Thanjavur Trip - Tickets Booked
  • Dear all,

    I have booked the tickets for the Thanjavur Trip and the details are
    as follows.

    Persons Travelling : Satish(myself), Shankaran, his friend Sriram and
    Kamals Friend Radha.

    Date of Journey : 28th Jan 2005.
    Train No/Name : 813 / Kumbakonam Passenger
    Departure : 9:45 PM from Tambaram Station (The train starts from
    Tambaram and not from Egmore)

    Coach NO : S3 - 32,33,35,36

    The plan is to meet Kamal, Gokul, Ram and Lavanya in Kumbakonam and
    proceed further. Kamal will be publishing the details later, like to
    where to meet, where to stay etc.

    Lavanya must have already booked the return tickets, for all of us in

    Hope to have a memorable trip.
  • Yes. Lavanya has booked the return tickets.

    As of now, the plan is to meet at Kumbakonam on 29th morning.

    I will post the detail plan soon.
  • Advance Wishes for a memorable trip.
  • I wish all of you a memorable trip.

    I am not sure where I will be, but is it acceptable if I too join
    you at Kumbakonam on 29th morning in case I find myself free. I
    shall make my own transportation upto Kumbakonam and also ex-trichy
    on final day. Plase do revert - even if it is negative.
  • Hi,

    Which train you are all returning ? I want to book in
    the same train.
  • Hi Guys,

    I am very new to this group.Happy to see u all are preparing for a
    trip.My Advance wishes for your trip.

    Hope u all will share some incidents related to PS in this trip.Really
    it will be nice experience.

    Thanks for approving me as a member in this group.
  • Hi all,

    Following is the plan for Saturday and Sunday (29th and 30th).

    29th Sat morning Visiting Pazhaiyaarai, Thiruvaiyaaru and Thiruvalanjuzhi
    29th Sat afternoon Visiting Pullamangkai
    29th Sat night Reaching Thanjavur and stay

    30th Sun morning Seminar
    30th Sun afternoon Visiting Rajarajeswaram
    30th Sun night Returning to Chennai

    Those who are joining us on Saturday can come to Kumbakonam. Please come as
    early as possible, so that we can start around 8 am and cover more places.

    Those who are joining us on Sunday can come to Thanjavur. The seminar starts
    at 10:00 am. So, please make sure to be available there before 9:30 am.

    We will let you know shortly where are we going to stay in Kumbakonam and
    Thanjavur. You can directly come to the hotel.

    We are returning to Chennai by Rockfort express from Thanjavur.
  • HI Attendees of this trip,
    I really envy you all for making this trip. I have to attend my cousin's
    marriage and hence can't make it to the trip.
    If anybody from Bangalore is attending the trip, please let me know. I
    shall give my camcorder to you and shall give instructions on how to use
    it. Please cover the trip and seminar. My contact number is 98866 74128.

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