Its not Moderator but a Human being
  • Dear Satish,
    Civility and Nobleness are individual qualities....
    I stopped argueing and commenting because I knew I was hitting my head against a brick wall I didnt want to hurt myself...

    You can think of me as any state's Governer you fancy But I think an apology is inorder for a statement like that...

    What you believe in is your birth right and mine !!
    Like kamal said lets agree to disagree...But dragging families may be permitted in other groups but not in this group

    I have cited a conersation in a different group earlier and warned that we shouldnt get to that state....

    As far all the Christian and Muslim and Other members of this group I really admire them for their silence and resilience....

    I remember a member stating That but for Periyar and Dravida Iyakkam he would not be chatting in the internet with all the education he has.....I dont Know if he's still a member....

    Misqouting someone who created the word Harijan Children of God and statting he practices Untouchability and Casteism I am not argueing....

    Bringing family and personal insults is like cheap political gimmicks!!!

    I thank Veena for showing a sensible restraint!!!

    I am happy that all this mudslinging has brought out queit a lot of our members to counter and advice rightly to stop this silly banter

    I am chasing an answer to Where does the Religious Fanaticism stop....

    I ll cite an example from PS In the days of Saivite Vaishnavite Potti....There was a Vaishnavite who was going next to Thiruvanaikaval temple and a crow pushed a bit of rock from the stone on the Vaishnavar who started to bleed>>>>
    His response was Srirangathu Veeravaishnava Kaakaiye intha Sivan koyilai nandraga odithu Thallu.....
    Thats where religious fanaticism will stop!!!

    I would be sorry to loose a good member and a intense active knowledgable person but Satish personal insults do not figure in this group.....

    We have lost lots of active members due to these sort of badgering.....I think its the groups loss for one individuals belief and pedanticity

    I would be grateful if you could show some civilty and retract your statement to Veena....

    I did not censure when Priya went on about eating beef>...I did not censure when some of us were being quoted as religious illeterate....

    But dragging someone's mother in a stupid arguement is something I will not permitt as a Hindu I dont know what you ..

    If you choose not apologise then I am resigning as a moderator or may be even leave this group!!!

    I am sorry but you guys have forced me to do this
  • Sridhar,

    My two cents: I think in any group, esp in an online one, people tend
    to get carried away, get more than a little emotional and start
    taking things personally. I do agree with you that sometimes, it
    crosses limits and gets into dangerous territory but please do not
    think about resigning as moderator/or from the group as a result of
    silly rantings from any of us. Its not worth it!
  • Friends,

    A serious discussion went on religion and finally it came to an end
    with various twists and turns with bad feelings,hurt hearts and
    emotional sparks flying abound.Many group members who werent posting
    for a long time asked this debate to be ended.Many felt this debate
    to be bad,political and something which is avoidable,taboo and so on.

    Anyway earlier I said that I gave my last word on this and I stick
    to it.I am not gonna add fuel to the fire,but I see some of my
    friends feeling very bad about this issue-Dr.Sridhar,Veena and many
    others who requested this debate to end.

    My words to Dr.Sridhar is "Dont feel bad.You are an invaluble member
    to this group.So dont talk about resigning and staying away.We all
    are brothers and misunderstnading is common in a family."

    My words to Veena is "I find your opinions rational and thoughtful
    and you debated in a very civilized manner.If you were hurt for any
    reasons, well dont,be cool-I know you will stay cool.In passionate
    debates which challenge the fundamental faith of a person-sparks
    will fly.You debated well."

    My words to other members who were fed up with this religious stuff
    and feel that it was useless,divisive,vithupertaive,vitriolic (I'm
    running out of adjectives) is as follows.

    This debate will not leave you.It will chase you in
    elections,media,friends circle,tea shop benches etc.Today our
    country- if not the world is divided on this right Vs. Left
    debate.This debate catapulted Bush to the throne for a second
    time,put ali-sistani in throne in iraq,threatens palestinians and
    israelis,divides india into NDA VS UPA,decides the future of many
    major industrial giants(chik-fil-A,EXXON-MOBIL) makes hollowood fill
    its coffers (passion of christ) threatens scientists( creationism vs
    evolution),divides judiciary(10 commandments in courts debate)and
    decides best seller of the year(davinci code)

    So no hard feelings,be happy and cool
  • Note: I always correct typos after I publish...

