Trip to Thanjavur
  • Hi All,

    We are planning to visit Pazhaiyaarai, Thiruvaiyaaru, Pullamangai and
    Thanjavur during 29th and 30th of January. If you are interested, you can
    also join.

    Please contact myself (98842-01210) or Lavanya (98410-09327) for more

    > Thanks
    > Kamal
    > ADI Support
    > *(91-44-22623880 # 6736)
    > *[email protected]
  • > _____________________________________________
  • Hi All

    Members willing to join pls send the confirmation , which will enable us to go for ticket booking on or before 7th Jan 4.00 PM, , upword tocket will be booked by me & Satish and the return will be booked in Rockfort on 30th Night from Tanjavur
  • Hi Shankaran...
    I will be coming from Bangalore to Trichy on Jan 30. I am eager in
    joining the trip. So please if you can provide me the details of the
    trip, I will also join the bandwagon...

    PS Kudumbathudan,
  • Hi,

    Did you book the tickets ? If you haven't, can we go
    by road?
  • Thanks for the invite
    I have shifted to Bangalore from chennai on 12th December. But I do
    visit Chennai quite frequently, as my interests in Chennai also
    My contact numbers have also changed as also the email.
    The email is now: [email protected]
    The telephones are 080-25227711 and 09232132488.

    I should be thankful if you send me the total itinerary so that I
    can plan as to when and where I may join the group as may be able to
    travel directly to Thanjavur or Trichy from Bangalore rather than
    first travelling to chennai and then return to Thanjai.

    Regards to all the members,

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