ALL Members please respond!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dear All

    We have a great group and lets not spoil it by people trying to promote their interests ie fonts and softwares.

    I personally feel this is another kind of spam.

    I welcome people helping us read and communicate in tamil but let them not be in the group just to irritate and provoke others and deride their efforts.

    This group has made headlines in tamilnadu not because it discussed things in tamil or english or tanglish but because it brought the spirit of oneness which unites all of us that is Kalkis work.

    I really regret that this group has not discouraged people from deriding others efforts on tamilveri note.....that doesnt do anybody any good.

    I propose that any font or software ideas should only be addressed to the webmaster who may discuss it with the group as he deems fit.

    Only PS related messages should be posted in the group.(Discussion points not Software advertisements and publicity stunts)

    I have just attached one members contibution to the egroup so far which is just calling us all a bunch of jokers because we dont discuss in tamil.

    I have already received 2 people opting out of the group Ram and one of them a regular participant.

    Do we want to loose active participants or do we want to loose people who use our group to canvass for their software you decide.

    I wont call for a poll as 70% of you wont respond and then we ll declare a result just like indian public and elections.

    As for you silent participant freinds It is just as bad to be silent when you see speak up.

    I have spent the last hour reading all the mails to pick the followingwhich have been the only contribution from our friend.
  • Hi All,

    I thought itz all over. Y did this contro. start again?

    let me make it clear one last time. All mails will be written in
    English anfd English only.

    This doesn't mean that we are against thamizh, there are quiete a
    few people in the grp. who cannot view the mails if typed in

    I request people to ignore the provoking mails by the people who
    insist on using thgamizh. Pls. dont get bothered.

    If there is a software which would not require any sort of
    download or installation, we can use that.

    If people are keen in writing in thamizh, they are welcome to
    write it and post it as a .gif file. However, dont send them as
    attachment. Upload them in the files section.

    This doesn't mean that even the occasional use of
    'trans-literated' thamizh is not accepted.

    Before I finish, sorry f this sounds harsh, if one particular
    member continously indulges in disrupting the harmony of the grp.,
    I as the moderator, will have to remove him from the group.

    I'm just hoping that such a thing will never happen.

    I hope the intended people got the message.


    p.s: I have never hated anything more than writing this mail. Pls.
    talk abt. the PS and Indian History. Ignore the spams(as rightly
    said by Sridhar).

    Ramachandran Mahadevan,
    Research Assistant,
    Washington State University,
    H-113,1920NE Terre View Dr,
  • Dear all...

    I agree with Ram and others here- we're here to discuss PS and related
    topics. And we agreed to do it in English since that would be the most
    uncomplicated, easy-to-access language we all know. In my opinion, this
    carries Thamizh and works in Thamizh to areas which we could not possibly
    take it to, if we discussed it only in Thamizh. By talking in English, we
    share it with people who love PS, but haven't been able to enjoy it in
    Thamizh (EX- translations, word of mouth, etc.)- so our boundaries are
    increasing, our reach is growing. Isn't that the real idea behind an egroup
    - communication?

    Personally, PS transcends languages:-)

    On with PS discussions!
  • I fully agree with Dr.Sridhar and Ram. We need to channelise our
    energies in productive discussions.
  • Hi all,
    Sridhar is right. Let's not get drawn into petty discussions about font and language. Let's just stick to PS and PS alone. Frankly I don't care in what language we are discussing as long as the discussion is about PS and only about PS.
    Hope the others get the point.
  • Dear Friends,

    I agree with Sridhar. Let us talk about PS.

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