one change in ps - God Father
  • vanakkam,

    Amazingly true. Vijay Kumar super-ar correlate seithirukkeenga.

    The eldest in GF is Sonny, a hot-headed, rash person, the equivalent
    of our AK. And, VD is also there... Tom Hagen, Sonny's friend who
    becomes the Family consigliere.

    In PS, AMV says that he is not interested in ruling the land.
    Michael is the same in GF, who is forced to play a role as his
    father is ill and brother has been murdered. namma kathaiye than!

    enna ore kurai, PS-la namma ilaiya pirattiyar irukkaanga. GF-la
    antha role-kku oru self-centered Connie Corleone irukkum.

    SB sir opines that after AK's death, Sundarar should have made some
    agreements/adjustments with Sembiyanmadevi and Uththama, about the
    crown and the next ruler.

    konjam yosinga, this is not only for the sake of the throne but also
    for stability in the country and ultimately for AMV's safety.
    Remember that famous pact Don makes with the other mafia heads to
    bring Michael back to US. That famous speech 'I am a superstitious

  • Thinking of Sundara Chola as Don is a good joke. But I see the
    correlations but who is the middle son?.

    And a comparison between the cholas and the mafia. Now I have seen
    everything. What about casting a young Al Pacino as AMV?. And a young
    Michael Douglas as VD (in the lines of Jewel of the Nile)?

    Wild may be. But I would die easy with the thought that there is
    nothing in hell that will frighten me anymore...

    Muthu Prakash R
  • NEver did I proclaim that PS and GF are similar story lines.
    That's why I had mentioned them as synergies.

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