    Introspection? Do we have to introspect when it comes to observing
    etiqutettes? If the objective of this group is to share a passion of
    history and heritage and NOT to be biased to or influenced by any
    idealogy, arent we supposed to observe a few ground rules? And there
    has to be no pleading or negotiating in observing ground rules.

    I have seen this trend repeatedly in groups involving Indians. They
    carry more passion than substance, and even the few articles that hint
    substance is seldom supported by cogent evidence or analysis. Our
    enthusiasm is disproportionately large compared to the hard work we
    put in to seek truth. I can blame this to an overdose of convent
    education, too much time at the PCs without the interest to do the
    research, lack of proper academic training as we continue to be bad
    amateurs and a tendency to succumb to idealogues.

    One other ominous trend is you will always see a dude trying to take
    every discussion on any topic to hindu persecution and hindutva
    renaissance. He will always be angry with Alauddin Khilji for
    desecrating Madurai temple and will not forgive him in a million
    years. This fellow is also bleached with a falsification of his
    religion and misplaced nationalism and is emotionally misinterprets
    history and refuses to see both sides of the coin. He
    turns the discussion into a monologue, fails to listen and if you
    try to talk sense into him, gets vitriolic. Maybe
    people like him existed since Dayanand Saraswati, but they have become
    bold and ubiquitous with the advent of internet.

    I'd suggest that the moderator(s) inspects every mail before they get
    published here and keep the discussions focused, objective, and
    encourage people who share or seek knowledge.

    - Santh.
  • Dear Dr Swaminathan
    Welcome back...Hope things are well in sudarshanam and the cultural atlas is going on well...
    Thanks Sampath..for a kind mail

    We all have our opinions and it will be discussed I didnt object it to be discussed here but with civility is what I said
  • Dear Santhana Gopalakrishnan
    that was a very true

    I'd suggest that the moderator(s) inspects every mail before they get published here and keep the discussions focused, objective, and
    encourage people who share or seek knowledge.

    Unfortunately thats not practical due to time constraints If I had hours in a day....Yes I will do it
  • dear mr.sps sir
    a small change it is amarathara by anandhi and kalki
  • > Dear SPS

    Thank you once again for the pearls of wisdom as always.
    > Re Touching by the Great Personalities :
    > i) Yogi Ramsurat Kumar - passed away with some sickness.
    > ii) Ramana Maharishi - .. do ..
    > iii) Mahaswami ... do ..
    May the great souls rest in peace

    > Ram - was perfectly right. Interesting other topics would have got
    lost in > the cross fire. We have so much to share in the Group.
    I can list what all wew have lost in this cross fire or maybe I
    should call it freindly fire!!!!

    The timeline of Kadaram and ganagi conquests of Rajendra
    The beautiful shoreline archeology which mR Kasirajan had provided
    The dress habits of Chola Queens

    > We can light a lamp in her memory .. May be Two : One for Kalki and
    one for Ananthi.
    I totally agree

    > Best wishes and Warm regards,

  • Dear Dr Sridhar
    I am sorry to inform that i have wound up Sudharsanam and the Cultural Atlkas is yet to take of; both happened (or not happened) because the public don't consider that these are important, perhaps.
    with best wishes to our young friends
  • Santh,

    For the most part, I am on the same side of the fence as you are here
    but there are a couple of places where I think you succumb to some
    generalization. Couldn't resist bringing that up.

    First of all, this is an open forum. Whether the moderator has the
    time to read every mail before posting is besides the point. I, for
    one, do not think that the moderator(whoever he is) should monitor
    posts before publishing them. The idea of free speech/expression is
    something that this 'open' forum guarantees all of us and I agree
    with you abt observing etiquettes but reading/curbing posts is
    definitely not my idea of enforcing it. In ACLU terms, I'd call it a
    First Amendment Violation :)

    I also think you are generalizing when you say that you see this
    trend is groups mostly involving Indians. As someone who belongs to
    quite a few Indian / S Asian / world literature / culture groups, my
    experience has not been quite the same. There are 'over-enthusiastic'
    people in every group and then there are some who provide well-
    thought of analyses, regardless of whatever culture they belong to.

