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  • Few information on Malik Kafur..

    Malik Kafur was not a noble Muslim, as stated in the article, but he was a Hindu slave purchased by Alauddin Khalji for 1000 Dinar. He was a Eunuch. As conventional Hinduism was riddled with caste system and untouchability practiced by upper caste Hindus against lower castes, Malik Kafur as lower caste Hindu had hatred for upper caste Hindus. After becoming slave of Alauddin Khalji, he embraced Islam and became Alauddin��s trusted lieutenant. As he had experienced ill treatment meted out to him as lower caste Hindu, he made it a point to destroy temples and to break idols in to pieces to hit Hindus directly on their trust in idol worshipping and sanctity of temples.

    In 1312 AD, Malik Kafur invaded Devagiri in Deccan for the second time and captured two beautiful daughters of King Ramadeva. Malik Kafur sent those two young ladies to Alauddin Khalji in Delhi along with other loots. Alauddin, who had natural weakness for beautiful ladies irrespective of their marital status, invited them to join his royal harem with all dignity. The elder girl replied that both of them were not fit for emperor as Malik Kafur had already enjoyed them. In anger Alauddin forgot that Malik Kafur was a Eunuch and can not enjoy girls normally.

    He ordered immediate arrest of Malik Kafur and to send him to Delhi after packing in sack made of green cow skin. Alanddin knew that in fortnight journey from Devagiri to Delhi, cow skin would shrink gradually in hot and humid climate killing Malik Kafur by suffocating slowly. After a fortnight the cow skin sack containing Malik Kafur��s dead body reached Alauddin. Alauddin opened the sack in presence of those two ladies. On seeing the dead body, one of the girls told that emperor should have checked genuineness of their allegation before giving the order.

    Alauddin became bewilder in rage and asked why they made false allegation against Malik Kafur. They replied that they wanted to take revenge on Malik Kafur who had destroyed their country. If this story is true, how Malik Kafur could be alive and taken part in power struggle subsequent to death of Alauddin Khalji? Sanjoy Ghose, Kolkata.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Dear Friends,

    Sorry I coudn't join in discusssion's for sometime , due to office assignments

    Coming to this discussion, to my knowledge Malik Kafur didn't die b4 Alauddin Khalji, In fact Malik Kafur killed Alauddin Khalji in old age, and he made Alauddin's Last son , ( a baby) as kings and but thats didn't went for longtime, Alauddin's Elder Son, escaped from Jail and killed Malik Kafur .

    Pls refer - Madan's "Vanthargal Vendralgal"

    Further, i have read that the below mentioned was happend to Mohammed Kasim.

  • It did not happen to Mohammed bin quasim either.Actually mohammed bin
    quasim captured two daughters of the king of sind and sent them to the
    persian king.Nothing more was heard about them.But the persian king
    was unhappy about mohammed bin quasim later and killed him cruelly.The
    king either suspected rebellion or was unhappy about an invasion.

    Malikgaffur belonged to madyapradesh.He was a hindu by birth.He was
    responsible for death of alladin gilji and blinded the child of
    alladin gilji.But he was also cruelly killed by loyal soldiers of
    alladin gilji.

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