotlive with vandiadevan he lived in palayarai itself and died at the age of 60.another information is that ravidasanand soman were brahmins which kalki has neglected(dont know for what reason) more informations are there about vandiadevan.if you want more contact me


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  • Bala,

    Could you please let us know where these information can be found?
  • I am excited to see more info about Vandiyathevan and
    his after marriage life. It would be great if bala
    could let us know where we can get more details..:)


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