SG's articles in Indian Express
  • Dear all,

    Series of articles by Shekhar Gupta on the health of
    our heritage including Meenakshi Temple is
    thought-provoking. Let us hope that ASI and Govt. of
    India and the respective Local government bodies wake
    up and start taking care. More than the govt.
    officials, the local people are to be educated.

    A visit to Meenakshi temple fills us with devotion
    first and foremost and hence we tend to overlook the
    things that catches the eyes of Shekhar Gupta. But
    what he says is absolutely right. How can we let
    people drill nails on statues and paint the stones
    with dirty colours and let the mandapams used as
    shopping malls??

    As a student of Fatima college, Madurai, we had
    cleaned Tirumalai Nayakar mahal and its surroundings.
    The whole area had huge shrubs and small trees. 50 of
    us worked for 3 sundays and cleared the whole site and
    made it spic and span. This happened in 1979.

    I wonder whether the colleges that mushroom these days
    in all parts of Madurai care to send their students on
    such activites! If so, ASI need not even employ people
    to clean up the heritage sites.

    I hope there are a few college professors in this
    forum who can take up simple cleaning activities with
    the help of first and second year students and keep
    Tamilnadu's heritage sites clean and cared for.

    With warm regards,
  • I also agree with Ms.Uma.

    Students should be involved in this type of work.
    They should take care of temples nearby.

    I also feel that nobody should be allowed to build new
    temples. Instead of this, they can take any old temple
    they want and they have to take care of this fully.

    what is the point in building temples in each new
    colony involving lakhs of rupees and leaving our old
    temples even without a little lamp?

    Moreover, devotees like us visiting the temple should
    keep the temple clean.

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