Thiruvasagam in symphony - Maestro Illayaraja
  • This is a wonderful news.

  • I am waiting for Divyaprabhandam in Symphony.
    If Illayaraja does not do anything within an year atleast
    we should start somewhere.
  • Anyone has heard this Oratorio ? It is an excellent
    master piece. I listened it a couple of times. I'm
    sure this music will live past current generations.

    BTW, You need a proper music system to enjoy this
  • vanakkam,

    It is simply superb. No words to explain the greatness of it. I had
    goose bumps and was close to tears esp during the rendition
    of 'thalaivan thale'.

    As the adage goes... 'thiruvAsagaththukku urugAr oru vAsagaththukkum


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