Doubt about Vedas- Sanskrit not having script at that time
  • I am one of the earlier member of this group and was
    participating earlier in the discussions when it was
    more PS related. But I am amazed by the evolution of
    this group from a mere 'story discussing group' to
    more serious and expert 'history discussing group'.
    Eventhough I dont contribute much to the present day
    topics, I enjoy reading every post and enrich my
    knowledge in history.
    I have one doubt about the Vedas- and Sanskrit not
    having script at that time. Vedas are not just a
    rudiment or young/initial/developing literature in
    sanskrit. They are more advanced, complex, grammatical
    with extensive vocabulary and classifications, as I
    understand. If this is true that the language is so
    advanced, it defies logic that there is no script for
    it during that time. Probably due to some reasons they
    have been passsed on as 'hearsay' for generations.

  • sundar,

    during earlier days people thought that having a written script will
    destroy their learning abilities.They used to memorize volumes of
    books.people were walking encyclopedias.

    Our vedas did not originate after we have had a script.They
    originated even before we had no language.It seems that in earlier
    days when man was nothing buit a caveman, some cavemen started
    thinking about why things are this way.Some of them went to forest
    and there they meditated without even knowing that they were
    meditating.They heard the noise of trees,leaves and rivers and
    birds.Some heard a repeated pattern of noise which was so good to
    ears.They memorized them and chanted them.slowly they felt changes
    and became rishis.Those chants became vedas.

    Even today we have a method to pronounce vedas.If you pronounce it
    in that way you can reproduce noise of river,water,trees and
    birds.The slogas on varuna will replicate flow of water.Slogas on
    vayu will replicate noise of wind.Thats why pronounciation is
    considered important in vedas.These rishis became the founding
    fathers of our religion which spread to the whole world.There must
    hardly around 50,000 people must have lived.

    language must have originated from vedas and not vice versa.Every
    slogan in vedas is given by a rishi and he has said that he has
    heard that slogan from trees,air and water.No rishi ever said he
    composed any vedic hymn.He only got it from nature and did not
    comepose it.

  • > I have one doubt about the Vedas- and Sanskrit not
    > having script at that time. Vedas are not just a
    > rudiment or young/initial/developing literature in
    > sanskrit. They are more advanced, complex, grammatical
    > with extensive vocabulary and classifications, as I
    > understand.

    There are two things in vedas "sruthi" and "smruthi". Sruthi is
    something that is passed on by words - it is never ever written
    down. Why ? Because the pronounceation of words are so important and
    this could not be well captured in the scripts.

    Even today it is pretty difficult to learn the exact pronounceation
    of words in sanskrit (though you can learn the script )and a slight
    variation has a completely different meaning...
    My friend use to say vidya means art and vidhdhya (with a stress in
    dh) means murder !

    Why did that language evolve in that way ? And why vedas were
    written in that language ? With this questions, you are slightly
    pushed to religious realm....

    If you are seriously interested read "Maraidhirukkum Unmaigal" by
    Osho (Kannadasan padhippagam)
  • dear sir,
    i am having a speculation abt ur thoughts. anthropologically we are called homosepians there were another race which is exhisted is called neanderthals they were also like human beings but comparitively they are much superior to the homosepians in the thinking i.e. i dont know how exactly i reperesent they may be much superior in brain. so they may be the builders of the civilization and all other vedhas later on they may be destroyed by the homosepians and some genius homosepians have gathered the vedas only thru hearsay from the neanderthals with out knowing their language.
    i think it is quite funny
    and it is purely speculation only.

    with regards
  • Dear Sampath and Gokul

    I do agree Sanskrit is a Difficult language and has significant pronounciation effects ...

    Someone was saying that we are in the current periloius state only because the westerners started writing vedas....

    Well Vyasa and Valmiki scribed their epics...they had references toi Rishis and Vedas....Did they not?

    so its easy to blame everything on western influence...

    Second a language that important must have had a script we are not aware of it may be
  • Dear Sri,

    After a two days gap, I am perplexed to see so many mails. Better late
    than never.

    I only said that vedas were never written down. Indeed it was not me,
    but our great scholars, which I had read. What you say is correct to
    some extent. Valmiki wrote Ramayanam, but its not veda. Many rishis
    wrote many things, which gives us proof that there was script. But as
    already told by Gokul and Sampath, Vedas gave importance to
    Pronunciations which might get distorted with a slight change in the
    sound. A legend says, one rishi, I forgot the name did tapas to ask
    god that he needs a son who can kill Indira. But due to one slight
    change in the sound, his prayer gave a different meaning, that he
    needs a son to be killed by Indira and he got such a son, who got
    killed by Indira later.

    Vyasa composed the vedas yes. But I dont thing its said Vyasa wrote the vedas.
    Just a thought on this. We all know music is made up of only seven
    swarams sa,re,ga, ma,pa,da,ni...I have written it down, giving the
    same sound of each swara. Can everyone read this and start singing?
    Illayaraja composes music, he never writes music..vyasa composed
    vedas, it need not be that he wrote it in the form of script.
    Did I make any sense? wondering myself...


    On Sat, 26 Feb 2005 09:00:17 +0000 (GMT), sridhar rathinam
  • Dear Satish
    Ilayaraja is the only indian musician who writes and composes music!!
  • yes, i agree with satish and more , vyasa is not the name of an individual, its a title and a kind of award, there r possibilities of many persons called vyasa and the job is also might have been done by many vyasas for some period.

  • Dear Sri,

    I dont get your point. If you mean to say that Ilayaraja is the only
    music composer who writes notes, probably yes. I will go one step
    further and even say he is the only indian who composes music (I wont
    say that others create just noise..hahaha...though true to some
    extent...I was just kidding)

    What I mean to say is, even if I learn to read and write musical
    notes, I cannot play the music he composes as he desires, unless I
    learn it. Similarly even if we learn to read and write sanskrit we
    cant get the exact pronunciation as learned orally from a guru.

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