• vanakkam,

    intha thread-kkum PS-kkum entha thodarbum illai, I know am
    digressing. But, I don't think there is a better place to discuss

    Has anyone read the novel Vishnupuram by Jeyamohan. I read somewhere
    that it is one of the top ten novels every tamil should read. I got
    fooled by that and ventured...

    enakku mandai kainchu ponathu than michcham :-(

    I did not understand the concept behind this novel. Has anyone read
    this? IMHO, as I feel it is not human-understandable. People who
    have read it please share your thoughts about it.

    If you feel, the group is not the right place to discuss this,
    please reply to me and not this message.

  • Adappaavi Krupa,

    Nee "JJ Sila kurippugal " llam padichirukkiyaaa(naan padichadhillai)???? periya aalu dhaan po

    But coming to "Vishnupuram", i think Vishnupuram is one of the Best Tamizh Novels. Jayamohan is at his best in Vishnupuram.. Really Fantastic.. Try reading it ....u will find a different Narrative a different style of approach and different perspectives emerging as you pass through each page....

    Ellaam maayay.. ellaam maayay....
  • > Btw, why dont you try "JJ Sila Kurippugal"? ;-) dont miss. :-))
    > You will have a better idea of what does it mean by mandai kaanchu
    > poifying.

    nanum kelvipattirukkiren. JJ sila kurippugal, oru puliyamaraththin
    kathai, ithu ellam masterpieces-nu.

    ellorum ennamo contemporary literature, dalith ilakkiyam-nu vidha
    vidhama pesarangale namalum padippomenu than vishnupuram padichen :-)

    sari neengale recommend seiyareengale, 'JJ' padikkiren. Krupa, ennai
    pazhi vangidatheenga.

  • ithu enna baashaila pesikkittu irukkeeyE?
    oNNUm puriyalai?
    Aen Krupavum Bhaskarum ippadi selambuthiyE??

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