Rajaraja's War
  • Dear SPS

    what is saddening is the present anti tamil mood in karnataka has gone to the extent of distorting history as evident in the website?
  • hello everybody
    i am s.anandanatarajan from madurai.
    i joined this group a month before (roughly) but this is my first mail to the group. i am witnessing a mail march which deals with the destructive effort of karnataka peoples, i am very much interested abt this. most of the time i used to think when ever the kauveri prbl or ethinic crisis occurs i wish we coul find out the root cause of those issues. basic reason may be or trustworthly the crooked minded individuals who use thier race as a thrust factor for creating menance and riots between two races divided only by language. but i also think that there is some persisting cause from the ages, bcos they were defeated by the cholas, in turn at the end of kulothunga 3 and rajaraja3 they gained the supremacy over the cholas, bcos cholas trusted them to be the saviour from the pandias. with the hoysalas power the kulothunga3 destroyed entier madurai and made kulasekara3 as a toy king of pandia. the young prince sundrapandian and his brother veera pandian took revenge and the rest story
    knows everybody. he destroyed all the building in the oraiyur and showed his anger and vengence. he also defeated the hoysalas to their worst and thrown away them from the boundry. so continuous oppersion over the kannadas either by the power or by others by the tamil in yester years may well have intimidated them. of course the one kumara kambanna of karnataka rescued the madurai from the malik gafur invesion and one or two to mention on the kannda part. but this made them self intimidating for years and according to an old saying anger sustained is anger developed now this intimidataions which genetically or mentally passed for generations may try to burst out now a days which is causing all destructions. so when we make them to think unbiased and liberally i.e., out of box they can be well understood the tamils and kept the past as history not a mysery.

    this is just my thinking and opinion
    regards to all
  • But I am still selfish...

    For me the tamils are the part of Tamil Samraajyam. We need to rule the world, if not, atleast in business.

    I keep on hearing, Indians have conqured London, even from my counterparts in US. The reason, is weird, London is full of Indian hotels. And English men love our food and are now, more towards it.

    Can't we achieve the same thing?

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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