Who completed PS?
  • Dear all,

    Though PS was the last historic novel by Kalki, we remember only PS
    as soon as we hear the name 'Kalki'. Recently I heard a news which I
    am not sure whether true or not. Its being said that Kalki died
    before completing the masterpiece and his daughter completed the
    novel based on the hints and outline, kalki had already written. Is
    this true? If yes, how many episodes did his daughter write? Can
    anyone throw light on this.

    Also, I came across this link which we discussed this at length

  • I heard itt was his other novel, Alai Osai, which was completed by his daughter and not PS.
  • Actually, It wasn't PS or Alai Osai - details about those are too well

    I've read that it was 'Amarathara' that Kalki started, and did not
    live to complete, and which his daughter Anandhi later completed.
  • Dear Satish
    I would agree with Pavithra that Kalki completed PS infact I have two versions of PS the original and the third or fourth edition in the later it states amarara kalki

    Second Gokul if I am right earlier pointed out that Kalki's son recalling the days when his father penned Ps and said That his father said oneeday...Senrthanai Raja Akiduvoma??This is one of the last few chapters if you recall

    So I am sure He completed PS
  • Thank you all for the clarifications. I too thought the same. Last
    week I bought 'Sivagamiyin sabatham' in the book fair and yet to
    start reading it. its a new edition and when I just browsed the
    initial pages, there was a page with the major events of Kalkis life
    in which it was stated that PS started in 1950 and continued for 3
    years. The last point was Kalki died in oct(or nov i forgot) of 1953.
    the time period when calculated logically shows that Kalki died after
    PS ended.

    But what made me to ask this question is, yesterday while I was
    travelling from Dindigul to Chennai, I overheard the next seat people
    talking about this and one was saying it was kalki's daughter who
    completed PS. So when I heard the same news from two three different
    sources I was confused. Moreover, wikipedia encyclopedia says Kalki
    died in 1954 and PS went on for five years. That confused me again.

    Now I think I am clear. Thanks once again.
  • Dear Satish

    If you follow the link and scroll to the last bit the mudivurai speaks for itself...Moonrarai aandukaalam was the length of PS

  • Thanks Sri.

    I forgot one more thing which I remembered only after sending my mail
    yesterday. I have PS from Vardhamanan pathippagam.In the last volume,
    in the last two pages, Kalki himself has answered a few of the
    readers questions like, what happened to vd and kunthavai after the
    story ends, what happened to Arul Mozhi varama, did he ascend the
    thrown etc. So this clearly shows that Kalki has answered his readers
    questions after PS was completed in Kalki magazine.

    One more thing I noticed while reading PS for the second time now. In
    the thrid volume, when Madhuranthakan is reintroduced and eloborated,
    Kalki says, he is the person who in future will be known as the
    great 'Uttama chozhan'. But towards the end he makes senthan amuthan
    as UC. Since it was a thodar kathai which spanned three years, such
    twists and inconsistencies are acceptable. Can anyone state any other
    such incidents in PS where Kalki himself has contradicted his earlier
    statements...Just curious to know.


    > Dear Satish
    > If you follow the link and scroll to the last bit the mudivurai
    speaks for itself...Moonrarai aandukaalam was the length of PS
    > Sri

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