Thanjai Trip - A delayed FIR.
  • Dear All,

    You all know how the Thanjai Mupperum Vizha went on from the Press
    release and, mails from our team members etc. I
    wanted to write about my experience about the Two day trip to the
    group all these days, but was held up with my work so much that I
    could not find time. Initially I thought, anyway Varalaaru team will
    write a payanakkatturai and so didnt think about it seriously. But
    Gokul was encouraging me to write a first hand report which might be
    followed by a Payanakkatturai by the varalaaru team. So thought I
    will force myself to find time today to finish this task.

    After waving Good bye to the Varalaaru team on 25th(I think I wrote
    about this earlier) for the trip, Shankaran and I were in constant
    touch with them as to know about their whereabouts. We both were
    fuming(literally) when we heard that they visited Gangai Konda
    Cholapuram. It is one of the few places which I was dreaming for
    long, to visit.

    On Firday, the most awaited 28th evening, at 9.30 Shankarn, Sriram
    (Ram and Lavanyas friend) and I met at the Tambaram station and
    waited for the Train. The train started late by around 45 mins and we
    all reached Kumbakkonam around 8.00 in the morning. Kamal,Gokul and
    his brother were waiting for us. They picked us and dropped at a
    house, which they said belongs to SPS's son. We should be thankful to
    SPS for making arrangements to make available the key to the locked
    house where we could freshen up and start for the tour. Dropping us
    there Gokul and Kamal went to their hotel to get ready. The entire
    team,Kamal, Gokul,his brother,Lavanya, Kriupa,Sasi,Ram came back in
    the van to pick us up. We all went to 'Mami's mess' for Breakfast.
    Excellent tiffin which we all relished, at unbelievable rates..After
    finishing the Breakfast, Krupa's punch dialogue came,by which we all
    were spell bound-"naan rendu moonu mani neram kooda saapdama

    Balaji picked up Dr.Kudavoil Balu from Thanjai and joined us at
    Kumbakkonam. It was fornuate for our entire team, especially the
    first timers, that Dr.KV came as a guide for us. We were thrilled.
    First he took us to Sarangapani temple and explained about
    the 'karanas' in the raja gopuram. We spent nearly an hour there
    listening to his lecture. Then he took us Ramaswamy temple where he
    narrated the beautiful sotry of how and who constructed that temple.
    A movie can be made out of that fascinating history of the
    Vijayanagara emperors.

    Leaving Kumbakkonam, he took us to Patteeswaram and explained about
    the art and architecture there. He was very much upset when he told
    us that some beautiful nayak period paintings in the ceiling of the
    goupram were erased by Sandblasting in the name of renovation. He
    said those beautiful pictures are in his photos alone and even a
    trace of them has not been left there. After touring Patteswaram
    temple, he took us to 'Aaraivadathali', another padal petra
    sthalam, and said the lingam there is one the most beautiful one, he
    has ever seen. When we entered the temple we were shell shocked see
    it dilapated condition. Dr.Kv said this is 100 times better than how
    it was 5 years back, when he found it. He said the sourrounding
    peopel were using that temple as toilet and the numerous lingams in
    the temple premisis were being used to tie buffalows and cows. On his
    request, on noble soul(I forgot that persons name) came forward to
    build a compound wall around so that encroachments can be avoided. it
    was a beautiful temple and the lingam was very beautiful.

    Then we all went to Panchavanmadevi Pallipadai. Again, that temple
    also was in a very worst condition. Dr.KV said, he brought some
    students and history lovers to repair the entrance mandapam of that
    temple. Dr.KV said there are two shool of thought - one is that this
    pallipadaid is RR's wife Panchavanmadevi's pallipadai and another is
    that this is RJ's wife Panchavanmadevi pallipadai. Dr.KV
    substantiated with his own proofs that it was RR's wife
    Panchavanmadevi's pallipadai and not RJ's wife as told by others. He
    shows architectural proofs for this as well as quoted other
    kalvettu's substantiating this point. He also showed the long
    kalvettu, where the word 'Pallipadia' has been intentionally damaged
    but still the word could be read with the impression. We all left
    that place without a desire to do so.

