Greatest Servant of Chola Desam
  • Dear All

    It just occured to me that we have discussed all the main charecters in some form or other but has Kalki's brilliance stopped there????

    I dont think so...He makes all the charectors look good in the end...thats Kalkis magic...

    I wonder which charector did he potray the best as the servant of the empire?

    Anbil Brahmarayar: The able administrator the trust worthy freind the man with a steel heart

    Periya Pazhuvettarayar:The greatest warrior in the story..mind clouded by his new found love but when he realises his mistake makes up with a greatest sacrifice

    Poothi Vikrama Kesari The great general who sets aside his dream of his brother's daughter's marraige to Arumozhi when she vows not to sit in the throne but still fights for Arulmozhi to become king

    Kalanthaga Kander:The thalapathi who scares the yamadarmaraja himself when finding out the truth about his son in law goes to the extend of fighting him to death to protect the kingdom.:

    Malayamaan:The aging king who fights the sadness of his favorite grandson to make way for the new king

    Sembiyan Maadevi The Queen mother who puts the country before her own son

    Who do you thing Kalki potrayed the best and made an impression???

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  • Dear All

    My ranking goes asfollows:

    Anbil Brahmarayar
    Kalanthaga Kander
    Poothi Vikrama Kesari
    Periya Pazhuvettarayar
    Sembiyan Maadevi
  • Thanks Natarajan
    But it would make discussions interesting if you gave us your reasons as well
  • Dear Sri, and everyone else...

    Standard Phrase: I think Kalki portrayed *everyone* brilliantly :-))

    But this is voting after all...I think I'll cast my vote for Periya
    Pazhuvettarayar - one of the greatest men the Chozha dynasty ever saw
    (as per PS), priding himself on his strength - both physically and
    mentally - and he had the misfortune to be ensnared by Nandini.
    Kalki's brought out his internal struggle very, very well. You can
    actually find yourself sympathising with the veteran, for being caught
    in a situation like this. [Remember paagam 2, when he rages at
    Kandamaaran, because Nandini cared for him? He couldn't throw
    Kandamaaran out, because he was a guest - and he couldn't blame his
    wife either. Bravo.]

    Anbil Aniruthar comes next - I've always admired the way Kalki managed
    to bring out the steely strength and a kind of...menacing quality (in
    spite of Anirudhar's outward, calm appearance) he possessed. The man
    practically ruled the Empire, after all.

    The rest, I feel, were considerably overshadowed by the two above :-))

    Getting back to the first line - personally, aside from VD and K,
    Kalki's portrayal of Arulmozhi was superb. Everyone's said this a
    dozen times...but I can't help marvelling at how brilliantly the young
    prince-in-waiting has been chiselled out. Considering the fact that he
    becomes Raja raja later...every single conversation, and every
    situation has been shaped, with this in mind. You can almost see the
    future Emperor being formed, in front of your eyes. Someone who's not
    just interested in ruling, per se - but ruling *well*.

    My favourite, perhaps, is when Arulmozhi feels some uncertainty
    regarding his feelings for Poonghuzhali. Until then, we know him as a
    favoured prince - that's the moment he becomes an ordinary person. Ah,
    simply superbe.
  • hi everyone,

    i am divya and i only recently joined this group.i didnt catch the
    actual question but if it was who was the greatest servant of the
    chola desam then i would have to say Aniruthar.he was so
    objective.whatever he did he did for the good of cholanadu and did
    not let anything stop him.i always considered him as some kind of
    ancient director of the CIA bcos he was so intelligent,he knew
    everything and he was quite ruthless when it came to the good of the
    land.Even kundavai devi was a little afraid of him.

    Arulmozhi is also so beautifully potrayed.i remember the passage
    that pavithra refers to.all this while u always felt that arulmozhi
    was larger than could feel the beginnings of greatness in
    him but when he thinks about poonguzhali and suddenly feels angry
    with his sister for being so ambitious for him he becomes so human
    and u really sympathise with him.

    on a differant note are there any fans of vandhiyathevan out there?
    he is my favorite charecter in the book followed by azhvarkadiyan any of you know the actual history of vallavarayan
    vandhiyathevan and what happened to him after the story ends.i wud
    really like to know.
  • Dear all,

    Sorry, I made it like a menu card.

    Anbil Brahmarayar: The steal hearted man
    rendered flawless service to the Empire. Knowing
    almost all the birth secrets of Mathuranthaga, he
    showed enormous maturity in dealing with conflicting
    character throughout. The highlight is the
    conversation between him and Mathuranthaga after Anbil
    saved him.

    Kalaanthakandar: Should have been the first
    in the list but for his lack of tact and maturity. He
    is short tempered too. He has been caught between
    love and respect to his brother, knowing the plots of
    his brother
  • Dear all,

    I rate Mr.Anbil as the greatest servant of chola desam. A matured
    character, worked for choladesam until the end without any selfishness.

    Then second rank from me goes to sembian madevi. I read PS 5-6 years
    ago. So I do not exactly remembers that "Aal mArAttam" scenes. But I
    have an impression that she did something better to cholanAdu than the
    following guys.

    Third rank goes to Mr. malay and fourth rank goes to Mr. Poodhi. They
    both had a selfish reason for their work towards Chola desam.
    Mr.poodhi wanted his brothers daughter to be queen of chola nadu ( Am
    I correct? ). Mr. malay wanted his grand son to become king of
    cholanadu. They even went to the extend of fighting with others like
    Mr. sambu&co.

