AADIPERUKKU 3rd AUGUST 2013 : Saturday
  • Dear Friends,

    You are welcome to have chitrannam at Arusuvai Restaurant on the 18th Aadi - 3rd August 2013 - Saturday - with your family members and friends !!

    For us, Fans of Ponniyinselvan - aadi 18 - Addiperukky is a very important celebration !!

    this year aadi perukku falls on the 3rd August 2013 Saturday ...!!

    We have Sri Sri .. from the USA in Chennai.. He is released his PS Audio version which he wants to distribute some CDs among our members and hand over to senior citizens in Homes... etc.

    And with our dear Vijay's works being recognised, it is time we share our experience how Ponniyinselvan is uniting us and how far we moved from reading Kalki's fictional PS to Heritage Preservation and making our Youth realise the Glory of our golden Past.

    We can have Chitrannam - ibn Arusuvai - GN Chetty Road on the 3rd August !!

    either MORNING 1030 - 1230 OR
    evening 5 to 7 pm ..

    Pls confirm participation indicating number of persons - indicating either MORNING or EVENING .

    We will have a group meet in the hall and have chitrannam in the restaurant.



  • Just a thought.. Morning slot you have suggested 10.30 to 12.30 might be
    better. Atleast one way our friends can skip the traffic :-)
  • Great. Thanks Mentally I will be with you
  • Dear SPS,

    As always..you are the pillar of the group who time and again unite us.
    Count me in. Morning should be fine with me.
  • Thanks for the invite
    I am glad to be part

  • Shankar narayan says evening -
    linking with Tamil arts academy meet.

    shall we consider Saturday evening say 330 pm ?

    pls advise.



  • Makkale vanakkam.

    Sps special thanks.

    Looking forward with great excitement to meet all of you either sat or mon. I will make myself available.
  • SPS,

    Any time is ok with me. Eager to meet you all.

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