PSVP ;; 24th July
  • Dear Members,

    Re PSVP, Dr. Kalikkovan is being invited .. He is busy for next 2 / 3
    months.. Considering 24th July as of now.

    We are more likely to zero on this date 24.07.05 in Chennai between
    1430 - 1630 hrs.

    Likely to be presided by Dr. Kalaikkovan. Dr. Nalini and Dr.Arasu may
    give us some guidance.

    Solicit Dr.Sridhar & Committee's views on Ajenda for discussion.

    Venue is yet to be zeroed. Can be decided depending on prospective
    participation of members.

    Regards/ sps
  • Dear SPS
    24th July is fine but will 3 aug not be a better appropriate day?
    I personally feel that holding in Madras would be better because the whole idea of this pewravai is to create an awareness and get more and more people on the bandwagonof preserving our heritage.
    I totally agree with Kamals idea of holding it in Thiruseerapuram Trichy in Choal nadu but my humble opinion is the people involved have the heritage in their heart and soul we need to attract people out there and thatll only happen in Madras...

    I personally would also be keen to hold the first diet of the History and Heritage Quiz... in Madras.... or launch it...

    Explore Sun TV about having a special Neengal ketaa paaadal in Big temple or thanjai with emphasis on the historic sites

    Agenda Should include
    the basic intentions
    membership subscription
    annual meetings and regional meetings
    release of varalaaru malar
    public awareness of PS group , Varalaru more so with youngsters top create an awreness


  • Good things shouldn't wait for anybody. I will miss
  • SPS Sir,
    Could you please let me know the venue of this inaguration function.
    I am on leave on Thursday and Friday; so can't check mails.
    So please SMS me the venue. This is my 0-93422-53840.

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