RR during Uthama's period
  • I am not sure about the truth. But from what I read from Nandhipurathu
    Naayagi, this is what happened.

    RR leaves on a long foreign trip.
    Sundara Chozhar dies after 4-5 years in the Pon maaligai of AK.
    His wife, udankattai ERukiRaaL.
    Paarthibendra Pallavan conspires the arrest of Vanthiya ThEvan for
    killing AK.
    Kunthavai keeps on avoiding Paarthibendran.
    Sinna PazhuvEttarayar takes over the job of Dhanaadikaari as well.
    Vaanathi lives along with Kundhavai at Kanchi.
    Ravi Daasan & Co. are building up their counter attack on Chola kingdom
    and they are building up Amara Bhujanga Paadiyan.
    Anbil Anirudha Brahmaraayar dresses up as a KaaLamukar and goes out in
    search of the real killers of AK.
    One nameless queen who always hides herself behind a screen grooms up
    Amara Bhujanga paandiyan. I think, this is Nandhini, since this name is
    not at all listed in the entire novel.
    Arumozhi returns after some 10+ years to Kanchi.
    Vaanathi gives birth to a son and is named as Mathuraanthaka. She dies
    after a few days. May be this is the real reason, why she never acceded
    to the throne rather, than the vow she took, which was described in PS
    Vanthiya ThEvan is released from jail by Chinna PazhuvEttarayar after
    hearing some stupid justification from Uthama Chola's son.
    He marries Kunthavai.
    Throughout the novel, there is no mention that Uthama conspired for the
    Paarthibendran tries a useless attack on Tanjore and is defeated by
    Chinna Panzhuvettarayar and is seriously injured and he succumbs to his
    injuries once he is brought back to Tanjore.
    Before dying, he asks a promise from Arumozhi to marry periya
    pazhuvEttarayar Vaanavan Maadevi. Arumozhi marries her and crowns

    As such the novel is very dry and the characterisations are all very
    confusing. There are quite a few open end to a lot of threads.
    But itt would be great to know, what happened really??
    I bought this novel, 'coz somebody told the story involving Kunthavai
    and V'Thevan were good. As such this story line is not at all well

    Waiting to hear the TRUE history.
  • Yes that said 14 years are need more attention. there are many thing need to be discussed

    1) why there is no war in that said Uttama's period and how come?
    ( Pls note the gap of 967 AD to 988 AD)
    2)where was ravidasan on uttama's period?
    3) why the said 16 yrs has taken to punish?
    4) who was behind ravidasan?
    5) while RR punishing ravidasan , is uttama's alive?
    6)When Sembiyan Mahadevi died?
    7) RR was in duel rule at the end of Uttam's period, on that period also , ravidasan was not punished? How come?

    anybody has any evidence ? or any info?


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