The PS-Drama Team Meet :: 07.07 THURSDAY
  • Dear all...

    I echo Sps's words about the meet with Writer Vikraman (it was a
    highly enjoyable two or so odd hours)..the sumptuous dinner...and
    the marvelous two hours that came next, with the team that
    originally organized and executed the dramatisation of 'Ponniyin
    Selvan nearly 6 years ago, in August 1999. (My God, its been so

    I must also thank Mrs. Seethalakshmi for being such an enthusiastic
    member, and for making this great meet possible. Thanks, ma'am! :-)

    I go straight to the PS drama speech, because SB-sir has explained
    the earlier hours of the meet in detail himself. :)

    Talking with Mr. Kumaravel (with his remarkable flair for language,
    and his very real love for theatre...and Ponniyin Selvan) was a joy.
    Dressed casually in khaki, he sat down cross-legged on the floor
    with us, and launched into his story of how he was first introduced
    to PS (he read it when he was in his eight standard, I think he
    said, and he was so interested that he couldn't put the book down -
    much the same experience we all went through, I think :-) - and
    then, years later, went ahead with his ideas. He's such a magnetic

    There was Mr. Reuben, who was responsible for the script-writing,
    and then Mr. Jayakumar - the hero of our favourite epic, and the
    person who played 'Vallavarayan Vandhiyadevan' in the drama. (And I
    must say here that he played it with great verve and flamboyance - I
    still remember the brilliance with which he brought to life our VD's
    enthusiasm and lightness of heart to stage - it was a bravura
    performance. I even managed to ask him - the other members of the
    meet might remember this - about him handing an alli flower to
    Kundhavai, during the drama - that was an extemporized act, and had
    the audience in splits. :-)).

    We listened to him talk about casting the right actors to do the job
    well - about Pazhuvettarayar with his flaming moustache (someone
    suggested painting 'Pazhuvettarayar' green!) - and the way Mr.
    Kumaravel described his attempts to actually compress a huge five-
    volume epic into four hours of drama was humorous - we were laughing
    most of the time. :-). There was his account of him trying to find
    the perfect cast for Nandhini, and then about how he wanted to
    portray Chinna Pazhuvettarayar's aggressive personality (apparently,
    the actor who played Chinna Pazhuvettarayar took to slapping some
    odd person on each day's show, to demonstrate his ruthlessness - and
    no one knew who was going to be slapped, so their surprise was
    genuine! ). And then the sword-fight between VD and Arulmozhi ,
    which was done with real swords and had sparks flowing all over the

    Incidentally, Poonghuzhali served us dinner (Mr. Kumaravel's wife,
    who played that part in the drama). Yep, this was a historic dinner,

    And about Nasser, who played Adhitha Karikalan, and who always came
    to the show straight from the shooting, and so had to rehearse in
    the two hours before his entrance to the stage...

    Kamala Haasan, who, after the play was over, congratulated each
    member of the team, asking - "Mylapore maami ellaam vanthu
    paarthaangalaa? Kaiyila book-oda vari variyaa kavanichiruppaangale?"

    Our beloved Chembian Maadevi (Mr. Kumaravel's mother, and whom we
    also met during the dinner), who described her own experiences of
    playing that lady, and about the drama lessons she was

    ...and best of all, we saw a few minutes of a taped version of PS...
    (Mr. KV said that we were the first people to watch it in nearly 6
    years). And discussed about how to bring back this magnificent
    production to the people. So much work has gone into it, after all.

    When we left finally, at 11 PM, (we couldn't wrench ourselves from
    this great cast), I couldn't resist saying 'Vidai perugirOm,
    VandhiyathEvare', to Mr. Jayakumar, who played the part. [I've been
    wanting say that ever since I saw the drama. {grin}. And to meet the
    cast in person. So this was kind of a God-send.]

    I'm hoping we'll be able to see the play again. Really soon.
  • Dear SPS sir,

    A humble request: Can we plan for some "Guided tour" to places of
    historical/aricheolgical places (atleast to nearer places like

    My intention is to go such places, spend some time with
    knowledged people explaining the importance/techincal factors
    and hence worthy for the new people to share/gain their knowledge..

    Any suggestions?(many of us feeling sorry for missing the
    mudal yathirai..)

    With regards,
  • In [email protected], "Sivapathasekaran"
  • Is there a guided tour on 24th July along with the meeting with Dr.
    kalaikkovan and Dr. Nalini??
    I would like to join.
    Please let me know the place.
  • Please let me know the place & time from where the guided tour is starting.
    I would like to join.
  • Hi,

    If tour is on Saturday's or Sunday, I am also want to join with
    u..please guide me in this.

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