Script found inside urn at Adichanallur..
  • Dear Sri,

    The fact that no script has been found yet in the north older than
    Ashoka's inscriptions does not mean no script existed, just as the
    fact that before the script in the urn, no script of such antiquity
    was found in Tamizh Nadu.

    We must remember that the north was ragaged by conquest more than the
    south. Which is one reason, there are very few really OLD temples in
    the north as compared to the south.

    All the finding of the script tells us is that we, the Tamizhs had a
    script as far back as 1500 BC. This kind of rubbishes the entire
    timeline that the western historians have been giving for India; you
    know that the Aryan Invasion happened around 1500 BC and then the
    first scripts came into being miraculously by 500 BC.

    Of course these are my humble conclusions from this. Not being a
    historian, I might be completely wrong. Which is the good thing about
    this group isn't it? That we have so many eminent historians, who can
    at least correct our mistakes and answer our queries? :-)


    On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 18:04:03 -0000, Sridhar Rathinam
  • dear mr.sps
    that was an wonderful summary of post 1947 indian scenario. and i personally feel that we (means(politicians) should not use the cornering tactics i.e., making tamil as "chemozhi" by merely playing the number game in parliment. we should make them to accept the truth that ours is chemozhi or we have that much old scripts by means of producing scientifically proven evidences.
    as per the slogan on our coings sathyameva jeyathe vaimaye vellum.
  • I must share with you all a conversation I had today with a north
    indian colleague. We were having lunch and I was lamenting the fact
    that we hardly knew anything about North-east India's history. Then I
    went on to state that this was the same with respect to South India
    wasn't it? The history taught usually follows this path:

    Indus Valley Civilization --> Aryan Invasion Theory--->
    Budhha/Mahavira----> Chandragupta Maurya---> Ashoka--->
    Kanishka--->Gupta period--->Harshavardhana---> little bit about
    Pallavas and Mahabalipuram---> Then we come to the Muslim era-->
    Ghori/Ghazni--->Qutubuddin Aibak---Thuqlaq--->Babur and
    descendents--->British Rule...

    Maybe a little bit of Krishnadeva Raya...but the north indian chap
    said he didnt know who KrishnaDeva Raya was!!

    Anyway.. when I said this.. my colleague made this remarkable
    statement (remarkable in its ignorance... ) "But we read the history
    of north india because that was where Civilization was"...

    I almost went ballistic at this statement.. So I gave him a brief
    crash course in Tamizh history... talked of our Roman connections 2000
    years ago... Pallavas/Chozhas etc...

    I also mentioned the Adichannalur Urn and the writing and told him
    heck we had writing 3500 years back at least..

    Anyway, I think this is just illustrative of the kind of history
    taught by our Central Govt...


    On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 07:21:06 -0000, Sivapathasekaran
  • Dear SPS,

    After reading your mail, I went and checked the Dinathanthi yesterday
    and laughed aloud reading it. My god, Akbarukkum, ashokanum kooda
    vidhyasam theriyadha madasambranikal vazhum kalakattathil naam
    erukkirome enbathu vedhanayana vishayam. The headlines says "Tamil
    culture is 4000 years old and Tholkappiyam is being compared with
    Moghul culture which is hardly 500-600 years old. How many ignorant
    people read Dina thanthi and will think that the news is true. This
    paper reaches laksh of people in TN and everyone arebeing fooled.
    Where is the media ethics heading towards? what are the sub-editors
    and editors doing? It clearly shows that the media is not for givign
    proper news but only to make money out of news. People should realise
    that only 5-10% of wht they read in newspapers are correct.

    Also, this news is covered in Todays Indian Express. Good to see that
    this news is attracting attention.
  • Arun,

    Thanks for your clarification. I have not come across any of Thapar's
    Muslim rule articles to comment on them, so I will refrain from that.
    But as I said she's def not into the Invasion theory.

    I see your point, but from when did we as a civilization start
    generating objective history? Objective history is an oxymoron and
    all historians(acredited or not) are going to paint all colors(both
    saffron and red included) they want over it. Very few people declare
    their bias upfront - actually the only person I remember doing that
    is Howard Zinn in his 'People's History of the United States'.

  • Arun,

    I agree with you that history textbooks(state or central) need to
    take into consideration the whole country. But lets please give
    individuals some credit - every history book in this country talks
    abt Krishnadevaraya and if your friend did not know abt him, that
    tells us more abt his interest in history as a discipline that abt
    the history book, doesn't it? For example, I have a Bengali friend
    who's never been South of the Vindhyas but who knows more abt S.
    Indian history that most of my S. Indian friends put together. So
    does that prove that the history book he studied in Calcutta, Kanpur
    and Bombay had more S. Indian history than the S. Indian
    counterparts? Not really.

  • Dear SB
    Should we amend the statement as Tamil present day first indian language which had script?

    What I mean is we know that there were Pictorial writing in the Indus Valley

    I was recently seeing a programme on babylon and the ancient documented way of life and worship was similar to Puri Jaganath Festival and the speculation was influence might have traveled from east westwards or west eastwards..

    That brings us to the discussions in relations to scripts...

    Next Question

    What are the skeletal features of this man found in the urn,,,Negroid?caucasoid?Mongolid?

    That would be interesting as well

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