Was AK Married
  • vanakkam,

    enakku ithu eppothume oru periya kelviyave irunthirukku. Roughly what
    wld have been AK's age when he died? Uththama and AK are more or less
    the same age. If Uththama was married, what abt AK?

    Given the role of marriage in those days, crown prince bachelor-a
    irunthiruppara enna?

    I read kadigai written by balakumaran. In that he shows something like
    AMV having a sort of premonition that AK is in danger. VD comforts AMV
    and asks him to be with his wife to soothe himself. If AMV was also
    married, then what about AK?

    I know am just raising questions based on two novels. Is there any
    info about this in any of the kalvettus/cheppedus?

  • Swetha,

    a request , pls don't bring "kadigai", "udayar" and all for a discussion point.its 100% waste, its has nothing to do.

    Kadai is a novel with 1% fact, i wasted my Rs.15/- while i purchased that.Even that time i called Balakumaran and asked for more details but after the 20 mins call( another waste) he told me that its novel pls don't take it seriously.

    if u have any other reference pls ...
  • dear shankaran,

    nijamaave andha novel ungalukku pudikkaliya illai neenga waste panna
    kaasu ungalai appadi pesa vaikkidhaa....

    Book cost - Rs. 15
    adhai kandu pudikkaradhu alainjadhu - Say Rs. 15
    adhai padikkardhukku neenga wste panna time (converted into rupee
    equivalent) - Say Rs. 100
    adhai padichittu neenga balakumaran kitta phone pesinadhu ( Say Rs.
    1.25 for each 3 mins) - Rs. 8.75
    pesinadhukku neenga panna energy selavu in rupee equivalent - Rs. 20
    adhai neenga inge type panna aana selavu ( incl ur energy spent,
    time spent, computer selavu, current selavu, bandwidth selavu) -
    Rs. Rs. 10

    so approx total selavu Rs. 168.75 (correc total pottirukkenaa?)

    plus idhara siru siru selavugal like padikkaradhukku neena use panna
    bulb depreciation, current bill, fan or a/c deprecition Rs. 51.25

    So roundaa Rs. Rs. 220 selavu pannirukkeenga
  • Apart from BK's and PS, nowhere it is mentioned that AK as a prince.
    He must have been a king, who ruled some regions of Chola desam in
    parallel with Sundara chozhar. The supporting evidence for this is, no
    place has both Sundara and AK's inscriptions together. And no prince
    had inscription and title like 'Veerapandiyan thalaikonda...' and

    Last weekend we saw some of the inscriptions of Parthibendran in
    Uthiramerur. So Parthibendran must have been the king for this piece
    of pallava desam.

    If anybody thinks otherwise, please let us know. We need to work on
    this. And we need to list all the places where AK's inscriptions are
    found and Sundara's are found. Then we can draw the map of AK's region.
  • Dear Kamal
    interesting but I thought Kalki mentions in the Chola tradition once you are crowned a prince you are a coregent and had the rights to insribe their own kalvettus and cheppadugal...
    It may be fiction but it is in one of the facts part of PS where he digresses and discusses things like thiruvalangadu and anbil cheppedukal
  • And also, there were few local chieftain, who were given authority to
    issue grants under thier name.

    Usally this also mentions sovereignty to the ruling king.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • No...
    AK was an eligible bachelor when he died.

    AMV was also not married at that time.


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