vikraman and the copyright
  • dear members
    must have been enlightening to talk to the creator of nanthipuraththu
    nayagi. the first sequel to ps.
    but i have often listened to a rumour in literary circles.
    when the news leaked out that vikraman was writing a sequel, sadasivam
    of kalki magazine husband of ms.subalakshmi threatened to invoke the
    copyright act if he used nanthini, oru puungkuzali or senthan amuthan
    charecter, all three of which were the creations of kalki.
    vikraman agreed and calls nanthini thalaivi if i remember correctly,
    and totally eliminates senthan and pungkuzali from his book. instead he
    goes back to history and retains mathuranthakan as uthamasozan and
    pazuvettaraiyars daughter as his wife.
    next time any body meets vikraman please confirm this with him.
  • But he created a useless character called Inbavalli and gave too much
    importance to it.
    He creates an impression as if Vaanathi and Inbavalli are jealous of
    each other.
    He creates too many small characters like the 'Oviyan', one periyavar,
    whom I thought to be the son of the king, who dies in the sea (if my
    memory is correct) and leaves a lot of loose ends in the novel.
    Initially he creates an impression as if the son of Uthamachozhan and
    Periya Pazhuvettarayar's daughter are attracted towards each other. But
    suddenly it takes a new twist and Arumozhi marries her.
    Nothing is said about Amara bujangan who goes to Cheranaadu and meets
    the Chera Princess and that is left like that.

    The novel is named after Kunthavai. But the scenes involving Kunthavai
    and V'Thevan are not narrated properly. I made a frantic search for this
    novel last year. I Had to convince my cousin to travel from Ambattur to
    Mambalam to go to VIkraman's house and get the novel. After so much of
    effort the novel was worth to be missed.

    After that I decided not to read any of Vikraman's novels. Sorry if I
    have hurt any of Vikraman's fans. This is my personal opinion.
  • Even I have a similar opinion about Vikraman, after reading his novel
    about Rajendra's construction of GKC in "Gangapuri Kaavalan".

    I've not read Nandhipurathu Nayaki. After reading PS, I wanted to read
    something abt Rajendra and found this book in the library with 2 big
    volumes and an attracting preface. I read just half of the first
    volume and really got pissed off by the way he had characterized Rj
    and his wives.

    Also, the story says that the whole credit of constructing a GKC
    temple and the city goes to a mistress/6th wife of Rj called
    "Veeramadevi" with the help of a sirpi. It had lot of loop holes left
    and Karuvurar will be the god-father for RJ, he will do lot of "sithu
    vilayattu", RJ's second son(not Rajathirajan) will fall in love with
    "Veermadevi" inspite of knowing that she being his father's mistress
    and many more such absurd imaginations....

    It's a "YUCK" novel...I was wondering how he was awarded with
    "Kalamamani" title after reading that novel. That's why I didn't show
    much interest when the Vikraman's meet was planned and discussions
    went on. I had stopped reading his novels after that.

    Again, this is my personal opinion and ponder my sincere apologies if
    I had hurt anyone.
  • Dear Suganya
    if you want to read about Rajendra one good book is Vengaiyin Mainthan Its set during the times of Rajendra's Ilam conquest and bringing back the Rathina Haraam and manimudi of the panyas...his ganga campaign building the GKC temple and ends with his start of kadaram campaign....
    Akilan got the sahithya academy award for it
  • Dear Sri,

    I'm actually longing to read "Vengaiyin Maindan" for the past couple
    of years.

    It so happened that every time whenever I go around Triplicane
    bookshops, Higginbothams or Book festival in Quaide-Millet College I
    will get several books apart from this bad luck :-( Most of
    the will be out of stock....

    I will read it soon and let me put forward my comments... :-)

    BTW, is there any novel narrating about Rajendra's Kadaram expeditions
    ? I just want to read a good novel on Rajendra's Kadaram campaign.

    I'm most interested in descriptive text (which many of them hate !!)
    so that I will imagine how he would've moved the fleet of ships in the
    Bay on Bengal and reached Kadaram !!
  • Hi,

    I found Vengaiyin Maindan at Search for Akilan in the
    site and you will get the books.
  • Thanks SivaKumar for the link.

    I will buy the book thru this site.


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