U'r ideas pls
  • anaivarukum vannakam,

    i am sridevi from M.O.P.Vaishnav College, chennai. this group has
    been a driving force for me to know more about chola dynesty and
    also through the members of this group i came to know many real and
    ammazing incidents that happened in the chola dynesty.

    Now my college have decided to make a program abt PS in our college
    FM. i request u all to send me u'r ideas of how to go abt the
    program and on what all we can discuss.

    i personally feel that many youngsters who know to read tamil r
    missing to read tamil novels, that is why we wanna promote reading
    tamil. so i thought ,that discussion on PS will give a right start
    bcos that is how i started shifting from english to tamil reading.

    even if u have any other ideas pls send me. i will put forth to my
    head to execute it.

    pls send u'r reply as soon as possible so that we can start the
  • Dear Sridevi


    I read about the college FMs in the press and felt MMM what good is this going to do

    I really feel proud that our youngsters are interested....

    A few thoughts.....

    1.We were discussing about having a history and heritage Quiz.....

    It might be a very good idea to do it at your college level and see the response

    2.May be give them a breifing about all the good Historic novels availableto kindle an interestin the tamil history( I can help you with those...just a critical review of the novel with a bit of historic background)

    3 For the intitiated then debates like who was a greater historic writer and so on

    4. Actual historic topics itself on the lines of varalaru

    5. If you have a big PS following then you can go into opinions and discussions like what we have done in the past in our group
  • hai sir,

    thanx you sir for u'r sugessions. as a first step towards it i have decided to give a briefing abt PS and PS group in our FM. i have recieved many ideas from our group and we r discussing abt executing it in May.

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