P S V P Inaguration :: Sunday the 24th July
  • Dear Sridhar,

    We are planning to meet in Luz / RA Puram Sangeetha - (we will
    finalise tmrw ) on 24.07.2005 Sunday - around 1430 hrs for a two hour
    meet under the auspicious of Dr. Kalaikkovan & Dr. Nalini.

    Kamal is leaving India for Japan for a couple of years. Dr.
    Kalikkovan written on this in varalaaru July issue.

    We will review what has been done so far and what is waiting ahead
    and how to plan.

    All the members are invited. ASI Dr. Rajavelu is likely to be a
    Special invitee.

    For details pls contact : 9444384461 sps / 9884201210 Kamal.

    Pavithra - Krupa - Swetha - Satish :: Kindly try to make it around
    1400 hrs. Will confirm venue tmrw.

    Anbudan / sps
  • vanakkam,

    PSVP Inuagral meet is tomorrow at 2.30 p.m. The venue is Hotel
    Sangeetha, Luz.

    All the members are invited.

  • Dear SPS
    that would be very nice...I wish you all the very best I am not promising anything but will try to speak to you all tomorrow
  • Friends

    Its was an interesting meet , I appriciate our SPS sir for his efforts and bring all of us together and to get some results for our History.

    Its bit sad to know that our Kamal is leaving india, but he can't leave history , as well said by Dr.Kalaikovan, history is in to our blood, where ever he is and what ever he do, sure he will be keep contributing to our history.

    All the Best Kamal.

    We PSVP will goahead on the said targets and sure we will get support from all, side, Dr.kalaikovan, ASI, and our Varalaaru team, Morethan , we have our "Periya Anna"
    to lead and direct us.

    Satish, looking forward a detailed write up on the trip.
  • Dear SPS
    you missed an overseas call because I poor person had to open a chest in the ward and was massaging someones heart
    Sorry it was a horrible on call

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