June Issue has been released
  • Hi all

    Please view the latest issue of and share your
  • Continued great work by the scholars.

    I wish the 25th issue ( and subsequent issues) comes
    in print!
  • Hi Mr. Sps,
    Please do organise this seminaar in the weekend of Aug 15th. It is a long
    I would like to attend at least this seminar. I have missed quite a few in
    the past.
  • This is great! I didnt know that we are nearing the
    first anniversary. In that case, the first
    anniversary issue can be in a printed form with
    limited circulation. We can make it interesting with
    some commentary / reprint of old articles / articles
    from scholars like Iravadham Mahadevan.
  • Dear VK

    Very good idea.

    Can somebody with contacts in press help to do a basic feasibility
    study in terms of costs and how the printed copies can be
    circulated ? Probably we can make it as a book so that it has longer
    shelf life

    We need to think of sponsorships as well

    Pl share your thoughts
  • Dear Gokul,

    I myself dont have contacts with the press, but I can
    sponsor some money from my pocket for this cause.
  • > For instance, we take a quote for current e-issue of varalaaru. Shall
    > post the details within 3 - 4 days.
    > anbudan / sps

    Dear SB

    It's a very good idea. We should work out the cost we as well as how to
    distribute / sell the copies.

    Sekar pathippagam is a good starting point. We need to be clear whether
    it is going to be in a book form or a malar form

    Let us see what we can do

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