Blending India's history with its futu APJ Abdul Kalam
  • I read this speech and bowed in the direction in which this great
    man lives.Had this man born before 3000 years he would have been
    hailed as a saint/prophet.See the patriotism and self confidence
    that flows from his heart.See how he blends India's history with its
  • Dear all
    its great to have such a wonderful president.
    but can he realy change the indian society and make it resemble the
    past glory?

    a social worker who comes to india in the 19th century says

    i found two pieces of ivory in the forest and felt heppy
    before i realised the elephant was attached to it

    its just like that
  • The answer of changing the society is there in Mr.Kalam's speech itself.
    He has mentioned "YOU" meaning only "WE" need to change.
  • A group of 5-6 people in our ex-company had taken vow not to throw away
    garbage waste paper on the roads, spit / urinate in the streets and we have
    been following that for quite a few years now. But it doesn't create much
    attention in my home. When I tell my sister / mother not to throw away a
    paper on the road, they simply don't budge. How do we educate such people??
  • One of the things I learned in my 7 years in US is that these things
    need to be taught from childhood. Since my son was born and brought
    up in US for 3 years, he understands now that he should be throwing
    things around in roads and should be putting it in trash cans and he
    follows that also. Its just a habit for him and probably he dont
    realize that he is doing a good thing. My only worry is that
    our 'education' should not make him lose this habit. So my
    suggestion is to teach the kids from a early stage and it will at
    least make sure that we bring up a generation that is different from
    the current one(and older ones) and eventually leads to a better
    India for all.

    Muthu Prakash R
  • our education was one of the excellent ... but all degradation started becoz of our unquestioning acceptance of a system brought out by "Lord macaulay"... thinkers in those era were so obsessed with western thoughts that they accepted whatever the british said...

    yes macaulay system had its own merits.. it helped in the spread of education.... but on the flip side we started losing our values....

    That is why Swami Vivekananda said.."Education must be man Making ".... So let us reinvent our education system....

    summa kurai sollikinu irukkaradhula no use...... kalathila irangi velai seiyyanum.....
  • In my opinion the parents must change first. Most of
    the parents are not aware that they should avoid
    polythene bags and should not excrete in public places
    or dump garbage on the roads.

    In Chennai, inbetween the Thiruvanmiyur signal and the
    IT expressway, you can see lots of children performing
    early morning duties ( ofcource all day ) on the road

    On one side we are laying express way. On the
    otherside, people dont know basic sanity.

    The question is who will tie the bell?
  • Yes, the way is very pathetic and the other one, from Thorapakkam to
    Vijayanagar, is sure to make anyone a asthma patient.

    How about ?

    Has anyone used it.

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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