    In the mean time, Mr.Seetharaman, SPS's subordinate joined us who was
    very much helpful through the rest of the trip. We all went to a
    hotel for lunch and relaxed a bit. After Lunch Dr.KV said he has some
    work in his office and after finishing it will join us again at
    Kandiyur. We also went back to our nest's to pack up and headed
    towards Kandiyur and roamed around the temple there. Around 5.30
    Dr.KV joined us again and took us to a place which was a thennan
    thoppu. We travelled taking twists and turns as if going through a
    maze. He showed us hundreds of siva lingams in two three temples
    there on the way all of same size and shape. Then we all sat in the
    tennan thoppu to listen to Dr.Kv's lecture. He narrated a historical
    story about a place called Nandipuram which was of great importance
    during Pallavas, Cholas and then Pandiyas, which had a 'Aaayiran
    thali' which was destroyed by Malik Kafoor. After narrating the great
    story, he said, he is convinced that the place where we were sitting
    should be Nandipuram and if excavations are done we can get lots of
    proofs in terms of sculptures, palaces etc. Dr.KV said that whereever
    they dig the earth, they can find lingams and even they found a very
    big lingam which could not be taken out by ASI and hence was
    reburried. He said this place should have had the aayiram thali,
    which was very much exciting for us to hear.On the way back SPS
    joined us and volunteered to drop Lavanya, Sriram and Ram at the
    Thiruvaiyaru aaradhanai vizha.

    By then it was very dark and we all headed to Thanjai, thanking Dr.Kv
    for his time and effort. Such a great person, spending his whole day
    for some amatures like us, was something great. We all had dinner
    with Dr.KV and bid good bye to him thanking for his time. We all were
    tired that after some discussion we went to bed. Later the next
    morning only heard that Kamal,Gokul,Krupa were working on the web
    pages to launch varalaaru sirappidhaz online, till 4 in the morning.

    The next morning all got ready for the mupperum vizha. Sasi and I
    went in search of a DTP center to take print outs of the varalaaru CD
    which was to be released that day. Being Sunday no shop was open and
    at last we found one where we started taking print outs. Half
    way through the shop person said he is short of A4 size papers, and
    Sasi and I were very much tensed by then. It was already 10 and the
    function started near the big temple. One han
  • It is really sad that I could't make it for this trip.
    I heard from Ram that there will be a CD of this tour. Can if any of you
    provide me a CD of this trip. I am really interested to watch Dr. Kkvn's
    lectures. I am travelling to Chennai tonight and shall be there over the
    weekend. If any of u have cut a CD of this trip, could yu please give
    me a copy. I shall come and collect it from your place.
    Please let me know your contact numbers.
  • Dear Satish
    Late vandhalum Latesta Vandeenga!!!!
    that was a beautiful report of a great event
    Fantastic Information Report!!
  • Thanks Sri and to SPS too,

    The credit goes to Gokul who insisted me to write.
  • Dear Satish

    I am proud, day by day u r writting skills attracting our group, particularly appriciations from Sri and our Periya Anna ( Vashesster vaayal bhramarishi ) ,and we all r expecting some more interesting reports and writtings..

    Keep it up...

  • dear sankaran
    Credit is given whereever it is due and I really appreciate Gokul in motivating Satish to write that as satish graciously said....
    there is no point in the same people talking and writing Its only nice if all of us contribute...
  • Aanaa naan onnu solvane ippo. adikka koodaadhu. :-((

    Unfortunately, being a newly installed system, I did not check the
    "Enable Archive" section... lost our conversation. ayyo, adhaan
    sonnane adikka koodaadhunnu.

    kaila irukkara andha surgery kaththiyai keezha vechchudunga, bayamaa



    PS: Sathish, Credit vandhu cash account-kkaa, bank account-kkaa? ;-)
  • magane yaarai adithalum unnai adika mudiyuma


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