    Even if we assume for a moment that you are right abt this, how can
    you attribute it to an overdose of convent education and a lack of
    academic training? When did convent education had anything to do with
    whether a person can think logically or not? (Other than the obvious
    religious part of it ofcourse!)

    Again, my intention is not to start another argument here. As I said,
    I am completely with you in the need for observing etiquette and/or
    providing cogent analyses but couldn't help thinking that you are
    generalizing a bit too much.

  • Sampath,

    Thanks much for your concern and kind words. But no, my feelings def
    weren't hurt by anything that happened in this forum. If we all start
    feeling bad listening to everyone who walks the streets(of the
    Internet or otherwise), we will never get anything productive done!

    You are so right in that this debate will go on everywhere. As far as
    mankind exists there will always be conservatives and liberals and
    there is really no way to get out of it.

    Thanks again!
  • Dear All
    Those of you who have been here loong enough will sigh and say there
    he goes again...

    When replying could you please delete the previous mail unless you
    want to answer to certain bits...

    A SPS style or Priya style...

    Second If you are changing the topic then please change the subject
    as well so that archiving is easy
  • Dear Krupa
    I am heartened by your concern of closing down Sudharsanam.
    I am keeping the Please visit the site and offer suggestions.

    I am on a six-month visit to the US. I am staying in the Bay Area. (If there are PS mmebers in the Bay area i would be delighted to meet them.)

    Here I have given a lecture on the Story of Scripts. The programme was arranged by the Bay Area Tami Manram. They are proposing to arrange series to cover the following topics.
    1. Ajanta Paintings - An Overview (A slide-show)
    2. On A Project Proposal for Preserving the Paintings of Sittannavasal and the Jains Contribution to Tamil Culture.
    3. Tamil Isai and Karantic Music: A lecture demonstration with participation of my wife
    4. Oral Traditions of India and Sanskrit: A lecture demonstration with participation of my wife
    5. An Introduction to Ancient Tamil Literature with Selections from Kurunthokai and Tirukkural
    6. On the special features of Tamil poetical strcture (Yappu)

    I will also be devotong an evening to explain the content of the recently publishes book by Iravatham Mahadevan on the Tamil-Brahmi and Early Vattezhuttu.

    The Tamil Manram is also finding our idea of Cultural Atlas of Tamilnadu interesting. May be we can revive and work on it.

    May I request the new members to to visit and also details aabout me in

    I would be delighted to receive mails directly.

    Greeting to all of you.

  • Dear Sri,

    I didnt check my mails for the past few days and did only now. Was
    really shocked. I think the very next statement in my mail was an
    open apology, not once but twice. If thats not enough, I dont have
    any reservations to ask for an open apology.

    Veena and others, if I have crossed my limts, kodanu kodi
    namaskarangaludan, en mannaipai kettu kolkiren.


    I appreciate you as a moderator. My character is, I never feel bad to
    accept the mistakes and never feel bad to protest for what is wrong.
    When something goes wrong, I am the first to protest. As in this
    case, this nature of mine has earned me only wrong name right from my
    shcool days, but i never regreted that. Incidently, I am reading
    vivekandas karma yoga and I fell very happy to read that its a humans
    duty to fight against the adharma. So I never leave a chance to fight
    when something goes wrong. If thats not acceptable to others, I dont
    feel bad to apologies, like I have did now.

    But I assure you I am not a coward to run away from such incidents.
    If you push me out, thats your right to do so. I am not going to
    loose anything.

    Anyway, once again my heartfelt apologies to one and all.

    PS: again I have not read any other mails further and thought will
    reply this immediately. If any mails had followed on the same thread,
    I like to say that this mail stands as a reply to those mails also.
  • Dear Satish
    Thank you You responded like a true gentleman as I expected you would
    Thank you

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