Historical Sites :: Points to Ponder - 2
  • Dear SPS
    Those were well thought about suggestions and I understand you would have spent considerable time pondering about your responses.

    Its easy to dream as I am a dreamer but reality is what matters because thats were we need experts and stalwarts in the field like you

    I shall store these in the files section
  • Its my humble opinion that the preident should be in India
  • ====================================================
    We will have a President / Secretary / Treasurer / Two
    Secretaries .. Since the Regn is possible in Chennai,
    we may need
    Tamilnadu based members .. One year tenure to start
    with .. Simple
    terms of Association..
    Personally I prefer to be the co-ordinator.
    Can furnish names through private e-mails also.
    My suggestions : Pavithra - Secretary. Among
    Venkatesan K, Satish -
    Sankaran - Vijay - Swetha - Suganya and other
    Tamilnadu / Bangalore
    based members :: Treasurer / Jt.Secs.
    WHY THESE NAMES ? WHY NOT OTHERS ? Most welcome..
    I just tossed to have a beginning..

    3. We will form aim / activities etc .,

    Yes. Yes

    4. After formulation can we present them to the
    Secretary / State
    Archlgy, ASI offices and offer help wherever needed ..


    4. A small delegation can meet the Crown Prince
    Rajasahib Bhonsle of
    the Thnajai Aranmanai and offer support .. We can
    enrol ourselves so
    that we are officially notified all the
    History-related activities..

    5. We can workout some affliation with the History
    Departments of
    Tamilnadu Universities - Thanjai Tamil University,
    Madras etc. for authentic History works..

    Yes we should

    6. Membership card with photo / Enrolement Fees (if
    any) / methods
    etc., If fee is prescribed, membership to this Forum
    may be optional

    Absolutely essential - membership fee and renewal
    charges / enrolment fee etc.

    7. Workout Scheme for "AUTHORISED GUIDES" - Should we
    conduct or
    should we undergo training for Guides?!

    Volunteers from the group can be given training.
  • Dear SPS,

    Some really wonderful suggestions. One of the things I noticed is that
    travel brochures/information brochures in India are really lacklustre and
    frankly quite unappetising. Perhaps we can also take the task of creating
    information brochures for all Ponniyin Selvan related places initially? I
    would be happy to help out with that effort.
  • Dear Members,
    Wonderful ideas,

    > 1. Name of the Forum :: Ponniyinselvan readers forum
    > (or) South Indian Cultural
    > Forum
    > 2. Corum :: SECRETARY
    > JT.SECs

    Celebration of Iiypasi Sathayam at different places
    -this should be an important and foremost event.

    Let us have more ideas.
  • Dear SPS sir

    I suggest lets us have meet , which will help us to define things much better.

    Any more suggestions plssss
  • Dear SPS
    you have every right to make all these suggestions and actions
    I have no problems with that
  • I prefer the first but heart of hearts would prefer Tamil Cultural Forum that SICF
  • Where is the meeting on July 7th..?At Chennai?

    With regards,
  • Dear SPS
    Ponniyin Selvan Varalattru Peravai sounds great!!
    Having thought about it for over a week I realised what a honour you were trying to bestow on me by putting my Name for President...I dont know if I deserve it but if That is the wish of everyone I wholehaertedly will take up the responsibility
  • Dear SPS
    Is this the same Vikraman of Vandhiyadevananin Vaal and nandhipura Nayaki??
    Keep us posteda s to the outcome

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