New Kalvettu in Thanjai
  • Krupa, Diwakar, Swetha,

    ennoda vayitherichala kotikave neenga mail anupareengalaa? inga
    maila padikkave neram illiyenu kavalai patundu eruken, neenga ennana
    century ellam padareenga...

    If you people are busy and inspite of that mailing, then hats off...
    vettiya erundhu vayitherichal for you....
    Just kidding (sollaratha ellam sollitu kezhandukkanumna edha vida
    nalla varthai ellai hehee...)

    Anyway, thats a fantastic volley and good circulation of mails. Good
    to see PS back in form after a gap...

    Coming to Serious matters...

    Today morning, in Jaya TV news, there was a news that a new Kalvettu
    has been found in Tanjai periya koil. Dr.Rajavelu gave an interview
    saying that the new inscription tells about some kazanchu pon given
    by vanavanmadevi to the temple.

    SPS, do you have any news regarding this from Dr.Rajavelu?
  • some people love what they do
    some people keep doing what they love

    personally to me, ponniyin selvan related matters are the latter
  • innaa vaathi,
    Sidhu maathiri kalakkuRE!!!
  • Dear SB Sir,

    I remember that "Pon meynda" was referred in Dr.Kudavayil Balasubramniam's book "Thanjavur".

    Further during our Jan'05 Vist , Dr.Rajavelu , shown us some inscription referring the same, but its still under confirmation , as we all discussed the same with our Dr.Kalaikovan.

    If we can get some more incription confirming that really good.

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