thiruvidanthai and rr
  • temple must definitely be more ancient than rr if it had a
    but i remember seeing the asi's edict outside telling the visitors that
    the stone temple was built by rr( i could be mistaken)

    i always wondered what a vaishnava temple was doing so far away from
    the rest.

    start from kadal mallai( mamallapuram) go to thiruvidanthai. then move
    west cross the buckingam canal. reach singaperumal koil. take the route
    opposite , reach sriperumbudur orkanchi. so it was plum on the
    vaishnavaite route.
  • vaNakkam,

    Sorry a typo.

    "The village itself was given as a grant to the temple by Vijayalaya
    Chozha in his 3rd year of rule - 852 A.D."

    Am not very sure abt this though. I came across this somewhere in the
    net. Planning to visit this temple. Will confirm the details

  • Vijayalaya Chozha in 1052 A.D. I thought he lived some 100 yeas before RR.
    Or is this another Vijayalaya chozha??

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