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  • Dear Sathya, Pavithra, Lavanya, Kamalakannan and Viji,
    My husband and I are overwhelmed by your coming to our house and
    appreciating my efforts at making Kalki's characters of his immortal epic
    "Ponniyin Selvan" as "lifelike companions". I have tried to make them as I
    imagined Kalki's depiction to be. I am very glad that you could come
    yesterday. For others who did not or could not come, I am attaching a few
    more pictures. These are just some "starters" to whet their appetites for
    more! Hope this will act as an inducement to others too to come and have a
    Sathya, thanks for your laudatory email and the photos you took. Thank you
    Kamal, for offering to take a video of the dolls and you too Pavithra for
    suggesting making background scenes for the epic. With Lavanya's
    administrative abilities we should be able to make a presentation to the TN
    Govt; and along with your photos shake them up to do something about
    preserving our heritage.
    Thanks again.
    Best wishes from Chitkala.
  • Dear Chitkala Madam & Sir,
    It was a pleasure for all of us yesterday. We all felt very happy after seeing all your lifelike companions. After coming back home, I explained about your dolls to my sister Anuradha and she felt sad that she had missed such an excellent oppurtuinity. We definitely will visit you again and as you told, we who are interested in learning the art would come together, so that you can give a demo to us. I am very much interested in learning the art.
    I was thinking about the dolls you had made. It is so sad that not many people appreciate those art forms nowadays. We need to definitely change the trend. I am sure after seeing those pictures of your dolls, people would start pouring into your home, to get a glimpse of those beautiful dolls.
  • Dear All,

    I joined the group a month back and have been
    following all your activites though i have never
    responded to amy discussion. I would like to say that
    the image of the dolls made by chitrakal madam are
    really life-like. though i couldn't join u people when
    u all went to kalki office and to visit the creation
    of chitrakal madam, i would like to know if i could
    visit her at her convinience.
  • To Malini,
    You are most welcome to my house at 50, Defence Officers Colony,
    Chennai 600032. Please give me a call at 22345106 to fix a date and
    time when I am certain to be home. Defence Colony is behind
    Ekkatuthangal and is approached from 100 ft rd via kalaimagal Nagar.
    I can give you directions when you call up.
    Thanks for your appreciation of the dolls. Look forward to
    meeting you.
    Best wishes, Chitkala.

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