    Mr. Chinna pazhu.- wanted his son in law to be the king of Chola
    naadu. Eventhough there was a valid reason behind this wish, I felt
    like his actions were not because of that valid reason, it was more
    because of affection towards his son in law and daughter. But at the
    end he cleans his character by his proper actions.

    Mr.Periya Pazhu.- He did not act as a proper finance
    minister(danathigari) of chola nadu. He gave more imporatance to his
    wife than his country, and so did not do his duties properly . I loved
    the way kalki potrayed his character(mukkiyamA, avar nandhini munnAl
    vazhiyira vazhi). He also realises his mistake at the end and cleans
    his mistakes by his actions.

    Somehow I have chosen the list and given reasons:-)

    Waiting for others list and reasons.

    Take care,
  • Hi Divya,
    If you really are interested to know what happened to V.Thevan after PS,
    then u can read Nandhipurathu Naayagi, Vanthiyathevan VaaL, Vengaiyin
    But all ur imaginations and hallucinations about him will be destroyed
    when u read them.

    Can somebody re-write those novels, in the same tone, kalki had written.

    In a way I am so much upset with Kalki that he didn't give a proper
    ending and left the readers literally anxious to know what had happened
    later. It is like a One-day match, where the chasing team needs 12 runs
    of the last over and the match is hampered by rain.
  • Perhaps Kalki wanted to write a sequel to PS down the
    line, but passed away unfortunately. { He wrote
    Parthiban Kanavu even before writing Sivakamiyin
    Sabadam. Parthiban Kanavu is somewhat a sequel to SS )

    Sandilyan did the same to "Raja Thilagam" At the end
    of the last chapter of this novel, he wrote something
    like, "if I have life and energy, I will write a
    sequel to this novel on Rajasimha Pallavan's deeds in
    Nepal and China on building temples there.." Almost
    10 years later in the late 1980's he started writing a
    sequel in Kumudam. Few chapters were published, but he
    passed away in a hard attach.
  • Dear Divya
    Welcome to The PS Family
    The question was to analyse Kalkis potrayal of various charectors in
    seeing which one he has done beautifully as the greatest servant of
    the Kingdom...It was just a comparision of his charector potrayal and
    your reasons for it...

    are there any fans of vandhiyathevan out there?
    I think practically every PS fan would be a Vandiyadevan Fan...With
    other heroes you aspire to be ike them but with VD you waant to be
    him Theres a bit of VD in all of us I guess
  • Dear All
    Thank you fr all your responses
    Thank you for your nice reasons...
    Pavi as always Succint,
    divya welcome to the discuusion
    Natarajan very sound reasoning
    Guhan the whole idea of a discusson is to see different veiwpoints
    That was a good reasoning and
    Priya..That was a good segregation but as I had said in my mail to
    Divya..My question was to see Kalkis Potrayal of charectors in the
    light of their service to Chola Kingdom ....And I chose the
    charectors as servants of the kingdom...

    My Order may surprise you
    I will agree with Pavi
    Periya Pazhuvettarayar
    Kalkis charectorisation of THe periyvar was marvellous.The greatest
    warrior of his times...A person who was the Velakarapatai thalaivan
    swore his life and allegiance to the throne...The Thanadhikari and
    dahanyathikari...the person weilding the greatest power and
    judicially so till he falls in love...with Nandhini...That torments
    him he believes her in her actions thinking they are for the
    betterment of chola kingdom...He hasa rift with his brother...he
    throws his weight around the youngsters but when he finds out the
    truth about the pandyas and nandini....The mist clears away from his
    His charector achieves its pinacle whenhe sacrifises his life to sve
    vandiiyadevan...he understands Kundvais love for him and that way
    removes the blemish from VD
    He may have killed Nandhini but he doesnt thanks to his love for her
    and his word to Kundavai that he ont kill her...

    Its easy to be an able administrator...when you are impartial but
    when you are divided between your love,your loyalty and your brother
    and still he upholds his lace in the PS hall of fame...

    My second coice is divided between the next two.

    Abil Brahmarayar...
    The all knwing Minister who saves the throne from being taken over by
    an imposter the man who puts the nation above his lovefor his
    freind...(He hides the secret about manadakini to Sundara)He doesnt
    even stop ptraying himself as a cruel tyrant to know the truth

    Chinna pazhu vettarayar:

    The man even Yama was afraid of The man wo stands up to his brother
    when he thinks he is wrong..The man who loves brave younsters...
    When he knows he has failed in his job doesnt hesitate to relinguish
    it...When he finds out about his son inlaw...fights him to save the
    kingdom...Yes he was a bit hasty to garner support for his Son in law
    apart from that
    I think Kalki potrayed his charector with a great Midhukku which only
    Kalki can

    The Bottomline is Kalkis Charectors are all human...They are heroes
    but human beings thats why Vandiyadevan dreams of a Boatride with
    Poonguzhali and trying to kiss her...That why PS tells his sister
    about Poonguzhalis greatness in his dreams...Thats why Aditha
    karikalan confessses that he is scared to go to Thnajavur lest hell
    dio what Nandhi says thats Kill his family...thats why Kundavai is a
    bit harsh on manimegalai and poonguzhali because she seesthem as
    threats to her love for her brotheres...

    YThats Kalkis Greatness
  • Well.. I must confess that when I first read PS, I didn't really like
    Vanthiya THevan a lot. he was too fortuitous to be a real "hero". THen
    I realized that it was precisely this "everybody"ness about him that
    was so unique.. So unique in fact that it was commonplace enough that
    all of us could identify with him :)

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